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MP 5149
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MP 5149

STEINER: Treasure of the Sierra Madre (The)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2008


William Stromberg

Dino Soldo


Record Label
Naxos - Marco Polo



Total Time - 60:14
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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (reconstructed J. Morgan)

1 Main Title 1:48
2 A. Sanchez: El Desayuno 1:59
3 Attack on the Train 1:39
4 The Journey Commences 3:29
5 Windstorm 1:28
6 Campfire - Up There - Water Trough - Gold-Digging - Cave-in - Rescue 5:25
 Dino Soldo harmonica
7 Texas Memories 1:06
8 Night - Distrust - Gila Monster 4:41
9 Bandits - Outnumbered - Federales 7:01
10 Cody's Letter - Texas Memories (Reprise) 3:07
11 Packing Up - Indian Visitors 2:25
 Dino Soldo harmonica
12 Funeral Chant 3:12
13 Unwilling Caretakers 2:20
14 Madness 3:37
15 Narange Dolce 1:26
16 After Dobbs - The Man in the Hole! - Arrested 5:42
17 The Ruins 2:04
18 Texas Memories - Finale 1:36
19 End Cast 0:22
20 Theatrical trailer 2:38
21 Alternate Main Title 1:47
22 Alternate Finale 1:22
 William Stromberg
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"Steiner is shockingly under-represented in modern sound. This recording of one of his more popular scores successfully recreates the fat, luscious, Steiner sound."
Arthur B Lintgen - The Absolute Sound - September 2001

"Max Steiner’s score to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre consists of numerous small cues that need to be carefully stitched together to provide thematic continuity. John Morgan accomplishes this very skillfully. Check out track six, which contains several episodes ranging from a quiet moment around the campfire to a mining cave-in and rescue, and you’ll immediately hear how well the music hangs together. There’s some fine invention here, including entertaining arrangements of Mexican folksongs that sit somewhat oddly beside Steiner’s typically lush, late-Romantic basic idiom and the shimmering, percussive ’gold’ music that anticipates the cold sonorities of Vaughan Williams’ Sinfonia Antartica (derived, of course, from his own film score to Scott of the Antarctic). Stromberg and his Moscow forces play these colorful cues with their usual aplomb, and they’re vividly recorded too. If you’re into movie music, this latest issue recommends itself."
David Hurwitz - - January 2001

"... Stromberg’s Muscovites play brilliantly, and the sound couldn’t be better. The score is probably as archetypal of Max Steiner as any-emotional, direct, with an infallible ear for the dramatic, and not exactly subtle. This is a sweeping wallow in music that makes a responsive connection and doesn’t let go. Excellent, detailed notes, as we’ve come to expect from Marco Polo."
Koldys - American Record Guide - June 2001

"This is an outstanding release with exceptional sound, and a must for any serious film collector’s library."

Roger Hall - Soundtrack Magazine

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