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LS 0593
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LS 0593
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Beethoven: Fidelio

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis

Juha Uusitalo

baritone - Don Pizarro

Daniel Borowski

bass - Don Fernando

Kristinn Sigmundsson

bass - Rocco

Darren Jeffery

bass - Second Prisoner

Christine Brewer

soprano - Leonore/Fidelio

Sally Matthews

soprano - Marzelline

Andrew Tortise

tenor - First Prisoner

John MacMaster

tenor - Florestan

Andrew Kennedy

tenor - Jaquino

London Symphony Chorus


Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 120:33
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Fidelio (1804-06, rev. 1814)


Select Complete Single Disc for
  Opera in two acts, Op. 72  
  Words by Joseph Sonnleithner and Georg Friedrich Treitschke after a libretto by Jean-Nicolas Bouilly  
1 Ouvertüre 6:43
  Act I, Scene 1  
2 Jetzt, Schätzchen 4:25
  Jaquino, Merzelline  
3 Der arme Jaquino 0:21
4 O wär' ich schon mit dir vereint 4:03
5 Ist Fidelio noch nicht zurück gekommen? 0:42
  Rocco, Marzelline, Leonore  
6 Mir ist so wunderbar 4:33
  Marzelline, Leonore, Rocco, Jaquino  
7 Höre, Fidelio 0:35
  Rocco, Marzelline, Leonore  
8 Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben 2:51
9 Ihr könnt das leicht sagen 1:46
  Leonore, Rocco, Marzelline  
10 Gut, Söhnchen, gut 6:14
  Rocco, Leonore, Marzelline  
  Act I, Scene 2  
11 Marsch 2:12
12 Drei Schildwachen auf den Wall 0:50
  Pizarro, Rocco  
13 Ha! Welch' ein Augenblick! 3:10
  Pizarro, Chor  
14 Hauptmann 0:27
15 Jetzt, Alter, jetzt hat es Eile! 4:44
  Pizarro, Rocco  
16 Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin? 7:52
17 Rocco, ich ersuchte euch schon 0:30
  Leonore, Rocco, Marzelline  
18 O welche Lust! 7:58
  Chor, First Prisoner, Second Prisoner  
19 Nun sprecht, wie ging's? 7:28
  Leonore, Rocco, Marzelline, Jaquino, Pizarro  
20 Leb wohl, du warmes Sonnenlicht 4:25
  Chor, Marzelline, Leonore, Jaquino, Pizarro, Rocco  

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Introduktion 3:49
2 Gott! Welch Dunkel hier! 7:35
3 Wie kalt ist es 5:42
  Leonore, Rocco  
4 Er erwacht! 1:04
  Leonore, Rocco, Florestan  
5 Euch werde Lohn in besser'n Welten 6:41
  Florestan, Rocco, Leonore  
6 Alles ist bereit 0:30
  Rocco, Florestan, Leonore, Pizarro  
7 Er sterbe! 5:19
  Pizarro, Florestan, Leonore, Rocco, Jaquino  
8 O, meine Leonore 0:05
  Florestan, Leonore  
9 O namenlose Freude! 2:48
  Leonore, Florestan  
  Act II, Scene 2  
10 Heil sei dem Tag 6:56
  Chor, Don Fernando, Rocco, Pizarro, Leonore, Marzelline  
11 O Gott! 3:41
  Leonore, Florestan, Don Fernando, Marzelline, Rocco, Chor  
12 Wer ein holdes Weib errungen 4:34
  Chor, Florestan, Leonore, Marzelline, Jaquino, Don Fernando, Rocco  

Based on a true incident which occurred during the French Revolution, Fidelio is Beethoven’s only opera. Depicting the rescue of a political prisoner by his wife, who has disguised herself as a man, its themes of courage, marital loyalty and freedom make it one of the most uplifting and inspirational masterpieces of musical theatre.

"first class modern sound and cast to a standard I would of thought unachievable .. his [Davis’s] tempos are surprisingly fleet and there is an elemental energy to his conducting that propels the drama inexorably forward ... she [Brewer] sings the notes more effortlessly, and with thrilling attack at the top of her range, than any other contemporary Leonore ... Vocally, the big surprise is the sensitively and heroically sung Florestan of the Canadian tenor John Mac Master ... unmissable"

International Record Review - January 2007

"a stellar cast headed by that fine American soprano Christine Brewer … Canadian tenor John Mac Master’s Florestan is every stave a match for Brewer’s powerful, affecting Leonora, with the LSO chorus in especially fine voice as Davis mines the visionary depths of Beethoven’s wondrous score"

The Observer - 28 January 2007

"Smart people have long admired Christine Brewer for her power, clarity and good musical sense … this splendid soprano, who sings here with great beauty. Mr Mac Master removes the role – rescues it, some might say – from Wagnerian thickness. The sound is clear, with the svelteness of a Verdi tenor but steadfast under pressure …
Mr MacMaster and Mr Davis ride the music gloriously"

New York TImes - 25 February 2007

"Critical superlatives rained on the concert performances of Fidelio last May; this recording made at the time shows they were not exagerrated ... Fidelio is often let down by the Florestan but not in this case where Canadian tenor John Mac Master brings an almost Vickers-like intensity and lyricism. It is at moments like these that Beethoven’s opera is out on its own"              *****

Sunday Telegraph - 4 February 2007

" ... Colin Davis’s conducting of the London Symphony Orchestra and the vocal forces is so impressive that it ranks with the greatest accounts I have ever heard of this work, or of almost anything ... Davis’s interpretation is stupendous, weighty but moving forward with immense dramatic force, and with by far the greatest amount of orchestral detail that I have heard ... Christine Brewer is a great Fidelio, her big voice under perfect control, electrifying at climaxes."

BBC Music Magazine - March 2007

Disc of the Month

Opera Magazine - March 2007

Best of 2007 Classical CDs
"This thrilling performance was given in the Barbican last May when Sir Colin excelled himself in the power and nobility of his interpretation, with the LSO interrific form, and the American soprano Christine Brewer sang with gleaming white-hot tone as Leonore. The final paean of joy at liberation is overwhelming. First-class recording quality."

Sunday Telegraph - 9 December 2007

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