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MA 0527
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MA 0527

Wagner - Die Walküre

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Mariinsky Orchestra

Valery Gergiev

Nina Stemme

- 'Brünnhilde'

Ekaterina Gubanova

- 'Fricka'

Zhanna Dombrovskaya

- 'Gerhilde'

Anna Kiknadze

- 'Grimgerde'

Tatiana Kravtsova

- 'Helmwige'

Mikhail Petrenko

- 'Hunding'

Irina Vasilieva

- 'Ortlinde'

Elena Vitman

- 'Roßweiße'

Lyudmila Kanunnikova

- 'Schwertleite'

Anja Kampe

- 'Sieglinde'

Jonas Kaufmann

- 'Siegmund'

Ekaterina Sergeeva

- 'Siegrune'

Natalia Evstafieva

- 'Waltraute'

Rene Pape

- 'Wotan'


Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Threatre, St Petersburg, Russia


James Mallinson


Vladimir Ryabenko

Record Label



Total Time - 236:36
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Die Walküre

  Act One  
1 I Prelude and Scene One 4:04
2 II Whoever's fireplace this may be 9:08
3 III A luckless man you have been tending 3:33
  Scene Two:  
4 IV I found this man exhausted 5:17
5 V I don't call myself 'Peaceful' 6:36
6 VI She who granted you a wretched fate 4:13
7 VII I know of a savage family 5:33
  Scene Three:  
8 VIII My father promised me a sword 6:33
9 IX Are you asleep, guest? 7:03
10 X Wintry storms have vanished before Maytime 3:05
11 XI You are the spring 2:15
12 XII O sweetest bliss 6:37
13 XIII Siegmund I am called 3:51
  Act Two  
  Prelude and Scene One:  
14 I Now bridle your horse 2:38
15 II Hoyotoho! 2:20
16 III The old storm, the old trouble! 3:48
17 IV Today - you have seen it happen 4:07
18 V You have never learned 6:09
19 VI What are you asking for? 2:31
20 VII Your eternal wife's sacred honour 3:34
  Scene Two:  
21 VIII Badly, I'm afraid 10:16
22 IX It is something else. Listen carefully 5:45
23 X Then will you deprive Siegmund of victory? 3:34
24 XI Then take my blessing, Nibelung's son 5:42
  Act Two (conclusion)  
25 XII My load of armour weighs heavy on me 2:28
  Scene Three:  
26 XIII Do stop here, and take a rest 8:56
27 XIV Where are you, Siegmund? 3:49
  Scene Four:  
28 XV Siegmund, look at me 10:55
29 XVI You have seen the Valkyrie's searing glance 4:27
30 XVII So young and fair and dazzling you look 4:58
  Scene Five:  
31 XVIII Deep as a speel sleep subdues 3:01
32 XIX He who calls me 3:36
33 XX Quick, to my horse, and I will save you 3:31
  Act Three  
  Prelude and Scene One:  
34 I Hoyotoho, hoyotoho! 2:26
35 II Put your stallion next to Ortlinde's mare 5:37
36 III Give me protection and help in my great distress 3:39
37 IV Do not plague yourself with worry about me 6:53
  Scene Two:  
38 V Where is Brünnhilde 4:58
39 VI Here I am, father 8:50
  Scene Three:  
40 VII Was it so shameful 10:11
41 VIII So you did what I wanted so much to do 8:47
42 IX Girl, do not try 4:53
43 X Farewell, you hold, wonderful child! 4:44
44 XI That bright pair of eyes 7:34
45 XII Loge, listen! Harken here! 4:11

