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MS 8521
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MS 8521
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
Rochberg: Violin Sonata and Caprice Variations

Rochberg: Caprice variations + Violin sonata

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2011

Originally recorded in 2013


Peter Sheppard Skaerved



St Johns Church Loughton

Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University


David Lefeber


David Lefeber

Record Label




Total Time - 115:51
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Rochberg: Violin Sonata and Caprice Variations




Violin Sonata


Select Complete Single Disc for
1 I Sarabande - molto adagio con tenerezza 6:10
  live concert recording  
2 II Scherzo capriccioso 5:14
  live concert recording  
3 III Ardentemente 7:36
  live concert recording  
4 IV adagio 6:49
  live concert recording  

Caprice Variations

5 I I Allegro energico 1:16
6 II II Presto 0:56
7 III III Allegro molto e con fuoco 1:03
8 IV IV Poco allegro ma quasi recitando 2:09
9 V V Poco agitato ma con molto rubato 0:42
10 VI VI Poco allegretto ma con rubato 1:37
11 VII VII Presto 0:57
12 VIII VIII Languido 2:14
13 IX IX Non troppo presto 0:38
14 X X. Vivace 0:56
15 XI XI. Andante 1:43
16 XII XII. Andante con moto 1:39
17 XIII XIII. Feroce,energico 1:09
18 XIV XIV. Alla guitarra 2:28
19 XV XV. Con grazia 1:41
20 XVI XVI. Andante amoroso 1:45
21 XVII XVII. Poco adagio 2:06
22 XVIII XVIII. Allegro fantastico 2:10
23 XIX XIX. Vivace 1:12
24 XX XX. Quasi cadenza andante 3:02
25 XXI XXI. Allegro con brio 0:51
26 XXII XXII. Molto espressivo e cantando 1:51
27 XXIII XXIII. Andante grazioso e tranquillo 3:10

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 XXIV XXIV. Allegretto 0:41
2 XXV XXV. Scherzo 0:37
3 XXVI XXVI. Con brio 0:45
4 XXVII XXVII. Aria 2:48
5 XXVIII XXVIII. Molto agitato 1:19
6 XXIX XXIX. Lento ma non troppo 2:14
7 XXX XXX. Poco allegretto e leggiero 1:30
8 XXXI XXXI. Molto adagio 2:39
9 XXXII XXXII. Allegro assai 1:25
10 XXXIIII XXXIII. Moderato con amore 1:36
11 XXXIV XXXIV. Molto adagio 3:05
12 XXXV XXXV. Allegro molto fantastico 2:05
13 XXXVI XXXVI. Largo, sereno 4:36
14 XXXVII XXXVII. Barcarolle 1:51
15 XXXVIII XXXVIII. Can-can tempo,presto 1:16
16 XXXIX XXXIX. Elegiac,fantastico 3:21
17 XL XL. Robust 1:05
18 XLI XLI. Allegro molto 0:39
19 XLII XLII. Nocturnal,slow 2:39
20 XLIII XLIII. Andantino 2:05
21 XLIV XLIV. Scherzo 1:12
22 XLV XLV. Presto 0:29
23 XLVI XLVI. Bravura, sempre recitando 1:48
24 XLVII XLVII. Arabesque, fantastico 2:42
25 XLVIII XLVIII. Moderately fast 2:00
26 XLIX XLIX. Feroce 2:55
27 L L. Fantasy 2:45
28 LI LI. Quasi presto 0:40
 Peter Sheppard Skaerved violin

An immense and magnificent set of variations by American composer George Rochberg, not just, as the title may suggest, on Paganini’s famous 24th Caprice, but incorporating styles and forms "borrowed" from many other ocmposers, such as Mahler, Brahms, Busoni, Schubert and Beethoven! The work is played on the renowned "Habeneck" Stradivarius violin of 1734. Violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved is a virtuoso of the first order and a regular Metier recording artist. Aaron Shorr joins in for the world premiere recording of Rochberg’s Violin Sonata in a stunning live performance.

           Editor’s Choice
"[Rochberg’s] sonata of 1988… conveying intense feeling. The Variations… intricate solo violin work.. always with purpose and impact.”

Phillip Sommerich - Classical Music magazine  July 2011

"...The sound on these two discs is very fine, the Variations recorded in 2000 and the Sonata in 2004. Both are quite warm, and the playing by Rochberg friend Peter Sheppard Skærved must be considered definitive in this instance. Warmly recommended."

Steven Ritter - Audiophile Audition - 30 January 2012

“This quirky, witty, beautiful and often bewildering 90-minute work’s sense of shape and purpose feels brilliantly complete.”

Catherine Nelson  - The Strad

“ I have to say that Skærved sounds amazing. He’s playing the 1734 Habeneck Strad. Kudos to Metier’s David Lefeber for capturing the instrument and Skærved’s passionate playing. These variations-on-variations have grown on me and it’s a treat to hear a Strad sound so good.”

Grant Chu Covell - La Folia

“...the journey is an impressive one… I have no hesitation in recommending it”

Peter Grahame Woolf - Musical Pointers

“...the performance is so compelling that interest never wavers; the recording is fine; and it doesn’t matter where the music came from since this magnificent instrument enjoys every note. “

Peter Dickinson  - Gramophone Magazine

“What a recording!… violinist Skaerved, playing on Francois-Antoine Habeneck’s 1734 Strad, handles the work’s many terrors with appropriate style and gusto. These are 51 dazzling variations on Paganini’s wellworn tune. It’s a thrill a minute, and it’s outrageous enough to impress Paganini himself” 

Allen Gimbel  - American Record Guide

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