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LS 0682
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LS 0682

Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


London Symphony Orchestra

Valery Gergiev


Barbican Centre, London

21 & 23 Nov 2008


James Mallinson

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 138:02
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Romeo & Juliet - complete ballet, Op.64

1 No.1 Introduction 2:32
  Act I  
2 No.2 Romeo 1:22
3 No.3 The street awakens 2:15
4 No.4 Morning dance 1:55
5 No.5 The quarrel 1:38
6 No.6 The fight 2:36
7 No.7 The Duke's command 1:12
8 No.8 Interlude 1:55
9 No.9 Preparations for the ball 2:05
10 No.10 Juliet the young girl 3:21
11 No.11 Arrival of the guests 3:36
12 No.12 Masks 2:33
13 No.13 Dance of the Knights 5:11
14 No.14 Juliet's variation 2:28
15 No.15 Mercutio 2:17
16 No.16 Madrigal 3:35
17 No.17 Tybalt recognises Romeo 1:50
18 No.18 Gavotte 3:52
19 No.19 Balcony scene 3:30
20 No.20 Romeo's variation 1:04
21 No.21 Romeo and Juliet's love dance 4:59
  Act II  
22 No.22 Folk dance 3:08
23 No.23 Romeo and Mercutio 1:49
24 No.24 Dance of the five couples 4:00
  Acts II, III & IV  
25 No.25 Dance with mandolins 2:23
26 No.26 The Nurse 1:44
27 No.27 The Nurse delivers Juliet's letter to Romeo 0:50
28 No.28 Romeo at Friar Laurence's 2:58
29 No.29 Juliet at Friar Laurence's 3:06
30 No.30 The people continue to make merry 3:17
31 No.31 Further public festivities 2:06
32 No.32 Meeting of Tybalt and Mercutio 1:57
33 No.33 Tybalt and Mercutio fight 1:25
34 No.34 Death of Mercutio 3:14
35 No.35 Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio's death 2:14
36 No.36 Finale 2:21
  Act III  
37 No.37 Introduction 1:19
38 No.38 Romeo and Juliet 1:21
39 No.39 The last farewell 5:04
40 No.40 The Nurse 1:52
41 No.41 Juliet refuses to marry Paris 2:23
42 No.42 Juliet alone 1:17
43 No.43 Interlude 1:16
44 No.44 At Friar Laurence's cell 4:52
45 No.45 Intelude 1:37
46 No.46 Juliet's bedroom 2:26
47 No.47 Juliet alone 5:00
48 No.48 Aubade 2:42
49 No.49 Dance of the young girls with lilies 2:19
50 No.50 At Juliet's bedside 2:15
  Act IV: Epilogue  
51 No.51 Juliet's funeral 5:44
52 No.52 Death of Juliet 4:17

Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet has a strong claim to being the greatest ballet. Not only does it contain much of the composer’s finest and most instantly appealing music, it is also considered one of the most exceptional musical realisations of Shakespeare

BBC Music Award Winner 2011     Disc of the Year (Orchestral)

"This great ballet score has never been served better on disc. Under Gergiev’s direction the score is so compelling that you can put aside the booklet and let the music carry you forward to the stunning tragic climax"

                 Choice of the Month - Orchestral

"Gergiev’s pacing of events is masterly ... What really impresses, though, is the tenderness and poetry that are so often overlooked in Prokoviev, and not just in the love music. Gergiev frequently lets the strings and solo woodwind linger in a beguiling natural rubato, whilst maintaining an architectural grasp of the tragic whole. The shaping of the Epilogue wrings the heart, with the LSO exhibiting exceptional control. Strongly recommended."

BBC Music Magazine


"Rarely does a new recording supersede all before it, but that is the case with the LSO’s new performance of Prokoviev’s ballet acore, Romeo & Juliet ... This is an indespensable release."

The Australian


"I gave the concerts full marks and am happy to do so again for these scintillating CD’s."


The Mail on Sunday

               Artistic Quality  9     Aound Quality  9


"...this is a very fine performance" "You won’t be disapointed"

David Hurwitz

                       Editor’s Choice

"Gergiev is in his element ... A winner"



                       ’Editor’s Choice

"this marvellously dance-infused performance of the complete score by Valery Gergiev and a devilishly on-form LSO is an essential item. Rarely has Prokofiev’s score sounded so orchestrally powerful. The LSO brings the passion back to Prokofiev’s star-crossed lovers"


Classic FM Magazine

                 CD of the Week
"This is music in which Gergiev has few peers today ... he brings an epic, symphonic and dramatic integrity to its vast, multifaceted canvas ... his London forces respond to Gergiev’s often hair-raising volatility with some of their most dynamic playing – the death of Tybalt has rarely sounded more coruscating in its raw depiction of Lady Capulet’s grief. Juliet’s early music positively scampers with youthful delicacy and grace, and the love music shimmers with a rapt beauty ... the entire performance carries an inevitable tragic momentum"

The Sunday Times

"one could be forgiven for thinking that the LSO is Russian, such is the passion and energy with which it attacks Prokofiev’s score. The brass playing is superb ... the woodwind team is on fine form ... the LSO powerhouse strings are quite magnificent throughout. Gergiev’s new version is hard to beat"

International Record Review

"Gergiev has courageously taken the complete score out of the ballet theater and into the concert hall, to make the music-drama stand on its own orchestrally as with Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty. The live recording is sensational in its realism’"  *****

Audiophile Audition

Performance *****       Sound *****

Fono Forum (Germany)

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