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LP 0078
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LP 0078

ZEMLINSKY, A.: Florentinische Tragodie (Eine) [Opera] / 6 Gesänge (P. Lang, H. Wessels, Skorokhodov, Dohmen, London Philharmonic, V. Jurowski)

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


London Philharmonic Orchestra


Vladimir Jurowski


Albert Dohmen


Petra Lang


Heike Wessels



Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK


Record Label
London Philharmonic Orchestra




Total Time - 74:01
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ZEMLINSKY, A.: Florentinische Tragodie (Eine) [Opera] / 6 Gesänge (P. Lang, H. Wessels, Skorokhodov, Dohmen, London Philharmonic, V. Jurowski)

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Eine florentinische Tragodie, Op. 16

1 Overture 4:45
2 So langsam, Weib? (Simone, Bianca) 2:11
3 Ich heisse Guido Bardi (Guido, Simone) 2:44
4 Wo ist mein Bundel? (Simone) 1:55
5 Wackrer Simone, genug, ich bitte Euch. (Guido, Simone) 3:08
6 Bianca sag, stunde nicht dies kostbar edle Kleid dem Prinzen Guido gut? (Simone, Bianca, Guido) 3:30
7 Wie, wenn ich die weisse Bianca forderte? (Guido, Simone, Bianca) 3:21
8 Was gibt es Neues, mein Prinz? (Simone, Guido, Bianca) 5:16
9 Wie er gleich einem schalen Kramer spricht! (Bianca, Guido, Simone) 3:32
10 Genug! (Simone, Guido) 5:26
11 Was meint der Fleck hier auf dem Tuch? (Simone, Guido) 2:28
12 Holdsel'ge Bianca, der schale Kramer lang weilt mich (Guido, Bianca) 6:12
13 Simone, jetzt muss ich nach Hause gehn! (Guido, Simone) 2:00
14 Ei, welch ein Schwert! (Simone, Guido) 2:19
15 Bianca, hol mein Schwert! (Simone, Bianca) 2:07
16 Narr, nimm mir vom Hals deine Wurgefinger! (Guido, Simone) 1:15
17 Und jetzt zu dir! (Simone, Bianca) 2:17
 Albert Dohmen Soloist
  Heike Wessels Soloist

6 Gesange, Op. 13 (version for voice and orchestra)

18 No. 1. Die drei Schwestern: Sehr massig bewegt (Moderato) 4:02
19 No. 2. Die Madchen mit den verbundenen Augen: Langsam 2:51
20 No. 3. Lied der Jungfrau: Langsam - sehr weich und leise 2:14
21 No. 4. Als ihr Geliebter schied: Sehr ruhig, nicht schleppend 1:59
22 No. 5. Und kehrt er einst heim: Sehr massig bewegt 3:11
23 No. 6. Sie kam zum Schloss gegangen: Sehr ruhig fliessend 5:18
 Petra Lang Soloist
  Vladimir Jurowski Conductor

Zemlinsky: A Florentine TragedyHeike Wessels, Sergey Skorokhodov, Albert Dohmen; Zemlinsky: Six Maeterlinck Songs – Petra Lang, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Jurowski

Entranced and inspired by Oscar Wilde’s dark, death-ridden play, Alexander Zemlinsky conjured up his most colourful orchestral canvas in the one-act opera A Florentine Tragedy. Set in sixteenth-century Florence, the opera tells of jealousy, betrayal, and, ultimately, murder. Under Vladimir Jurowski the London Philharmonic Orchestra provides a rich and lavish backdrop for this gripping tale of passion and revenge, which is followed by the haunting, sensuous Six Maeterlinck Songs.

 "... stunning disc."

James H North - Fanfare - January/February 2015

"...This recording was made at a performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall. The recorded sound is just as opulent as the music, catching many a detail in wide, spreading beauty. The opera’s three singers are also lovely of voice, with Dohmen sounding a bit like a young George London. It’s a grand affair. But the best is yet to come: Petra Lang’s gorgeously opulent singing of the Maeterlinck songs. She is tremulous (not vocally) with emotion as she interprets the text.."

Charles Parsons - American Record Guide - January/February 2015

                                     **** (Excellent album)

Giuseppe Rossi - Musica magazine (Italy) - February 2015

                     Performance (A Florentine Tragedy) *****  (Maeterlinck Songs) ****                   Recording ****

"...Jurowski demonstrates a masterly control of dramatic pace, ratcheting up the tension slowly but surely so that the final denouement reaches a devastating climax. The LPO proves superbly responsive to Jurowski’s demands... it’s definately worth hearing these haunting songs particularly when clothed in Zemlinsky’s ravishing and highly evocative orchestration."
Erik Levi - BBC Music magazine - October 2014

                      Editor’s Choice

"A masterly account of Zemlinsky’s intense one-act opera ... All three parties to the soomed love triangle are supremely well-sung ... The Maeterlinck songs make a generous bonus, rapturously sung by Petra Lang. Excellent live recordings."  *****

Guy Weatherall - Classical Music magazine - September 2014

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