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MP 5078
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MP 5078

HERRMANN / NEWMAN: Egyptian (The)

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2009


William Stromberg

Record Label
Naxos - Marco Polo



Total Time - 71:04
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The Egyptian (restored J. Morgan)

1 Prelude 1:40
2 The Ruins 0:54
3 The Red Sea and Childhood 3:02
4 The Nile and Temple 1:24
5 Her Name Was Merit 1:19
6 The Chariot Ride 1:22
7 Pursuit 0:35
8 Akhnaton - One Deity 1:18
9 Taia 1:13
10 Party's End 1:58
11 Nefer-Nefer-Nefer 7:02
12 The Rebuke 3:16
13 The Deed 2:20
14 The Harp and Couch 1:29
15 The Perfection of Love 1:21
16 Violence 2:13
17 Valley of the Kings 7:49
18 The Homecoming 1:13
19 Hymn to Aton 4:51
20 Sights, Sounds and Smells 0:47
21 Live for Our Son 1:41
22 Am I Mad? 3:30
23 The True Pharaoh 1:28
24 The Tomb 2:44
25 The Holy War 0:36
26 Dance Macabre 1:35
27 Death of Merit 4:10
28 Death of Akhnaton 5:23
29 The New Pharaoh 1:04
30 Exile and Death 1:47
 William Stromberg
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"This is an awesome recording of a remarkable score: two great composers-Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Newman-in a singular collaboration that brought out the best in both. ... The old Decca recording...rewritten and condensed, and in dim monaural sound with heavy does of reverberation, is made obsolete by William Stromberg’s brilliant re-creation; the Moscow ensemble might as well be the 20th Century Fox Studio virtuosi, so closely have they replicated that orchestra’s distinctive sound. There isn’t a false step in the pacing, the playing, or the superlative sound.If you’ve been tempted to ’try out’ one of Marco Polo’s film score series but haven’t done so yet, now is the time to take the plunge. This will be remembered a their finest effort yet and one of the best film score re-creations of this or any year."
Mark Koldys - American Record Guide - April 2000

"The Egyptian is a landmark score, a one-time-only experience of two of our most talented maestros joining forces to create an epic and cohesive whole that still bears unmistakable signs of their indelible individual styles. More than that, it is actually thrilling and gorgeous music no matter who wrote what or how you hear it. But for those who are either low on cash-flow or unwilling to stick their necks out for two CDs, there are some distinct differences here that make me prefer the [Marco Polo] as a listening experience, and may serve to tip your own scales one way or the other."
Matt Barry - SoundtrackNet - September 2001


"The Egyptian represents the work of two composers at their peaks ... another fine release from Marco Polo."

James Southall - Film Score Monthly - February 2000

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