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MA 0526
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MA 0526

Wagner - Das Rheingold

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Mariinsky Orchestra

Valery Gergiev

Alexey Markov

- (baritone)

Nikolai Putilin

- (baritone)

Rene Pape

- (bass)

Mikhail Petrenko

- (bass)

Evgeny Nikitin

- (bass-baritone)

Ekaterina Gubanova

- (mezzo-soprano)

Zlata Bulycheva

- (mezzo-soprano)

Ekaterina Sergeeva

- (mezzo-soprano)

Viktoria Yastrebova

- (soprano)

Zhanna Dombrovskaya

- (soprano)

Irina Vasilieva

- (soprano)

Sergei Semishkur

- (tenor)

Andrei Popov

- (tenor)

Stephan Rugamer

- (tenor)


Mariinsky Concert Hall, St Petersburg, Russia

June 2010, Feb, Apr & June 2012


James Mallinson


Vladimir Ryabenko

Record Label



Total Time - 147:42
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  Das Rheingold  


  Scene One  
1 I Prelude 3:55
2 II Weia! Waft your waves, ye waters! 2:31
3 III Loathsomely smooth slithery slime! 5:26
4 IV Wallala! Lalaleia! 2:37
5 V Look, sisters! 6:25
6 VI The world's wealth could I win myself through you? 5:39
  Scene Two  
7 I Wotan, husband! Awake! 9:28
8 II Gently you closed your eyes in sleep 7:57
9 III To me, Freia! Let her be, rascal 5:59
10 IV In vain I searched, and now see full well 6:50
11 V A magic spell turns the gold into a ring 3:20
12 VI Hear, Wotan, what we have at last to say! 2:35
13 VII On what does Wotan brood so darkly? 4:51
14 VIII Come, Loge, come down with me! 4:48
  Scene Three  
15 I See, you scroundrel! 2:44
16 II Here is Nibelheim: through the pale mist 4:29
17 III Beware! 7:41
18 IV Enough, blasphemous fool! - What did he say? 4:48
19 V Oh! Oh! Ha ha ha! Terrible serpent 6:00
  Scene Four  
20 I Sit tight there, kinsman! 4:45
21 II I have paid: now let me depart 5:53
22 III Am I free now? Truly free? 3:45
23 IV From afar Fasolt and Fafner are approaching 5:06
24 V These poles we've planted 6:10
25 VI Yield, Wotan, yield! 5:39
26 VII Listen, you giants! Come back and wait 6:49
27 VIII A sultry haze hangs in the air 4:14
28 IX The sun's eye sheds its evening beams 4:06
29 X Rhinegold! Rhinegold! Purest gold! 3:12

Recorded in the sumptuous acoustic of the Mariinsky Concert Hall, Das Rheingold is led by René Pape in the role of Wotan. Pape is ably supported by an international Wagnerian cast, and ‘Gergiev’s absolute mastery of this orchestra,’ (Wagner News) is in evidence once again in a tremendously dramatic performance. Siegfried and Götterdämmerung will complete the cycle in 2014. 

Der Ring des Nibelungen was the pinnacle of Richard Wagner’s long and turbulent career and without question one of the greatest achievements in opera. Wagner wanted to create the perfect synthesis of music and drama and assumed total creative control of the project which was to take him 26 years to complete, with frequent interruptions. He introduced numerous innovations, not least the sheer scale of the project – typically a complete performance will last in excess of 15 hours, spread over four evenings. No other opera matches the scale or ambition of the Ring.

We are grateful to Yoko Ceschina for her generous support.

                             Music ****      Sound ****

Gerhard Persché - Fono Forum magazine - December 2013

 "... the uniquely euphoric spirit of The Ring’s prelude emerges with irresistable conviction as the compelling drama unfolds."

Arnold Whittall - Gramophone magazine - November 2013

                    Choc de Classica  - ****

Pierre Flinois - Classica magazine - November 2013

               Performance ****      Recording *****

"Following his impressive Walküre, Valery Gergiev tackles the Ring’s great prequal, a generally tougher proposition. He draws plenty of vivid drama and glowing colour from the Mariinsky players ..."

Michael Scott Rohan - BBC Music magazine - November 2013

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