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MP 3406
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MP 3406
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

WALLACE: Maritana

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


RTE Concert Orchestra

Proinnsias O Duinn

Ian Caddy


Damien Smith


Quentin Hayes


Lynda Lee


Majella Cullagh


Paul Charles Clarke


RTE Philharmonic Choir

Record Label
Naxos - Marco Polo



Total Time - 109:08
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Select Complete Single Disc for
  Disc One  
1 Overture 10:21
2 Act I: Opening Chorus 2:54
3 Act I: Romance (Maritana) and Chorus 2:08
4 Act I: Romance (Maritana) 3:29
5 Act I: Angelus (Chorus) 3:37
6 Act I: Duet (Maritana and Don Jose) - Song (Don Caesar) 7:38
7 Act I: Quartett and Chorus (Lazarillo, Don Cesar, Captain, and Don Jose) 4:00
8 Act I: Chorus 4:43
9 Act I: Finale (Maritana, Lazarillo, Don Caesar, Don Jose, Alcade, and Chorus) 4:26
10 Act II, Scene 1: Romance (Lazarillo) 5:26
11 Act II, Scene 1: Duet (Don Caesar and Lazarillo) 2:00
12 Act II, Scene 1: Trio (Don Caesar, Lazarillo and Don Jose) 3:19
13 Act II, Scene 1: Song (Don Caesar) 2:35
14 Act II, Scene 1: Ballad (Don Jose) 4:01
15 Act II, Scene 1: Quartett and Chorus (Maritana, Lazarillo, Don Caesar, and Don Jose) 3:39
  Disc Two  

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Act II, Scene 2: Chorus 2:07
2 Act II, Scene 2: Waltz 2:38
3 Act II, Scene 2: Song (King) 3:57
4 Act II, Scene 2: Song (Don Caesar) - Quartet (Marchioness, Don Caesar, Don Jose, and Marquis) 3:27
5 Act II, Scene 2: Finale (Maritana, Don Caesar, Don Jose, and Chorus) 7:30
6 Act III: Introduction - Recitative (Maritana) 3:06
7 Act III: Ballad (Maritana) 3:45
8 Act III: Song (Don Jose) 1:38
9 Act III: Duet (Don Caesar, and King) 4:26
10 Act III: Duet (Maritana, and Don Caesar) 7:03
11 Act III: Prayer (Maritana and Lazarillo) 3:11
12 Act III: Trio (Maritana, Don Caesar and King) - Finale (Maritana and Chorus) 2:04
 Ian Caddy baritone
 Paul Charles Clarke tenor
 Majella Cullagh soprano
 Quentin Hayes bass
 Lynda Lee mezzo-soprano
 Damien Smith baritone
 Proinnsias O Duinn
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"Along with Balfe’s Bohemian Girl and Benedict’s Lily of Killarney, Wallace’s Maritana marked a breakthrough in opera in Britain, and it held the stage for over 50 years, This lively recording, with Irish artists celebrating this 19th-century Irish composer, helps to explain the work’s attractions, regularly reminding the modern listener of Gilbert and Sullivan. The big difference is that where G & S present a parody of grand opera, with tongue firmly in cheek, Wallace is intensely serious, with the big melodramatic moments quickly becoming unintentionally comic. To compound the similarly with G & S, the story, like that of the Yeomen of the Guard, depends on the heroine, by contract, marrying a man condemned to death who then escapes his punishment. What matters is that there are many more good tunes than that of the still-remembered aria for the heroine, Scenes that are Brightest, and the ensembles in this winning performance are always fresh and lively. The soloist too all have voices which focus cleanly, even if they are not specially distinctive. The recording is bright and forwardly balanced, with words crystal clear. Worth investigating as a period piece."  **(*)
Penguin Guide - January 2009

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