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LS 0055
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LS 0055
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Verdi: Falstaff

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis

Jane Henschel

alto - Mrs Quickly

Carlos Alvarez

baritone - Ford

Michele Pertusi

baritone - Sir John Falstaff

Darren Jeffrey

bass - Pistola

Marina Domashenko

mezzo-soprano - Meg Page

Ana Ibarra

soprano - Alice Ford

Maria Josè Moreno

soprano - Nannetta

Peter Hoare

tenor - Bardolfo

Alasdair Elliott

tenor - Dr Cajus

Bulent Bezduz

tenor - Fenton

London Symphony Chorus


Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 118:17
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Falstaff (1893)


Select Complete Single Disc for
  A commedia lirica in three acts  
  Words by Arrigo Boito (after William Shakespeare's plays The Merry Wives of Windsor and King Henry IV)  
  Act I, Part One  
1 Falstaff! 4:59
  Dr Cajus, Flastaff, Bardolfo, Pistola  
2 6 polli: 6 scellini 5:41
  Falstaff, Bardolfo, Pistola  
3 Sir John, in quest'intrigo… 4:54
  Bardolfo, Falstaff, Pistola  
  Act I, Part Two  
4 Alice. Meg. Nannetta 1:14
  Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nannetta  
5 Leggi. Fulgida Alice! 2:20
  Meg, Alice, Quickly, Nannetta  
6 Mostro! 1:38
  Alice, Nannetta, Quickly, Meg, Dr Cajus, Bardolfo, Ford, Pistola, Fenton  
7 In due parole 1:25
  Pistola, Dr Cajus, Ford, Bardolfo, Fenton, Nannetta, Alice, Meg, Quickly  
8 Pst, pst, Nannetta 3:13
  Fenton, Nannetta, Alice, Meg, Quickly  
9 Torno all'assalto 2:54
  Fenton, Nannetta, Bardolfo, Ford, Pistola  
10 Del tuo barbaro diagnostico 2:35
  Dr Cajus, Pistola, Ford, Bardolfo, Fenton, Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Quickly  
  Act II, Part One  
11 Siam pentiti e contriti 5:51
  Bardolfo, Pistola, Falstaff, Quickly  
12 Alice è mia! 2:02
  Falstaff, Bardolfo  
13 Signore 2:40
  Ford, Falstaff, Bardolfo, Pistola  
14 C'è a Windsor una dama 6:46
  Ford, Falstaff  
15 È sogno? o realtà? 4:27
  Ford, Falstaff  
16 Eccomi qua 2:07
  Ford, Falstaff  

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Presenteremo un bill 4:07
  Alice, Quickly, Meg, Nannetta  
2 Gaie comari di Windsor 1:33
  Alice, Quickly, Nannetta, Meg  
3 Alfin t'ho colto 3:18
  Falstaff, Alice  
4 Quand'ero paggio 3:37
  Falstaff, Alice, Quickly, Meg, Ford, Bardolfo, Pistola  
5 Vien qua 1:37
  Nannetta, Fenton, Dr Cajus, Ford, Pistola, Bardolfo  
6 C'è. C'è 2:37
  Ford, Dr Cajus, Quickly, Meg, Bardolfo, Pistola, Falstaff, Fenton, Nannetta, Coro, Alice  
7 Tutto delira 2:51
  Nannetta, Fenton, Ford, Bardolfo, Dr Cajus, Pistola, Meg, Quickly, Nannetta, Falstaff  
  Act III, Part One  
8 Ehi! Taverniere! 3:18
9 Va, Vecchio John, va 2:49
10 Reverenza 2:29
  Quickly, Falstaff  
11 Il Cacciatore nero 3:31
  Quickly, Falstaff, Ford, Nannetta, Meg, Alice, Fenton  
12 Sarai la Fata 4:06
  Alice, Nannetta, Meg, Fenton, Dr Cajus, Quickly  
  Act III, Part Two  
13 Dai labbro il canto estasïato vola 4:31
  Fenton, Nannetta, Alice, Quickly, Meg  
14 Una, due, tre, quattro 2:30
15 Odo un soave passo! 1:19
16 Ninfe! Elfi! Silfi! 5:38
  Nannetta, Falstaff, Alice, Fate  
17 Alto là! 0:58
  Bardolfo, istola, Quickly, Alice, Meg, Nannetta, Fate, Ford, Imps  
18 Pizzica, pizzica 5:05
  Alice, Quickly, Meg, Falstaff, Dr Cajus, Ford, Pistola, Bardolfo, Coro  
19 Ogni sorta di gente dozzinale 1:04
  Falstaff, All, Ford  
20 Già s'avanza la coppia degli sposi 3:03
  Ford, Alice, Dr Cajus, Falstaff, Bardolfo, Fenton, Nannetta  
21 Tutto, nel mondo è buria 3:30

