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LS 0123
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellinni

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis

Peter Coleman-Wright

baritone - Fieramosca

Jacques Imbrailo

baritone - Pompeo

Darren Jeffery

bass - Balducci

Andrew Foster-Williams

bass - Bernardino

John Relyea

bass - Pope Clement VII

Isabelle Cals

soprano - Ascanio

Laura Claycomb

soprano - Teresa

Alasdair Elliott

tenor - Cabaretier

Gregory Kunde

tenor - Cellini

Andrew Kennedy

tenor - Francesco

London Symphony Chorus


Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 144:37
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Benvenuto Cellini

  Opera in two acts  
  Music by Hector Berlioz  
  Words by Auguste Barbier and Léon de Wailly  
1 Ouverture 10:09
  Act I, Premier Tableau/Act I, First Tableau  
  Scène 1  
2 No 1. Teresa! 1:33
3 Enfil il est sorti 2:18
  Teresa, Balducci, Chorus  
  Scène 2  
4 No 2. Les bells fleurs! 4:14
5 Quant j'aurai votre âge 3:51
  Scène 3  
6 No 3. Cellini! 6:35
  Teresa, Cellini, Fieramoscca  
7 Ah! mourir, chère belle 6:59
  Cellini, Teresa, Fieramosca  
  Scène 4  
8 Ciel! Nous sommes perdus! 2:29
  Teresa, Cellini, Fieramoscca, Balducci  
  Scène 5  
9 No 4. A nous, voisines, et servantes! 1:07
  Balducci, Teresa, Fieramosca, Chorus  
  Scène 6  
10 Ah! maître drôle, ah, libertin! 2:08
  Chorus, Teresa, Balducci, Fieramosca  
  Act I< Deuxième Tableau/Act I, Second Tableau  
  Scène 7  
11 No 5. Une heure encore 5:58
  Scène 8-9  
12 No 6. A boire, à boire 3:49
  Bernardino, Cellini, Francesco, Chorus  
13 Amis, avant qu'on recommence 3:11
  Bernardino, Francesco, Cabaretier, Cellini, Ascanio, Chorus  
  Scène 10-11  
14 Cette somme t'est due 1:33
  Ascanio, Cellini, Chorus  
15 Oui, oui cette simme était due 4:30
  Cellini, Francesco, Bernardino, Ascanio, Cabaretier, Chorus  
  Scène 12  
16 C'est trop fort 1:28
  Fieramosca, Pompeo  
17 No 7. Ah! Qui pourrait me résister? 3:25
18 No 8. Finale. Le Carnaval 1:02
  Scène 13  
19 Vous voyez, j'espère 3:15
  Balducci, Teresa, Cellini, Ascanio, Chorus  
20 Venez, venez peuple de Rome 4:48
  Chorus, Teresa, Balducci, Cellini, Ascanio, Fieramosca, Pompeo  

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1 Entree d'Arléquin 0:54
2 Ariette de Pasquarello 1:39
3 Il plaît fort 1:41
  Chorus, Balducci  
4 Soyez surpris 1:04
  Chorus, Balducci, Teresa, Fieramosca, Cellini, Pompeo, Ascanio, Francesco, Bernardino  
5 Ah! cher canon du fort 3:14
  Chorus, Teresa, Ascanio, Fieramosca, Balducci  
  Act II, Troisième Tableau/Act II, Third Tableau  
6 No 9. Entr'acte 1:54
  Scène 1  
7 Ah, qu'est-il devenu? 5:01
  Teresa, Ascanio, Cellini, Chorus  
  Scène 2-4  
8 No 10. Ma dague en main 3:34
  Cellini, Teresa, Ascanio  
  Scène 5  
9 No 11. Ah! je te trouve enfin 1:28
  Balducci, Cellini, Teresa, Ascanio, Fieramosca  
  Scène 6  
10 Le Pape ici! 11:49
  Teresa, Ascanio, Cellini, Fieramoscca, Balducci, Le Pape  
11 No 12. Finale. Ah, maintenant de sa folle impudence 2:16
  Le Pape, Cellini, Teresa, Ascanio, Balducci, Fieramosca, Chorus  
  Act II, Quatrième Tableau/Act II, Fourth Tableau  
12 No 13. Prélude 1:04
  Scène 7  
13 No 14. Tra la la la 5:52
  Scène 8  
14 No 15. Seul pour lutter 8:17
  Scène 9-14  
15 No 16. Bien heureux les matelots 2:42
  Chorus, Cellini, Ascanio  
16 Vite au travail, sans plus attendre 1:01
  Cellini, Fieramosca, Ascanio, Teresa  
  Scène 15  
17 No 17. Peuple ouvrier 2:05
  Bernardino, Francesco, Teresa, Chorus  
  Scène 16-17  
18 Ciel, c'est Fieramosca! 0:42
  Teresa, Fiermamosca, Bernardino, Cellini, Chorus  
19 Couvrez-moi ce drôle 2:38
  Cellini, Francesco, Bernardino, Teresa, Fieramosca, Chorus  
  Scène 18  
20 No 18. Teresa, Teresa, ici 1:57
  Balducci, Le Pape, Cellini, Chorus  
  Scène 19  
21 Du métal! Du métal 9:23
  Fieramosca, Cellini, Balducci, Teresa, Ascanio, Le Pape, Francesco, Bernardino, Chorus  

Berlioz’s flamboyant opera Benvenuto Cellini is inspired by the life of the legendary Florentine goldsmith and Renaissance figure. Its first performances in Paris during 1838-39 were disastrous as it proved too great a challenge for the musicians of the day. Yet even by Berlioz’s high standards it contains music of exceptional inventiveness and beauty.


"No conductor today excels Sir Colin Davis in Berlioz’s music and this performance of perhaps his most brilliant opera finds him in sparkling form. The American soprano Laura Claycomb is excellent in the coloratura role of Teresa, dominating the performance with her charm and vivaciousness"

Sunday Telegraph - 27 April 2008

"As with previous instalments of the LSO’s Berlioz cycle, this recording outshines Davis’s version of 40 years ago in sound quality and maturity of interpretation. Berlioz’s flamboyant portrait of the Renaissance goldsmith impresses with its sheer vigour and conviction, thanks to Davis’s inspiration of orchestra, chorus and a cast led by Gergory Kunde Laura Claycomb ... this is a bargain"
Financial Times (UK), 27 April 2008

Financial Times - 27 April 2008

"Berlioz’s unconventional opera “Benvenuto Cellini” curiously mixes the heroic and the farcical. Still, the composer thought it one of his most original scores. Colin Davis is a renowned Berlioz interpreter, and this new recording, taken from live performances with the London Symphony, makes the strongest case for this fascinating work."

The New York Times

Best Recordings of 2008

Classic FM Magazine

"Conductor and tenor are the joint heroes of this exhilarating release ... Davis remains the supreme Berliozian of our day, brilliantly evoking the mercurial wit of the comic repartee ... anyone who doesn’t own this fabulous score should snap it up"
Classical CD of the Week

Sunday Times - 27 April 2008

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