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N6 0553
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

VIVALDI, A.: Tesori del Piemonte, Vol. 58 - Opere teatrali, Vol. 18: L'incoronazione di Dario (Accademia Bizantina, Dantone)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


Ottavio Dantone


Anders J. Dahlin


Sara Mingardo


Accademia Bizantina



Live recording, Die Glocke, Domsheide, Bremen, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 176:37
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VIVALDI, A.: Tesori del Piemonte, Vol. 58 - Opere teatrali, Vol. 18: L'incoronazione di Dario (Accademia Bizantina, Dantone)




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L'incoronazione di Dario, RV 719

1 Act I: Sinfonia 04:07
2 Act I Scene 1: Recitativo accompagnato: Figlie tergete i lumi, assai di pianto (Ombra di Ciro) 01:02
3 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Che vidi, oime! (Statira, Argene, Niceno) 01:15
4 Act I Scene 2: Cessi il pianto, e il riso torni (Statira, Argene) 01:01
5 Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Dario introdotto (Flora, Statira, Argene, Niceno) 00:45
6 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Di Ciro il gran monarca (Dario, Argene, Statira, Flora) 02:15
7 Act I Scene 4: Sara dono del tuo amore (Dario) 03:23
8 Act I Scene 5: Recitative: Languire, o Dio, mi sento (Argene, Flora) 01:13
9 Act I Scene 5: D'un bel viso in un momento (Argene) 02:49
10 Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Flora (Statira, Flora) 01:36
11 Act I Scene 6: In petto ho un certo affanno (Statira) 03:30
12 Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Seguire Argene io devo (Flora) 00:23
13 Act I Scene 7: Arma il cor di bel coraggio (Flora) 02:50
14 Act I Scene 8: Recitativo Udite, o Persi, a me s'e dato in sorte - Scene 9: Recitative: Ola, che fai? (Oronte, Arpago) 01:45
15 Act I Scene 9: Sinfonia per il combattimento 00:41
16 Act I Scene 10: Recitative: Guerrieri! Ah! Deh, cessate (Dario, Oronte, Arpago) 01:49
17 Act I Scene 10: Cinto il crin di verde alloro (Arpago) 03:26
18 Act I Scene 11: Recitative: Quanto costui s'inganna; egli non merta (Dario) 00:15
19 Act I Scene 11: Chi vantar puo il suo valore (Dario) 03:10
20 Act I Scene 12: Recitative: Stolte pretese, mia (Oronte, Alinda) 01:27
21 Act I Scene 12: Lasciami in pace (Oronte) 02:04
22 Act I Scene 13: Recitative: Cosi mi sprezza il traditor? (Alinda) 01:22
23 Act I Scene 13: Se si potesse amar (Alinda) 03:07
24 Act I Scene 14: Recitative: Nell'alme nostre e che non puote amore? - Scene 15: Recitative: Ardo tacito amante, e il foco mio (Niceno, Statira) 02:52
25 Act I Scene 15: Ardo tacito amante (Statira) 04:24
26 Act I Scene 15: Recitative: Cosi dicea … ma chi dicea cosi? (Statira, Niceno) 01:27
27 Act I Scene 15: L'occhio, il labbro, il seno, il core (Statira) 03:10
28 Act I Scene 16: Recitative: Niceno, io qui ne vengo (Argene, Niceno) 01:17
29 Act I Scene 16: Affetti del cor mio (Argene) 02:02
30 Act I Scene 17: Recitative: L'ambizion d'Argene, e di Statira (Niceno) 00:22
31 Act I Scene 17: Niceno Quale all'onte (Niceno) 03:29

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1 Act II Scene 1: Cessa tiranno amor (Dario) 03:06
2 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Signora? (Flora, Argene, Dario) 03:03
3 Act II Scene 2: Placami la mia bella (Dario) 02:33
4 Act II Scene 3: Recitative: Verra nelle mie stanze (Argene, Flora) 00:38
5 Act II Scene 3: Fermo scoglio in mezzo al mare (Argene) 03:16
6 Act II Scene 4: Recitative: Com'e costei bizzarra! (Flora, Statira) 04:02
7 Act II Scene 5: Recitative: Ben questo e mal che non conosce il male (Flora) 00:22
8 Act II Scene 5: Lo spietato crudo amore (Flora) 02:50
9 Act II Scene 6: Lampa eterna, eterna face - Recitative: I giusti miei consigli (Dario, Oronte, Arpago, Apollo) 02:23
10 Act II Scene 6: Non mi lusinga vana speranza (Oronte) 05:32
11 Act II Scene 7: Recitative: E la seder io deggio? (Statira, Niceno) 01:07
12 Act II Scene 8: Recitative: Signora, Arpago io son, quello son'io (Arpago, Statira, Niceno) 01:08
13 Act II Scene 8: Mi va scherzando in sen (Arpago) 02:58
14 Act II Scene 9: Recitative: La principessa ho a fronte (Oronte, Statira, Niceno) 01:44
15 Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Si, ma il nodo e ingiusto (Alinda, Oronte, Niceno, Statira) 00:16
16 Act II Scene 10: Serena il tetro nubilo (Statira) 03:24
17 Act II Scene 11: Recitative: Ferma mio ben, Statira (Oronte, Alinda) 00:58
18 Act II Scene 11: Aria: Se fui contento della tua fede (Oronte) 03:02
19 Act II Scene 12: Recitative: E ancor amo l'ingrato? (Alinda) 00:58
20 Act II Scene 12: Io son quell'augelletto (Alinda) 03:56
21 Act II Scene 13: Dario amato, e dove sei? - Scene 15: Recitative: Dario, signora (Argene, Flora, Dario) 01:44
22 Act II Scene 16: Recitative: Dario sappi che amor gia co' tuoi - Scene 17: Recitative: Argene? (Argene, Dario, Statira, Niceno) 04:04
23 Act II Scene 17: Sara tua la bella sposa (Argene) 02:44
24 Act II Scene 18: Recitative: Dai primi albori al tramonto del sole (Statira, Dario) 00:44
25 Act II Scene 18: Se palpitarti in sen (Statira) 04:00
26 Act II Scene 19: Recitative: E cosi mi lusinghi e mi schernisci? (Dario, Niceno) 00:57
27 Act II Scene 19: Non lusinghi il core amante (Niceno) 04:01
28 Act II Scene 20: Recitative: No, no, chi mi rapisce (Dario) 00:42
29 Act II Scene 20: Col furor ch'in petto io serbo (Dario) 02:26

