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LS 0606
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Berlioz: L'enfance du Christ

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


London Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis

William Dazeley

baritone - Joseph

Peter Rose

bass - Father/Polydorus

Matthew Rose

bass - Herod

Karen Cargill

mezzo-soprano - Marie

Yann Beuron

tenor - The Narrator/Centurion



Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 96:27
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L'enfance du Christ (1850-1854)

  Première Partie, Le Songe d'Hérode/Part One, Herod's Dream  
1 Dans le crèche, en ce temps 1:53
  Scene 1  
2 Marche Nocturne 8:26
  Centurion, Polydorus  
  Scene 2  
3 Toujours ce rêve! 8:50
  Herod, Polydorus  
  Scene 4  
4 Les sages de Judée 3:33
  Soothsayers, Herod  
5 Les Devins font des évolutions 1:28
6 La voix dit vrai, Seigneur 4:11
  Soothsayers, Herod  
  Scene 5  
7 O mon cher fils 8:20
  Mary, Joseph  
  Scene 6  
8 Joseph! Marie! 4:21
  Choir of unseen Angels, Mary, Joseph  

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1 Ouverture 6:25
2 The Shephers' Farewell to the Holy Family 4:32
3 The Holy Family at Rest 6:39
  Narrator, Angels  
  Troisième Partie: L'Arrivée à Saïs/Part Three, The Arrival at Saïs  
4 Depuis trois jours 3:34
  Narrator, Angels  
  Scene 1  
5 Dans cette ville immense 5:25
  Mary, Joseph, Angels  
  Scene 2  
6 Entrez, pauvres Hébreux 7:37
  Householder, Mary, Joseph, Chorus of Ishmaelites  
7 Trio for two flutes and harp 6:23
8 Vous pleurez, jeune mère 4:27
  Householder, Mary, Joseph, Chorus of Ishmaelites  
9 Ce fut ainsi que par un infidèle 3:08
  Narrator, Chorus  
10 O mon âme 7:15
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"... the combination of Davis, his responsive orchestra, and the French composer whose works he has done so much to champion, is irresistible ... This is undoubtedly another benchmark recording from LSO Live" - August 2007

"under Davis’s loving direction, the spirit is wonderfully right, and all the soloists, the fine Tenebrae Choir and the hypersensitive LSO combine in an interpretation of extraordinary tenderness"

Sunday Times

"life-enhancing … The Narrator’s strengths leap out immediately. He’s Yann Beuron … Plus he’s French: an obvious boon in a language where inflection means so much. Here, the chamber choir Tenebrae excel themselves: wonder radiates from every securely focused, cleanly voiced chord. They’re the performance’s rock … nothing here, not a growl, not a rasp, ruins the magic of L’Enfance du Christ"

The Times

"[Sir Colin Davis’s] revisitation of this truly classic score is utterly and totally compelling"

International Record Review

"Sir Colin Davis worked his magic with Berlioz yet again ... Sir Colin assembled a fine cast of soloists ... and choirs and orchestra sing and play superlatively"

Sunday Telegraph - 19 August 2007

"If ever a conductor lived the works of a composer, it’s Davis with Berlioz. The London Symphony Orchestra play with delicacy, the Tenebrae Choir are immaculate, and there’s an impeccable set of soloists"
                           Classical CD of the Week

The Independent - 29 July 2007

"Beuron, probably today’s finest lyric tenor, gives the performance an essential idiomatic core in his narration ... [Tenebrae are] dramatically alert and glowing as stained glass, the angelic messages skin-pricklingly ethereal."
                 Performance *****             Sound *****

BBC Music Magazine - September 2007

"This set is instantly recommendable for Yann Beron’s Narrator. He is quintessentially French and sings with a directness and innocence that suit the story perfectly ... Davis’ understanding of Berlioz’s layering of sounds remains unsurpassed ... when Berlioz strips the orchestration almost bare the effect is hypnotic. The Tenebrae Choir sings brilliantly at all dynamic levels and with absolute clarity, and in the most pious moments the effect is positively heavenly."
                                          Artistic Quality 10        Sound Quality 10 - October 2007

Disc of the Week

BBC 3 CD Radio Review - 27 October 2007

Critic’s Choice 2008

American Record Guild (USA)

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