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LS 0700
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LS 0700

Verdi: Otello

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


London Symphony Orchestra

Colin Davis

Lukas Jakobski

bass - Araldo

Alexander Tsymbalyuk

bass - Lodovico

Matthew Rose

bass - Montàno

Gerald Finley

bass-baritone - Jago

Eufemia Tufano

mezzo-soprano - Emilia

Anne Schwanewilms

soprano - Desdemona

Allan Clayton

tenor - Cassio

Simon O'Neill

tenor - Otello

Ben Johnson

tenor - Roderigo

London Symphony Chorus


Barbican Centre, London


James Mallinson


Jonathan Stokes

Neil Hutchinson

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 131:20
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Otello (1887)

  Opera in four acts  
  Music by Giuseppe Verdi  
  Libretto based on Shakespeare's tragedy, Othello, by Arrigo Boito  
  Atto Primo  
1 Storm: 'Una vela! Una vela!' 4:06
  Coro, Montàno, Cassio, Jago, Roderigo  
2 'Esultate' 2:12
  Otello, Coro  
3 'Roderigo, ebben, che pensi' 2:26
  Jago, Roderigo  
4 'Fuoco di gioia!' 2:40
5 'Roderigo, beviam' 1:32
  Jago, Cassio, Coro, Roderigo  
6 'I naffia l'ugola' 3:39
  Jago, Cassio, Roderigo, Coro  
7 'Capitano, v'attende' 0:41
  Montàno, Cassio, Jago, Roderigo, Coro  
8 'Va al porto' 3:29
  Jago, Coro, Otello, Cassio, Montàno  
9 'Già nella notte densa' 9:24
  Otello, Desdemona  
  Atto Secondo  
10 Prelude - 'Non ti crucciar' 2:57
  Jago, Cassio  
11 'Credo in un Dio crudel' 5:38
12 'Ciò m'accora' 4:13
  Jago, Otello  
13 Flower Chorus: 'Un tal proposto' 4:23
  Jago, Coro, Fanciulli, Desdemona, Otello  
14 'D'un uom che gemme' 2:06
  Desdemona, Otello  
15 'Dammi la dolce' 4:06
  Desdemona, Otello, Jago, Emilia  
16 'Ora e per sempre addio' 3:49
  Otello, Jago 3:49      
17 'Era la notte' 4:34
  Jago, Otello  
18 'Si, pel ciel' 2:31
  Otello, Jago  
  Atto Terzo  
19 Prelude 1:13
20 'La vedetta del porto' 6:08
  Araldo, Otello, Jago, Desdemona  
21 'Esterrefatta' 5:13
  Desdemona, Otello  
22 'Dio! mi potevi scagliar tutti i mali' 4:33
  Otello, Jago  
23 'Vieni, l'aula è deserta' 5:00
  Jago, Cassio, Otello  
24 'Bada' 5:10
  Jago, Cassio, Otello, Coro, Lodovico, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo  
25 'Messeri!' 1:49
  Otello, Jago, Cassio, Lodovico  
26 'A terra! … si' 8:04
  Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio, Roderigo, Lodovico, Otello, Jago, Coro  
  Atto Quarto  
27 Prelude - 'Era più calmo?' 4:38
  Emilia, Desdemona  
28 'Piangea cantando' 6:11
29 'Ave Maria' 4:15
30 'Che è là?' 3:09
  Desdemona, Otello  
31 'Diceste questa sera' 4:34
  Otello, Desdemona, Emilia  
32 'O mentitrice!' 1:43
  Otello, Emilia, Cassio, Jago, Lodovico, Montàno  
33 'Niun mi tema' 5:14
  Otello, Cassio, Lodovico, Montàno  
 Simon O'Neill tenor - Otello
 Gerald Finley bass-baritone - Jago
 Anne Schwanewilms soprano - Desdemona
 Allan Clayton tenor - Cassio
 Ben Johnson tenor - Roderigo
 Alexander Tsymbalyuk bass - Lodovico
 Matthew Rose bass - Montàno
 Lukas Jakobski bass - Araldo
 Eufemia Tufano mezzo-soprano - Emilia
 Colin Davis
  December 2009 (live recording)  

Verdi: Otello – O’Neill, Finley, Schwanewilms, Clayton, Johnson, LSO Choir, LSO, Sir Colin Davis

Verdi retired from opera following the premiere of Aida in 1871 but was eventually persuaded by his publisher to work with the librettist Arrigo Boito. Turning to Shakespeare for inspiration, they collaborated on what would prove to be Verdi’s final two operas, Otello, premiered in 1887, and Falstaff. Otello marked a significant evolutionary development in Italian opera and is widely regarded as one of the great operatic masterpieces.

‘Colin Davis gets the LSO, in shattering form, to play chords like cannon shots. The two male leads are superb: Simon O’Neill is the most complete Otello since Domingo, and some of his grandest passages are deeply stirring; Gerald Finley’s debut as Iago is also a great reading – the most chilling I have ever heard.’

BBC Music

‘Gerald Finley gives a masterful account of the part [of Iago]… the chorus is exceptionally precise and expressive, the playing is alert and sensitive to drama and text.’

‘Editor’s Choice’, Gramophone

"...Colin Davis’s conducting is nothing short of miraculous, with an attention to detail that pulls you into the music, which is superbly played by the LSO, yet with an overview of the whole that is full of insight and which, quite simply, is alive; and the London Symphony Chorus is on blistering form. Highly recommended."

Peter Reed - 17 November 2010

" insightful and revealing account ... The strong cast offers the virile tenor Simon O’Neill as Otello, the rich-voiced soprano Anne Schwanewilms as Desdemona and the compelling baritone Gerard Finley as an uncommonly intelligent Iago. In his lean, crackling performance Davis offers an alternative to the more typical approach of Verdi conductors who favor richer, darker orchestral textures and weightier voices for Otello and Iago. [The LSO] play brilliantly for him ... For devotees of the opera it will be a must."

The New York Times

"...A wonderful recording and a wonderful testament of and to this opera and performance. It must have been wonderful to be at the Barbican and thank God you can get it on CD. And it does sound fantastic - the dynamic range they’ve captured is tremendous."


BBC Radio 3 - CD Review

" ... a spellbinding account, thanks to O’Niell, Anne Schwanewilms’s Desdemona and Gerald Finley’s Iago, but above all to Colin Davis’s warm, urgent but never forced interpretation."

The Observer

"Davis’s electrifying conducting keeps the temperature high throughout this gripping performance, recorded live at the Barbican in 2009. SImon O’Neill makes a poerful and confident debut in the title role, well matched against Gerald Finley’s subtle and sneaky Iago ... a front runner in the field."


The Daily Telegraph

"...immensely powerful ... Unlike Domingo, O’Neill sings the repeated A flats of Dio mi potevi as Verdi demands and throughout his clarion tone is thrilling. But the heroes are Gerald Finley, a supremely malignant Iago, the superb orchestra and chorus, and Colin Davis, who makes the terror and pity in the opera almost unbearably vivid."

Sunday Times

"Simon O’Neill is the most complete Otello sine Domingo ... Gerald Finley’s debut as Iago is also a great reading."

BBC Music Magazine

           Editor’s Choice
"I find this Otello tremendously exciting. SImon O’Neill sings beautifully and grows in stature ... Gerald Finley gives a masterful account of the part."


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