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MP 5166
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MP 5166

STEINER: Son of Kong (The) / The Most Dangerous Game

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2008


William Stromberg

Leonid Makarevich


Record Label
Naxos - Marco Polo



Total Time - 77:14
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The Son of Kong (reconstructed J. Morgan)

1 Main Title 1:50
2 Ship at Sea 0:57
3 In Dakang 1:25
4 Runaway Blues 1:39
5 Fire! 2:34
6 An Offer of Help 4:16
7 Memories 2:11
8 Chinese Chatter 4:05
9 Forgotten Island 4:14
10 Quicksand - Little Kong 3:57
11 The Styracosaur 0:46
12 The Black Bear 2:41
13 Finger Fixings 3:31
14 Campfire at Night 3:24
15 The Old Temple 2:21
16 Johnny Get Your Gun 0:34
17 Finale 4:59

The Most Dangerous Game (reconstructed J. Morgan)

18 Main Title 1:34
 Leonid Makarevich piano
19 The Wreck 1:17
 Leonid Makarevich piano
20 The Approach 2:24
 Leonid Makarevich piano
21 Russian Waltz 1:40
 Leonid Makarevich piano
22 Incidental Music 0:46
 Leonid Makarevich piano
23 Agitato 2:23
 Leonid Makarevich piano
24 The Iron Door 2:57
 Leonid Makarevich piano
25 Night 1:04
 Leonid Makarevich piano
26 The Count Approaches 2:20
 Leonid Makarevich piano
27 Misterioso Dramatico 3:57
 Leonid Makarevich piano
28 The Chase 4:43
 Leonid Makarevich piano
29 The Chase Continues 0:55
 Leonid Makarevich piano
30 The Waterfall 2:23
 Leonid Makarevich piano
31 The Fight 1:27
 Leonid Makarevich piano
32 Escape - Finale 2:00
 Leonid Makarevich piano
 William Stromberg
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 "Not surprisingly, the soundtrack for Son of Kong borrows from King Kong, but if you like Max Steiner’s score for the original, you’ll enjoy more of the same. Both here and in The Most Dangerous Game, John Morgan’s reconstructions deftly bind together shorter cues in a way that provides musical continuity, though plenty of shorter snippets remain. In Kong, the outstanding longer tracks include ’Chinese Chatter’, ’Forgotten Island’, ’Little Kong’, and the imposing ’Finale’. Steiner’s score for Game features a delicious little ’Russian Waltz’ piano solo and a marvelous extended chase scene. It’s also good to be able to enjoy these two scores on one very well filled disc. Though both have a certain generic ’movie music’ quality, the differences between them provide more variety than you’re likely to find on discs devoted to (frequently repetitious) single scores. As usual William Stromberg and his Moscow forces give strong, panoramic performances of this colorful music, and the recording captures them faithfully."

David Hurwitz - - January 2002

"...This is an inviolable release in every aspect. Every glorious aspect."
Jeffrey Wheeler - - April 2001

"Orchestra and conductor surpass themselves with each new release in this valuable series. The recording is just about perfect ..."
Koldys - American Record Guide - August 2000

"...Marco Polo, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and William T Stromberg have produced one of their finest efforts. The MSO must feel thoroughly at home in Hollywood now. John T Morgan reconstructed the score partly from the film tracks. Ron Fortier and Bill Whitaker have supplied detailed and witty histories, littered with photographs (some very funny, try Steiner in the bath with a colleague), detailed synopses and musicological notes. There’s even an Arranger’s Notes and a holograph page of the score. Thirty-five pages doesn’t seem too many, and this production fully justifies its Marco Polo cost. Even non-film listeners should hear it as an example of what Steiner and others were trying before Korngold arrived. From this music they were fashioning the film sound world that so influenced contemporary and later composers in every field. Two sparky masterworks of the film world, newly revealed, like minerals from the dust of sound tracks. Like the lead characters, don’t hesitate."
Simon Jenner - - April 2001

"Marco Polo wraps it all in their usual fine package. The vigor of the music and the rarity of these scores make this recording one of the label’s finest and most welcome."

Randall D. Larson - Soundtrack Magazine

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