The highly anticipated first release from the most finely crafted Ring cycle of modern times, Die Walküre features a sensational cast of Anja Kampe, Jonas Kaufmann, René Pape, Nina Stemme, Mikhail Petrenko and Ekaterina Gubanova.
Der Ring des Nibelungen was the pinnacle of Richard Wagner’s long and turbulent career and without question one of the greatest achievements in opera. Wagner wanted to create the perfect synthesis of music and drama and assumed total creative control of the project which was to take him 26 years to complete, with frequent interruptions. He introduced numerous innovations, not least the sheer scale of the project – typically a complete performance will last in excess of 15 hours, spread over four evenings. No other opera matches the scale or ambition of the Ring.
The Mariinsky Theatre has close connections with Wagner and his music. The composer conducted at the theatre and was even offered the post of Music Director. It is also believed to be the first place where any of the music from the Ring was performed. Since Valery Gergiev became Music Director of the Mariinsky, Wagner’s music has once again become a core part of the theatre’s repertoire, both in St Petersburg and on tour. The Mariinsky label’s recording of Wagner’s final opera Parsifal starring René Pape, Gary Lehmann and Violeta Urmana, was released in 2010 to international acclaim.

"... This is a Walküre for connoisseurs : a vitally engaged conductor leading singers with voices that are ideal for their parts and who understand their characters from extensive onstage experience but aren’t burdened with costumes, make-up or weird directorial conceits. This is going to be one hell of a Ring."

Andrew Quint - Fanfare - July/August 2013

"...His [Gergiev] cast ... is exemplary. Jonas Kaufmann and Anja Kampe are the Wälsung twins, drawing you inexorably into the drama from the word go. Vocally Kaufmann is unmatched on record, a herocially dark tenor with ringing top notes. Kampe gives him a run for his money with full, rich tone and beautiful text work. Nina Stemme is a fine Brünnhilde, projecting the character’s emotional journey better than any of her current contemporaries... René Pape is equally fine as Wotan, warmly resonant and powerfully inside the drama..."    ****½
Clive Paget - - 30 May 2013

                            **** - Good

Rémy Franck - Pizzicato magazine - May 2013

 "...Gergiev’s conducting is rich in detail... taut with drama and yet managing to remain spacious ... The cast is deluxe, caught at the height of its combined vocal prowess..."   ****

Francis Muzzu - Opera Now magazine - May 2013

                       Music ***½  (Good/Very Good)                  Sound **** (Very Good)

Bjørn Woll - Fono Forum magazine - May 2013

                     Opera Choice

          Performance *****           Recording *****

"... Most exciting of all is Nina Stemme’s Brünnhilde, larger-voiced and steelier than one might expect, yet feminin, spirited and vulnerable... The Mariinsky Orchestra plays in vital form ... So far this recalls, and must rank with, the great Rings of the 1960’s. More, please."

Michael Scott Rohan - BBC Music magazine - May 2013

 "...A sterling reading of superior value ... Gergiev seems to have a natural affinity for Wagner’s music ... these readings from three separate concert performances spanning almost a year from 2011-12 are superior in all respects, a model of how surround Wagner should sound. Productions values remain high ... Not to be missed."  ***** 

Steven Ritter - - 15 March 2013

 "...This is a most auspicious start to the Mariinsky Ring cycle on disc - and one that all Wagnerians will wish to investigate..."

 "...In the first act at least, with Jonas Kaufmann as an incomparable Siegmund, Anja Kamp a profoundly moving Sieglinde and Gergiev pacing the performance to an overwhelming climax, the result is spellbinding. In fact, few performances on disc can match it for sheer excitement, or for Kaufmann’s blend of easy power, immaculate diction and lyric beauty ... Gergiev obtains transcendently beautiful playing from the Mariinsky Orchestra"

Andrew Clements - The Guardian - 01 February 2013

                      Recording of the Month

                      ***** - Exceptional

Also nicastro - Musica magazine - March 2013

"This Mariinsky Die Walküre is the first release of the company’s Ring cycle. The recording is based on concert performances that Valery Gergiev conducted. Any misgivings I may have had regarding Gergiev as a Wagner conductor were blown away by his superb 2009 recording of Parsifal and then by a concert performance of it at the Barbican Hall in April 2012... The warmth and generosity of Stemme’s singing make her a particularly sympathetic Brünnhilde (and will do more so, probably, in the last two music-dramas) and she is thrilling in the Act Three plea-bargaining with Wotan. With a full-throttle ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ and some sumptuous orchestral playing, this is a Die Walküre to be reckoned with."
Peter Reed - - 18 February 2013

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