Following his acclaimed recording of Britten’s Peter Grimes, Sir Colin Davis and the LSO are joined by a magnificent cast led by Michele Pertusi for a spectacular performance of Verdi’s comic masterpiece. Recorded during the LSO’s centenary celebrations in 2004, Falstaff is one of LSO Live’s finest releases to date.

"Ana Ibarra makes the formidable figure of Alice Ford spring to life, and the two young lovers are wonderfully sung by Bulent Bezduz and Maria Jose Moreno. The singer who almost steals the show is Carlos Alvarez as the cuckolded husband Ford. The orchestral sound is a marvel, being vivacious, full-blooded and tender all at once."

The Times

"Verdi’s great explosion of laughter at the end of his astonishing career has always been a Davis speciality ... it preserves another classic Davis ensemble performance, with yet another Italian crucially cast in the title-role ... it’s unbeatable."

International Record Review - November 2004


" absolute gem ... equaling the best on the market. Colin Davis gets such well-articulated playing from the LSO that students of orchestral writing could actually learn from listening ... the women are wonderful. As the madly jealous Ford, baritone Carlos Alvarez almost walks away with the show. It doesn’t hurt that he has the longest and most dramatic aria in the piece, which is sung and nuanced perfectly. Listening to his hysteria mount is a real delight. Pertusi’s a terrific, smart, colorful Falstaff. And this is a terrific, smart, colorful Falstaff, captured with great sonic impact and immediacy." - 14 October 2004

"This is a feast ... one to set beside their Trojans as a monument to the partnership between Davis and the orchestra. Their playing has an energy, finesse and sense of delight in the ever-amazing score that is intoxicating. Davis, always a great Falstaff interpreter, surpasses himself. Michele Pertusi, the excellent Falstaff ... Ana Ibara’s Alice and Carlos Alvarez’s Ford are outstanding"

The Sunday Times - 10 October 2004

" ... the most exhilarating account of the opera ... Pertusi is brilliant in the title-role, bluff and powerful, with his voice cleanly focused over the widest expressive range - now biting, now soothing, now full of fun. Ana Ibarra as Alice Ford leads a superb team of women soloists, phenomenally precise in their chattering ensembles. Above all, the liveness of the experience adds to the electricity ... An astonishing bargain"

The Guardian - 8 October 2004

"Hard on the heels of their magnificent Peter Grimes, Sir Colin Davis and the LSO unite with a fine array of soloists to bring all the requisite wit, sparkle and poignancy to Verdi’s Shakespearean masterpiece. Pertusi is outstanding in the title role ... this rates as one of LSO Live’s finest releases to date, even by the in-house label’s own high standards."


The Observer - 10 October 2004

"If it wasn’t obvious before, then it is now. The LSO Live label is the recording phenomenon of the decade. Here’s a conductor at the height of his powers with an orchestra on top form, here’s singing so exciting it would make a piece of sandpaper moist, here’s the crackling energy of a live performance captured brilliantly. Pertusi is simply stunning as the Fat Knight - bombastic, arrogant and yet touchingly vulnerable too. A must-hear."


Classic FM Magazine - November 2004

CD of the Week  "Another triumph for LSO Live"

BBC Radio 3 - CD Review

     Editor’s Choice

"The LSo play with an extraordinary feel for the work’s drama and comedy and the singers enter the spirit of the work with great abandon. It’s as though a spirit of fun is in the air, breathed in by everyone ... a brilliant achievement ... Pertusi is Falstaff through and through."

Gramophone - November 2004

- Best Opera

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