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MR 001
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MR 001

Madeleine Dring: Collected Chamber Works

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2009


Joanne Boddington


The Lynn Trio


St. George's Brandon Hill, Bristol


David Finch

Record Label


Light Music


Total Time - 57:50
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Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano

1 I Allegro con brio 2:56
2 II Andante semplice 4:52
3 III Allegro giocoso 2:47

Polka for Flute and Piano


Italian Dance


Colour Suite

6 I Pink Minor 2:07
7 II Red Glory 1:31
8 III Yellow Hammers 2:07
9 IV Blue Air 3:20
10 V Brown Study 1:45

Danza Gaya


Three Piece Suite

12 I Showpiece 3:22
13 II Romance 5:46
14 III Finale 3:21

Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Keyboard

15 I Drammatico 5:00
16 II Dialogues 6:47
17 III Allegro con brio 5:34
 Joanne Boddington Flute

A collection of charming pieces, nostalgia-laden yet wittily penned, by this greatly under-recorded post-war British composer. This unique album of Dring’s chamber music features two world première recordings. Radio listeners will have enjoyed previews of the disc on BBC Radio Three 3 for all and Brian Kay’s Light Programme.

"This is delightful. Madeleine Dring was a very gifted artist — composer, singer, pianist and actress — whose music is well written, immediately communicative and attractive; the work of a composer who knows precisely what she could do, and did it to the best of her considerable ability. Her sudden death in I977, at the age of 54, robbed Britain of one of its most admirable composers, yet her music remains little known except to enthusiasts and performing musicians (her husband was the oboist Roger Lord). There are four main works in this first rate collection alongside three miniatures. Dring’s command of her craft and of her splendid material are admirable qualities, and if her art can be compared with composers of a more established school, Françaix and Poulenc come most readily to mind. The Trios (for flute, oboe and piano and for oboe, bassoon and harpsichord or piano – the latter on this disc) are so attractive that, like everything here, they will continue to give pleasure for years to come, This is the kind of music that will never fade; subtle, cleverly written and designed to enhance the listener’s pleasure without patronising anyone. The performances are exemplary and the recordings are excellent."

Robert Matthew-Walker


International Record Review

This is a wonderful record. Madeleine Dring was not a composer I had listened to before, but after hearing her recommended by a friend, I bought this album. In a way, the music reminds me of Shostakovich's Jazz Suites, but with a more eloquent range. It's absolutely delightful and is played several times each week both when I am working and when I want to relax. There always seems to be something new and fresh about it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
M Jecks

This is a fine recording easily wiping away any reservations concerning near-contemporary compositions with a great variety of styles between nearly cinema-soundtrack (beautiful but substantial the Andante from Trio for flute, oboe and piano) and jazz. Unfortunately the information supplied leaves something to be desired in the download version: The enclosed MP3-tags don't mention the pieces but only track number and album title (including two times the composer) and the booklet also misses details. I recommend, to save the track titles from the HTML-Page. Where the full title does not imply the instruments (4 of 7 times), one has to resort to ones ears to determine the instrumentation, the Colour Suite is for solo piano.
G Treutwein