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1 Act III Scene 1: Col fulgor di sacro alloro (Oronte, Arpago) 00:51
2 Act III Scene 1: Recitative: Ma che miro? (Oronte, Arpago, Statira) 01:56
3 Act III Scene 1: V'ubbidisco amate stelle (Arpago) 03:19
4 Act III Scene 2: Recitative: Cauti eseguite! (Argene, Niceno, Flora, Statira) 01:24
5 Act III Scene 2: Sentiro fra ramo e ramo (Statira) 05:23
6 Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Ben eseguito e il tuo voler? - Scene 4: Recitative: Pure alfi n s'e partita (Flora, Argene, Dario) 02:20
7 Act III Scene 5: Recitative: Lasciami! - Se pensi ch'io baciar (Oronte, Alinda, Argene) 02:33
8 Act III Scene 6: Recitative: Intendesti? (Alinda, Oronte) 01:42
9 Act III Scene 6: Amorosa la mia speme (Alinda) 02:43
10 Act III Scene 7: Recitative: Misera, e non s'avvede (Oronte) 00:36
11 Act III Scene 7: Crudelta che m'e pietosa (Oronte) 02:44
12 Act III Scene 8: Recitative: Son stanca - Scene 9 Recitative: Tu piu non sei reina il gran Niceno (Statira, Flora, Niceno, Dario) 03:05
13 Act III Scene 10: Recitative: Trovai Flora colanella boscaglia (Dario, Statira) 00:32
14 Act III Scene 10: Pur t'abbraccio, pur t'annodo (Dario, Statira) 02:25
15 Act III Scene 11: Recitative: Sola o popoli io resto, e la maggiore (Argene) - Scene 12: Recitative: Vergine altera (Argene, Alinda) 01:08
16 Act III Scene 12: A me ceppi? A me catene? (Alinda) 03:51
17 Act III Scene 13: Recitative: E quai moti improvvisi? - Scena 14: Recitative: Salva o Persi e Statira (Dario, Argene, Oronte, Arpago, Alinda, Statira) 02:36
18 Act III Scene 14: Ferri, ceppi, sangue, morte (Argene) 01:58
19 Act III Final Scene: Recitative: Meritato castigo (Arpago, Oronte, Dario, Alinda, Statira) 01:43
20 Act III Final Scene: Rinforzi la gioia (Chorus) 00:52
 Anders J. Dahlin Soloist
  Sara Mingardo Soloist
  Ottavio Dantone Conductor

’L’incoronazione di Dario’, composed in 1717, is the Vivaldi Edition’s 16th opera and its 53rd release. It marks the halfway point in a bold enterprise launched by Naive in 2000: the recording of the 450 works in Vivaldi’s personal library. In the footsteps of the Mozart and Bach revivals 30 years ago, this is the most ambitious recording project of the century.

’L’incoronazione di Dario’ must be considered one of Vivaldi’s most successful operas. Immediately opening with exceptional arias, it moves at a rapid pace, holding the listener’s attention throughout. Recitatives are interspersed with arioso interludes and there no less than eight ’big’ numbers sure to join the ranks of ’Vivaldi’s best opera arias’. The excellent cast acts out this drama with conviction: Anders Dahlin’s sings Dario, with impeccable intonation and stunning coloratura passages; Sara Mingardo, as Statira, brings great depth and beauty, most especially in her Act 2 solo Cantata accompanied only by viola da gamba. Delphine Galou sings with an impressive natural ability and passion and two of her arias in particular are sure to remain benchmarks: ’D’un bel viso’ and ’Ferri, ceppi, sangue, morte’; Roberta Mameli, Riccardo Novaro, Sophia Soloviy and Lucia Cirillo are all excellent and each of them has at least one star aria.

Ottavio Dantone’s conducting is marked by his ability to bring out the many subtilties in this music and by his profound understanding of recitativos which he is able to bring fully to life as theatre.

Live recording, a co-production with Deutschland Radio

 "... Dantone directs his stalwart period-instrument group with sensitivity and propulsiveness, allowing the singers opportunities for da capo embellishment ..."

John Barker - American Record Guide - November/December 2014

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