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MG 6196
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MG 6196
JUON, P.: Piano Music (Kramreiter)

JUON, P.: Piano Music (Kramreiter)

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release date: April 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Tomás Kramreiter



Radiostudio, Zurich, Switzerland


Record Label
Musiques Suisses




Total Time - 58:59
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JUON, P.: Piano Music (Kramreiter)

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Den Kindern zum Lauschen, Op. 38

1 I. Mutter erzahlt Marchen: No. 1. Vom Wunderringlein 02:18
2 I. Mutter erzahlt Marchen: No. 2. Von der Prinzessin im verwunschenen Schloss 01:59
3 I. Mutter erzahlt Marchen: No. 3. Vom Ritter jung, trotzig und kuhn 01:08
4 II. Rosemarie tanzt 01:39
5 III. Die Trubselige Puppe 01:39
6 IV. Der Steinbaukasten: No. 1. Eine Burg 02:06
7 IV. Der Steinbaukasten: No. 2. Eine Villa 01:43
8 IV. Der Steinbaukasten: No. 3. Ein Dom 02:23
9 V. Das Heimchen 03:34
10 VI. Wiegenliedchen 02:32

In Futurum 2, Op. 80

11 I. Dammerstunde daheim 03:05
12 II. In Perrucke und Reifrock 03:18
13 III. Der gefangene Russe 01:53
14 IV. Jungburschen ziehen aus 01:44

Piano Sonatina in G Major, Op. 47

15 I. Moderato amabile 03:54
16 II. Bourree 02:03
17 III. Rondino: Allegro 03:43

6 Klavierstucke, Op. 12

18 No. 1. Capriccio in C Minor 03:46
19 No. 2. Canzona in F-Sharp Major 03:16
20 No. 3. Humoreske in F-Sharp Major 02:20
21 No. 4. Etude in B Minor 01:49
22 No. 5. Intermezzo in A Major 03:00
23 No. 6. Ballade in D Major 04:07
 Tomás Kramreiter Soloist

World Premiere Recording - co-production with Swiss Radio DRS 2

Paul Juon was born on 8 March 1872 as Pavel Fyodorovich Yuon in Moscow. 

Originally his instrumental works were rooted almost exclusively and deeply in Russian music. With the development of metric series in the "dance rhythms," Op 24 for piano four hands in 1904, he prepared the way for Boris Blacher (1903-1975) "variable meter" half a century later.

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