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LS 0701
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LS 0701

Strauss - Elektra

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


London Symphony Orchestra

Valery Gergiev

Andrei Popov

Matthias Goerne

- (bass)

Vuyani Mlinde

- (bass)

Felicity Palmer

- (mezzo-soprano)

Ekaterina Sergeeva

- (mezzo-soprano)

Varvara Solovieva

- (mezzo-soprano)

Tatiana Kravtsova

- (soprano)

Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet

- (soprano)

Angela Denoke

- (soprano)

Ekaterina Popova

- (soprano)

Olga Legkova

- (soprano)

Lia Shevtsova

- (soprano)

Ian Storey

- (tenor)

London Symphony Chorus


Barbican, London

11,12 & 14 January 2010


James Mallinson

Record Label



Total Time - 108:22
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1 'Wo bleibt Elektra?' 6:09
  Fünf Mägde, Die Aufseherin  
2 'Allein!' 8:55
3 'Elektra!' 2:46
  Chrysothemis, Elektra  
4 'Ich kann nicht sitzen' 6:19
  Chrysothemis, Elektra  
5 'Was heulst du?' 2:05
  Elektra, Chrysothemis  
6 'Was willst du?' 10:35
  Klytämnestra, Elektra, Die Vertraute, Die Schleppträgerin  
7 'Ich habe keine guten Nächte' 11:01
  Klytämnestra, Elektra  
8 'Was bluten muß?' 6:20
9 'Orest! Orest ist tot!' 3:12
  Chrysothemis, Elektra  
10 'Platz da!' 2:59
  Ein junger Diener, Ein alter Diener, Elektra, Chrysothemis  
11 'Wie stark du bist!' 3:27
  Elektra, Chrysothemis  
12 'Von jetzt an will ich deine Schwester sein' 4:50
  Elektra, Chrysothemis  
13 'Nun denn, allein!' 1:13
14 'Was willst du, fremder Mensch?' 8:29
  Elektra, Orest  
15 'Orest!' 11:34
  Elektra, Orest  
16 'Seid ihr von Sinnen' 4:00
  Der Pfleger des Orest, Elektra, Klytämnestra, Chrysothemis, Vierte Mägde, Sechs Dienerinnen  
17 'He! Lichter!' 4:41
  Aegisth, Elektra  
18 'Agamermnon hört dich!' 3:51
  Elektra, Aegisth, Chrysothemis, Dienerinnen und Diener  
19 'Wir sind bei den Göttern' 5:56
  Elektra, Chrysothemis  

The one-act opera Elektra, containing one of the most demanding soprano roles in the repertoire, is based on the ancient Greek myth as retold by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work focuses on the relationships between Elektra, Chrysothemis, and their mother Klytamnestra, and the themes of love, hate and revenge. The drama’s raw emotions are exquisitely expressed in some of Strauss’ finest music.

"Valery Gergiev was clearly born to conduct Elektra, and not just because of his trademark animal energy. Whatever the technical complexity behind the score, Gergiev has the LSO sailing through metre- and key-changes with almost effortless fluidity, and Strauss’s dramaturgical acumen has never seemed clearer."
Gramophone magazine

‘The London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gergiev presents a riveting performance of Strauss’ one-act opera Elektra … Highly recommended’ 
The Northern Echo (UK)

                 Recording *****
"Gergiev, with the LSO in fine form and vivid SACD sound, conveys passions and tensions with compelling, sometimes deafening power." 
BBC Music Magazine 

 ‘The phenomenal playing and virtuosity demonstrated by the 112 players of the LSO combined with the close Barbican sound allows the listener unprecedented access to the inner workings of Strauss’s score in a fashion that would be impossible in the opera house.’

Classical CD Choice (UK)

Pizzicato magazine (Luxembourg)

" ...a thrilling, often revelatory performance, alive to every intense and modernistic gesture. Valery Gergiev finds both great colour and emotional depth in the music … the London Symphony Orchestra on superb form … First-class sound and presentation’ ***** 

Time Out (UK)

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