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MA 0508
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MA 0508

Wagner: Parsifal

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre

Valery Gergiev

Nikolai Putilin

baritone - Klingsor

Rene Pape

bass - Gurnemanz

Alexei Tanovitski

bass - Titurel

Evgeny Nikitin

bass-baritone - Amfortas

Violeta Urmana

soprano - Kundry

Gary Lehman

tenor - Parsifal

Chorus of the Mariinsky Theatre


Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Threatre, St Petersburg, Russia


James Mallinson


Dirk Sobotka

John Newton

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 258:35
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  A Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage in three acts  
1 Vorspiel - Prelude 12:41
  Erster Aufzug - Act One - Premier Acte  
2 He! Ho! Waldhuter ihr! 9:20
3 Recht so! Habt Dank! Ein wenig Rast 6:35
4 Nicht Dank! Ha, ha! Was wird es helfen? 8:10
5 O wunden-wundervoller heiliger Speer! 4:17
6 Titurel, der fromme Held, der kannt' ihn wohl 12:02
7 Weh'! Weh'! Hoho! Auf! Wer ist der Frevler? 8:09
8 Nun sag': nichts weißt du, was ich dich frage 7:41
9 Vom Bade kehrt der Konig heim 2:10
10 Verwandlungsmusik 3:44
11 Nun achte wohl, und laß mich sehn 7:17
12 Mein Sohn, Amfortas, bist du am Amt? 10:59
13 Enthullet den Gral! 6:58
14 Wein und Brot des letzten Mahles 12:24
  Zweiter Aufzug - Act Two - Deuxieme Acte  
15 Vorspiel - Prelude 1:38
16 Die Zeit ist da. 4:04
17 Ach! Ach! Tiefe Nacht! 10:14
18 Hier was das Tosen! Hier, hier! 3:58
19 Komm'! Komm'! Holder Knabe! 5:29
20 Parsifal! Weile! 2:55
21 Dies alles hab' ich nun getraumt? 3:24
22 Ich sah das Kind an seiner Mutter Brust 5:29
23 Wehe! Wehe! Was tat ich? Wo war ich? 4:44
24 Amfortas! Die Wunde! Die Wunde! 8:36
25 Grausamer! Fuhlst du im Herzen nur and'rer Schmerzen 12:43
26 Vergeh, unseliges Weib! 4:15
  Dritter Aufzug - Act Three - Troisieme Acte  
27 Vorspiel - Prelude 5:42
28 Von dorther kam das Stohnen 8:50
29 Heil dir, mein Gast! 6:19
30 Heil mir, daß ich dich wiederfinde! 12:22
31 Nicht so! Die heil'ge Quelle selbst erquicke unsres Pilgers Bad 13:16
32 Du siehst, das ist nicht so 7:14
33 Mittag. Die Stund' ist da 4:30
34 Geleiten wir im bergenden Schrein den Gral zum heiligen Amte 3:45
35 Ja! Wehe! Wehe! Weh' uber mich! 7:15
36 Nur eine Waffe taugt 3:59
37 Hochsten Heiles Wudner! 5:27
 Evgeny Nikitin bass-baritone - Amfortas
 Alexei Tanovitski bass - Titurel
 Rene Pape bass - Gurnemanz
 Gary Lehman tenor - Parsifal
 Nikolai Putilin baritone - Klingsor
 Violeta Urmana soprano - Kundry
 Valery Gergiev
  5-13 June 2009  

Wagner: Parsifal – Gary Lehman, Violeta Urmana, René Pape, Evgeny Nikitin, Alexei Tanovitski, Nikolai Putilin, Mariinsky Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Valery Gergiev

This download, the Mariinsky label’s first recording of an opera by Wagner, features an exceptional international cast led by René Pape, Gary Lehman, and Violeta Urmana.

The Mariinsky Theatre has a long association with the music of Wagner. The composer himself conducted at the Theatre, which in 1863 was the location of the first performance of music from his as yet un-staged Ring Cycle. Over the past decade Valery Gergiev has become a frequent conductor of the operas of Wagner, establishing a formidable reputation in the repertoire, although remarkably this is the first time he has recorded one.

Wagner described his final complete opera as a ‘A Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage’ and the work has always sparked controversy, mixing moral and religious themes with music of irresistible sumptuousness. The opera was inspired by Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Arthurian poem Parzifal. Yet despite the story’s overt Christian imagery, Wagner also draws on ideas from other beliefs, including Buddhism. The ‘harmonic experiments’ that he adopted for his previous opera, Tristan und Isolde, are further refined to create music of astonishing beauty, which still retains and reflects the deep morality of the tale.

 "...This recording of Wagner’s final music-drama is a revelation and well worth exploring."

Simon Thompson - - March 2013

"Gergiev and his mariinsky forces have produced a sensitive yet powerful performance of this difficult work, one that I think is about the best on record. So this  is a set that should occupy a prominent space on the shelf of every lover of Wagner - indeed, of opera. It will in time surely be regarded as one of the Great Recordings of the 21st Century."

American Record Guide

"...The orchestral playing is top-notch and the chorus well prepared..." "The sound is superb" "...The orchestra has impressive weight and impact, yet there’s an admirably natural balance between instrumentalists and singers ..."

Andrew Quint

Fanfare - January/February 2011

      ’Best CD’s of 2010

Boston Globe (USA)

"This is a winning cast that brings about all you could wish for to these roles, and the addition of Super Audio sound that is rigorously structured and beautifully captured - the first Parsifal to be recorded like this - makes this a must-have for audiophiles and a severe temptation to all others."

Audiophile Audition

                      " Editor’s Choice"


Arnold Whittall

Gramophone - Awards Issue 2010

                  DISC OF THE MONTH
     Performance *****      Recording *****
’What really distinguishes this, though, is Gergiev. His reading is vivid and luminous, generally expansive but with fluidly shifting tempos, unashamedly guilty of theatrical excitement. Gergiev, with the vigorous Mariinsky chorus and orchestra, achieves a glowing translucency in both choral and orchestral textures.’

BBC Music Magazine

’Gergiev presumably wanted to record a parsifal that measured up to the international competition ... and he’s certainly succeeded.’ - *****


Andrew Clements

The Guardian

’Above all, this is Gergiev’s Parsifal and it is the superlatively good playing of the Mariinsky Orhestra that, with Pape’s gloriously sung Gurnemanz, makes this new set essential listening for Wagnerians’

International Record Review

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