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N1 5371
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N1 5371

STRAVINSKY, I.: Histoire du soldat (Bouquet, Mintz)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Shlomo Mintz


Carole Bouquet


Gerard Depardieu



Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France


Record Label




Total Time - 51:43
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STRAVINSKY, I.: Histoire du soldat (Bouquet, Mintz)

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Histoire du soldat (The Soldier's Tale)

1 Part I: Marche du soldat 01:48
2 Part I: Voila un joli endroit (Le lecteur, Le soldat) 00:40
3 Part I: Petits airs au bord du ruisseau 02:27
4 Part I: Donnez-moi votre violon (Le diable, Le soldat, Le lecteur) 02:41
5 Part I: Marche du soldat (reprise) 01:50
6 Part I: Bravo ca y est! (Le soldat) 02:06
7 Part I: Pastorale 02:50
8 Part I: Ah! Brigand! Bougre de brigand (Le soldat, Le diable) 01:50
9 Part I: Finale: Pastorale 00:42
10 Part I: Il se mit a lire dans le livre (Le lecteur) 05:28
11 Part I: Petits airs au bord du ruisseau (reprise) 00:44
12 Part II: Marche du soldat (reprise) 01:46
13 Part II: Un autre pays a present (Le lecteur) 01:56
14 Part II: Marche royale 02:41
15 Part II: On a fait marcher la musique (Le soldat, Le diable, Le lecteur) 03:25
16 Part II: Petit concert 02:51
17 Part II: 3 Dances: Tango 02:16
18 Part II: 3 Dances: Valse 03:02
19 Part II: 3 Dances: Ragtime 00:47
20 Part II: Danse du diable 01:13
21 Part II: Petit choral 00:45
22 Part II: Couplets du diable 00:35
23 Part II: Grand choral 04:03
24 Part II: Si on y allait? (Le lecteur) 01:06
25 Part II: Marche triomphale du diable 02:11
 Carole Bouquet Soloist
  Gerard Depardieu Soloist
  Shlomo Mintz Conductor

Recorded in 1997, this jewel of Naïve Classique catalogue has been unavailable for several years. As the work is performed at Paris Opéra Comique in April 2014, Naïve is happy to reissue that title featuring prestigious actors and musicians.

’Histoire du Soldat’ (The Soldier’s Tale) came about in a difficult economic context: Diaghilev’s Ballets were no longer touring, due to the war, and the Russian revolution had deprived Stravinsky of his remaining savings. As for Ramuz, some of whose works had been published in France, he was no longer receiving any royalties. Thus, the two friends wondered “Why not write something together which would entail only a limited number of instruments and two or three characters?”

And so Histoire du soldat come into being. Its musical forces were limited: an ensemble of seven instruments representing all the sections of the orchestra plus a highly developed percussion part. The first performance brought together friends and well-known artists, Ernest Ansermet conducted. Initially, their grand project included touring with a portable stage, like the itinerant players of the Middle Ages, but the devastating Spanish influenza epidemic and the armistice of November 1918 put an end to that idea.

Nonetheless, ’Histoire du soldat’ would later be performed regularly, featuring famous names eg Jean Cocteau in the role of the reader (Geneva, 1934), celebrity couple Carole Bouquet and Gérard Depardieu in 1997...

 "... The performance is acted with panache by Gérard and touching vulnerability by Guillaume, who is the best Solider on disc. Mintz’s ensemble is also very good , bringing energy, color, and accuracy to Stravinsky’s inventive score. Mintz’s violin, crucially important, is peerless as expected, and I am highly impressed with Marc Bauer in the tricky and exposed cornet part. This disc is recommended for both musical and extra-musical reasons, but mainly for its high quality."

Phillip Scott - Fanfare - November/December 2014

 "... The performance is very good. Bouquet and the Depardieus invest fully in the drama, infusing their role with a vast array of emotion and inflectio. The musicians boast terrific energy,techniqu, rhythmic precision,  polished timbres and ensemble work..."

Patrick Hanudel American Record Guide - November/December 2015

                   **** (Excellent album)

Giuseppe Rossi - Musica magazine (Italy) - July/August 2014

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