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MU 1011
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) (Cluytens) (1956)

WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) (Cluytens) (1956)

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Bayreuth Festival Orchestra


Andre Cluytens


Josef Greindl


Hans Hotter


Bayreuth Festival Chorus



Bayreuth, Germany


Record Label
Music and Arts




Total Time - 265:15
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WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) (Cluytens) (1956)




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Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg)

1 Act I: Prelude 9:12
2 Act I Scene 1: Da zu dir der Heiland kam (Chorus) 3:25
3 Act I Scene 1: Verweilt! Ein Wort! ein einzig Wort! (Walther) 8:29
4 Act I Scene 1: David, was stehst? (Apprentices) 15:13
5 Act I Scene 1: Seid meiner Treue wohl versehen (Pogner) 22:56
6 Act I Scene 1: Am stillen Herd in Winterszeit (Walther, Sachs, Beckmesser, Kothner, Vogelsang, Nachtigall) 11:10

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1 Act I Scene 1: Fanget an! So rief der Lenz in den Wald (Walther) 13:07
2 Act II: Prelude 0:54
3 Act II Scene 1: Johannistag! Blumen und Bander (Apprentices) 3:14
4 Act II Scene 2: Lass seh'n, ob Meister Sachs zu Haus? (Apprentices) 5:49
5 Act II Scene 3: Zeig her - 's ist gut (Sachs, David) 1:09
6 Act II Scene 3: Was duftet doch der Flieder (Sachs) 6:03
7 Act II Scene 3: Gut'n Abend, Meister! Noch so fleisstig? (Eva) 6:03
8 Act II Scene 4: Da ist er! - Ja, lhr seid es! (Eva) 7:22
9 Act II Scene 5: Wie? Sachs? Auch er? (Walther) 1:04
10 Act II Scene 6: Jerum! Als Eva aus dem Paradies (Sachs, Beckmesser, Walther, Eva) 7:31
11 Act II Scene 6: Freund Sachs! So hort doch nur ein Wort! (Beckmesser) 7:31
12 Act II Scene 6: Den Tag seh' ich erscheinen (Beckmesser) 5:39
13 Act II Scene 6: Darf ich mich Meister nennen (Beckmesser) 1:07
14 Act II Scene 7: Zum Teufel mit dir, verdammter (David) 4:48

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1 Act III: Prelude 6:56
2 Act III Scene 1: Gleich, Meister! Hier! (David) 4:28
3 Act III Scene 1: Am Jordan Sankt Johannes stand (David, Sachs) 3:39
4 Act III Scene 1: Wahn! Wahn! Uberall! Wahn! (Sachs) 6:53
5 Act III Scene 2: Gruss' Gott, mein Junker! (Sachs) 4:39
6 Act III Scene 2: Mein Freund! in holder Jugendzeit (Sachs, Walther) 5:12
7 Act III Scene 2: Morgenlich leuchtend in rosigem Schein (Walther) 10:28
8 Act III Scene 3: Ein Werbelied! Von Sachs! (Beckmesser) 15:06
9 Act III Scene 4: Gruss Gott, mein Evchen! (Sachs) 4:11
10 Act III Scene 4: Weilten die Sterne im lieblichen Tanz? (Walther) 9:52

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1 Act III Scene 4: (continued) 0:54
2 Act III Scene 4: Selig, wie die Sonne (Eva) 6:46
3 Act III Scene 5: Procession of the Guilds 7:35
4 Act III Scene 5: Procession of the Mastersingers 2:58
5 Act III Scene 5: Wach' auf! es nahet gen den Tag (Chorus) 2:37
6 Act III Scene 5: Euch macht ihr's leicht, mir macht ihr's schwer (Sachs) 16:36
7 Act III Scene 5: Morgen ich leuchte in rosigem Schein (Walther) 8:10
8 Act III Scene 5: Verachtet mir die Meister nicht (Sachs) 4:16
9 Act III Scene 5: Finale: Ehrt eure deutschen Meister (Chorus) 2:13
 Hans Hotter Soloist
 Josef Greindl Soloist
 Andre Cluytens Conductor

The well-known chronicler of the Bayreuth Festival, Penelope Turing, reports in her book that the singers are the glory of this performance. Hotter’s Sachs she finds "wise and understanding, tender and robustly humorous of his own weaknesses and those of near the ideal Sachs as we are ever likely to see and hear." Although there are other performances featuring Hotter, this version (never before released on CD) is apt to be referred to in the future at Hotter’s finest Meistersinger and a certifiable treasure.
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