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MQ 1509
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MQ 1509
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
Bach: Six Suites for Solo Cello

Bach cello suites

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Winona Zelenka


Record Label
Marquis Classics



Total Time - 145:17
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Bach: Six Suites for Solo Cello




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Suite #1 in G Major

1 I Prelude 2:30
2 II Allemande 4:46
3 III Courante 2:34
4 IV Sarabande 3:53
5 V Menuet 1 & 2 3:15
6 VI Gigue 1:38

Suite #3 in C Major

7 I Prelude 4:21
8 II Allemande 4:12
9 III Courante 2:51
10 IV Sarabande 5:27
11 V Menuet 1 & 2 4:45
12 VI Gigue 2:54

Suite #5 in C minor

13 I Prelude 5:54
14 II Allemande 5:17
15 III Courante 2:00
16 IV Sarabande 3:56
17 V Menuet 1 & 2 5:07
18 VI Gigue 2:34

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Suite #2 in D minor

1 I Prelude 3:28
2 II Allemande 3:39
3 III Courante 2:10
4 IV Sarabande 6:08
5 V Menuet 1 & 2 3:00
6 VI Gigue 2:45

Suite #4 in E flat Major

7 I Prelude 4:07
8 II Allemande 4:36
9 III Courante 3:28
10 IV Sarabande 4:33
11 V Menuet 1 & 2 5:33
12 VI Gigue 2:47

Suite #6 in D Major

13 I Prelude 4:23
14 II Allemande 8:49
15 III Courante 3:39
16 IV Sarabande 5:15
17 V Menuet 1 & 2 4:49
18 VI Gigue 4:14
 Winona Zelenka Cello

This two-CD release reflects Winona Zelenka’s exploration of the Bach six unaccompanied Cello Suites. In some ways the journey has been typical of a cellist of her generation: from the ultra-romanticism of Casals, to the modernist logic of Starker, to a European school that has been more open to historical performance practice.

In her search for Bach’s intellectual and emotional meaning, Winona presents a powerful and expressive performance that is both true to the composer and uniquely her own.

Winona Zelenka is one of Canada’s finest cellists, known for her gorgeous, luminous tone and expressive brilliance. She electrifies audiences with her impeccable musicality, superb technique and elegant style. "Some of the most beautiful singing… came from the cello of Winona Zelenka. Her opening solo…was breathtaking - floating with effortless musicality." - National Post

The cello used in this recording was made in 1707 by Joseph Guarnerius of Cremona, Italy. The Cremonese instruments of this period are considered the summit of achievement and this Guarneri proves the rule. It is known for its rich magnificent tone.

"I am delighted to express my highest compliments on the Bach recordings of Winona Zelenka. Of the multitude of recent issues, hers is in everysense on the top; superb playing and excellent engineering."

Janos Starker

"...I will confess that I am blown away by these recordings - Zelenka’s tone is among the warmest and most invigoratingly burnished that I have ever heard in this music ..." "...this is the single best set of these suites I have ever heard, and the magnificent depth and broad range of her gorgeous Marquis recording serves her cause very well."     *****

Steven Ritter

Audiophile Audition - August 2010

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