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LP 0076
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LP 0076

ORFF, C.: Carmina Burana (London Philharmonic, Graf)

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release date: April 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


London Philharmonic Orchestra


Hans Graf


London Philharmonic Choir


London Philharmonic Choir



Live recording, Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall, London, England, United Kingdom


Record Label
London Philharmonic Orchestra




Total Time - 60:44
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ORFF, C.: Carmina Burana (London Philharmonic, Graf)

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Carmina Burana

1 Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna 02:40
2 Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: Fortune plango vulnera 02:47
3 I. Primo vere: Veris leta facies 03:37
4 I. Primo vere: Omnia sol temperat 02:21
5 I. Primo vere: Ecce gratum 02:47
6 I. Uf dem anger: Tanz 01:52
7 I. Uf dem anger: Floret Silva 03:18
8 I. Uf dem anger: Chramer, gip die varwe mir 03:34
9 I. Uf dem anger: Reie - Swaz hie gat umbe - Chume, chum, geselle min - Swaz hie gat umbe (reprise) 04:40
10 I. Uf dem anger: Were diu werlt alle min 00:54
11 II. In taberna: Estuans interius 02:22
12 II. In taberna: Olim lacus colueram 03:19
13 II. In taberna: Ego sum abbas 01:32
14 II. In taberna: In taberna quando sumus 03:09
15 III. Cour d'amours: Amor volat undique 03:17
16 III. Cour d'amours: Dies, nox et omnia 02:23
17 III. Cour d'amours: Stetit puella 01:52
18 III. Cour d'amours: Circa mea pectora 02:10
19 III. Cour d'amours: Si puer cum puellula 00:54
20 III. Cour d'amours: Veni, veni, venias 01:00
21 III. Cour d'amours: In trutina 02:09
22 III. Cour d'amours: Tempus est iocundum 02:19
23 III. Cour d'amours: Dulcissime 00:44
24 III. Blanziflor et Helena: Ave formosissima 01:52
25 Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna (reprise) 03:12
 London Philharmonic Choir Choir
 Hans Graf Conductor

 Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana is an infectious and brilliantly orchestrated work, combining gloriously bawdy vulgarity and moments of touching beauty. The inspiration for the work struck Orff in 1935 when he encountered a vivid set of medieval poems charting the outlandish pursuits of hedonistic students and monks. Written purely for entertainment in vernacular Latin, medieval French and German, the satirical texts poked fun at what they saw as a hypocritical church, before indulging in erotic fantasy and pondering ideas of fate and fortune.

                              Performance ****      Recording ****

"... There are flashier, more sumptuous Carminas on the market, but this one nonetheless scores impressively on musical values, and pure listening enjoyment."

Terry Blain - BBC Music magazine - July 2014

 "... Graf secures characterful, electrifying playing from the LPO ... "  ****

Guy Weatherall - Classical Music magazine - May 2014

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