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LS 0083
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2006

Originally recorded in 2006


London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis

Alastair Miles


Anne Sofie von Otter


David Rendall


London Symphony Chorus


Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 92:13
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The Dream of Gerontius (1900)


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  Part One  
1 Prelude 9:50
2 Jesu, Maria - I am near to death 3:54
3 Kyrie eleison. . . Holy Mary, pray for him 2:12
  Semi-chorus, Chorus  
4 Rouse thee, my fainting soul 0:51
5 Be merciful, be graious 2:51
6 Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus 4:47
7 I can no more 2:05
8 Rescue him, O Lord 2:10
  Gerontius, Chorus, Semi-chorus  
9 Novissimo hora est 1:19
10 Profisciscere, anima Christiana 2:06
11 Go, in the name of Angels and Archangels 4:29
  Chorus, Priest, Semi-chorus  

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Prelude 1:38
2 I went to sleep 3:54
  Soul of Gerontius  
3 My work is done 8:14
  Angel, Soul  
4 Low-born clods of brute earth 2:03
  Chorus, Angel  
5 The mind bold and independent 2:23
6 I see not those false spirits 3:01
  Soul, Angel  
7 Praise to the Holiest 3:12
  Semi-chorus, Angel, Chorus  
8 Glory to Him 1:12
  Chorus, Angel, Soul  
9 But Hark! a grand mysterious harmony 0:42
10 And now the threshold as we traverse it 0:35
11 Praise to the Holiest in the height 6:51
12 Thy judgment is now near 2:17
  Angel, Soul  
13 Jesu! by that shuddering dread 5:35
  Angel of Agony, Soul, semi-chorus  
14 Praise to His name 1:28
15 Take me away 3:13
16 Lord, thou hast been our refuge 1:02
17 Softly and gently, dearly-ransomed soul 8:19
  Angel, Chorus, Semi-chorus  

Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius was thought by many to be outlandishly modern at the time of its completion in 1900. Telling the story of the journey of a dying man’s soul into the afterlife, the subject originally caused uproar within the English church yet is now acclaimed as one of the great choral masterpieces and one of Elgar’s most popular works.

"Colin Davis’s Elgar always has something to say ... the LSO chorus are magnificent"

The Guardian - 4 August 2006

"For Davis Elgar is a European composer, and the links to Wagner are made succently clear ... Davis is the star: guiding shaping, enhancing the beauty and the flow."

The Times - 4 August 2006

"Now in the absolute prime of his artistry, Davis adds his always visceral style to the atmosphere of the piece ... The direction of both orchestra and chorus is exceptionally nuanced, whilst all three soloists are dedicated to their task, creating a unified interpretation ... his [David Rendall’s] sense of the text is excellent. Prayerful in the opening statement, he becomes gradually more agonised in the Sanctus before his soul goes on its unknown journey in Part 2 ... As descendants of the English choral tradition we want to be overwhelmed by the power of massed voices in this work, and the LSC does not disappoint ... it’s a recording for all concerned to be proud of. But the laurels go to Davis for his inspired reading"

MusicOMH - July 2006

"Davis responds magnificently ... tapping the music’s drama while dwelling on it’s tender heart"

Daily Telegraph - 12 August 2006

"Colin Davis’s conducting is superb and the strings sound particularly luminous in the ecstatic sections; he also pulls the dramatic tension up to ever greater heights as the Soul both fears and hopes to meet God ... [Anne Sofie vonOtter’s] gorgeous performance is worth the price of the disc alone"

Metro - 7 August 2006

"In charge of his eloquent LSO forces, Colin Davis delivers this performance with passionate engagement, bringing to it an elemental sweep and dynamism on the one hand and spiritual tenderness on the other. Fine solo contributions from David Rendall’s intensely vulnerable Gerontius, Alastair Miles forthright Priest and Anne Sofie von Otter’s consoling Angel"

The Observer - August 2006

"Colin Davis and his LSO forces deliver a powerful, exciting, totally committed performance from first note to last. Davis obviously, and to his credit, takes the music as seriously as did Elgar himself. Tempos are admirably swift, the demons aptly scary, and the whole buildup to the great Praise to the Holiest chorus is stupendous. The opening of Part Two steals in with positively sublime discretion and sensitivity, a tribute to Davis’s keen attention to dynamics and phrasing ... The sonics are also among the finest to comefrom this source, with excellent balances between choir and orchestra and plenty of impact" (US), 14 August 2006 - 14 August 2006

"this new recording from the LSO and Sir Colin Davis is so detailed in its emotional responses - so magical is Davis’s phrasing that there are times that one dare not breathe for fear of breaking the spell ... All three soloists are interpretatively and tonally arresting ... Davis’s chorus and orchestra are really something special"

International Record Review - September 2006

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