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LM 7434
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LM 7434

Benjamin Britten conducts Billy Budd

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Originally recorded in 1960


BBC Symphony Orchestra


Benjamin Britten


Joseph Ward

Billy Budd (baritone)

George Hancock

Bosun (baritone)

Trevor Anthony

Dansker (bass)

Tudor Evans

Donald (baritone)

Peter Pears

Edward Fairfax Vere (tenor)

Michael Langdon

John Claggart (bass)

Roger Stalman

Lieutenant Ratcliffe (bass)

John Noble

Mr Redburn (baritone)

Denis Dowling

Mr. Flint (bass-baritone)

Max Worthley

Red Whiskers (tenor)

Andrew Gold

Squeak (tenor)

Alexander Young

The Novice (tenor)

Choir of Watford Boys’ Grammar School, BBC Mens’ Chorus



BBC Studios, London


Record Label
MP Live



Total Time - 146:19
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Billy Budd

1 Prologue: I am an old man 4:42
2 Act 1, Scene 1: Pull, my bantams! Pull, my sparrow legs! 6:16
3 Boat ahoy! Guard boat! 3:01
4 First man forward!.... Your name? 2:03
5 Your name?... Billy Budd, sir! 2:20
6 Billy Budd, king of the birds 1:59
7 I heard, your Honour! 3:55
8 Come along, kid! 3:05
9 Christ, the poor chap, the poor little runt 1:17
10 What’s that? What’s those whistles? 1:05
11 Starry Vere we call him 2:17
12 Act 1, Scene 2: Narrator. Captain Vere's cabin 1:33
13 Boy! 1:50
14 Gentlemen, The King! 4:50
15 Ay, at spithead the men may have had their grievances 0:59
16 We are, Sir, Claggart is an able one 6:21
17 Narrator. The berthdeck - the same evening 0:45
18 Act 1, Scene 3: Blow her, blow her away 1:45
19 We're off to Samoa by way of Genoa 3:36
20 Hi! You a..a.. What did I tell you? 2:51
21 Over the water, over the ocean 7:47
22 Come here, come nearer. I'll protect you if you 3:13
23 Billy!...Hist! Billy Budd! 3:36
24 Dansker old friend, glad to see you. 4:39
25 Act 2, Scene 1: Orchestral introduction 0:41
26 I don’t like the look of the mist 1:33
27 With great regret I must disturb your Honour 1:01
28 Deck ahoy! Enemy sail on starboard bow! 3:05
29 Volunteers! Call for boarding party volunteers! 7:02
30 There you are again, Master-at Arms 4:27
31 Oh, this cursed mist! 1:42
32 Narrator. Captain Vere awaits Billy Budd's arrival 2:27
33 Act 2, Scene 2: Claggart, John Claggart, beware! 3:25
34 Master at Arms and foretopman, I speak to you both 2:45
35 God o'mercy! Here, help me! 1:56
36 Gentlemen, William Budd here has killed the Master-at-Arms 2:44
37 William Budd, you are accused by Captain Vere 3:41
38 Poor fellow, who could save him? 3:56
39 I accept their verdict 4:48
40 Narrator. A bay of the gundeck 0:21
41 Act 2, Scene 3:Look! Through the port comes the moonshine astray! 4:21
42 Here! Baby!...Dansker, old friend, that's kind 3:41
43 And farewell to ye, old Rights o' man 4:12
44 Act 2, Scene 4: Narrator and Orchestral Interlude 2:48
45 ‘According to the Articles of War’… 1:45
46 Down all hands 2:19
47 Epilogue: We committed his body to the deep 4:17
48 Closing announcement 1:37
 Peter Pears Edward Fairfax Vere (tenor)
 Joseph Ward Billy Budd (baritone)
 Michael Langdon John Claggart (bass)
 John Noble Mr Redburn (baritone)
 Denis Dowling Mr. Flint (bass-baritone)
 Roger Stalman Lieutenant Ratcliffe (bass)
 Max Worthley Red Whiskers (tenor)
 Tudor Evans Donald (baritone)
 Trevor Anthony Dansker (bass)
 Alexander Young The Novice (tenor)
 Andrew Gold Squeak (tenor)
 George Hancock Bosun (baritone)
 Benjamin Britten Conductor
  Broadcast 13th November 1960  
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