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NA 0490
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

TCHAIKOVSKY: Sleeping Beauty (The) (Complete Ballet)

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra, Kosice

Andrew Mogrelia

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Total Time - 173:20
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The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66

1 Introduction 3:20
2 Le Prologue: Marche - Entree du Roi Florestan et sa cour (Entrance of King Florestan and Court) 5:23
3 Scene dansante - Entree des fees bonnes (Entrance of the Good Fairies) 4:48
4 Pas de six: Introduction 0:53
5 Pas de six: Adagio 4:47
6 Candide (Variation I) 1:15
7 Coulante, Fleur de Farine (Variation II) 0:33
8 Fee aux Miettes (Variation III) 1:13
9 Canari qui chante (Variation IV) 0:36
10 Violente (Variation V) 1:02
11 Fee des Lilas (Variation VI) 1:20
12 Coda 1:53
13 Finale: Carabosse et la Fee des Lilas (Carabosse and the Lilac Fairy) 9:24
14 ACT I. The Spell: Scene - Le jardin du palais du roi (The Garden of the King's Palace) 8:00
15 Valse 4:44
16 Scene - Les quatre princes (The Four Princes) 1:56
17 Pas d'action: (a) Adagio (Rose Adagio) 6:36
18 (b) Danse des Demoiselles d'honneur (Maids of Honour) 1:31
19 (c) Danse des Pages (Pages) 0:30
20 (d) Variation d'Aurore 4:21
21 (e) Coda 2:42
22 Finale 7:57

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  CD Two  
1 ACT II. The Vision and the Sleeping Beauty Awakened: Entr'acte et Scene 3:02
2 Colin-maillard (Blind Man's Buff) 1:46
3 (a) Scene 0:52
4 (b) Danse des Duchesses 1:03
5 (c) Danse des Baronnes 0:48
6 (d) Danse des Comtesses 0:51
7 (e) Danse des Marquises 0:51
8 Farandole, Scene et Danse 1:37
9 Scene - Desire et la Fee des Lilas (Desire and the Lilac Fairy) 5:35
10 Pas d'action: (a) Desire et Aurore 5:36
11 (b) Variation d'Aurore 1:40
12 (c) Coda 1:34
13 Scene 0:48
14 Panorama 3:43
15 Entr'acte 6:32
16 Entr'acte symphonique (Le Sommeil) et Scene - The Sleep 8:00
17 Finale 2:28

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  CD Three  
1 ACT III. The Wedding: Marche - Festive Procession 3:32
2 Polacca - Cortege des Contes de Fees (The Good Fairies) 4:22
3 Pas de quatre: Introduction 1:57
4 La Fee-Or (Variation I) 1:10
5 La Fee-Argent (Variation II) 0:53
6 La Fee-Saphir (Variation III) 0:48
7 La Fee-Diamant (Variation IV) 0:49
8 Coda 0:49
9 Pas de caractere: Le chat botte et la chatte blanche (Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat) 2:11
10 Pas de quatre - Adagio 2:48
11 Cendrillon et le Prince Fortune (Variation I) (Cinderella and Prince Fortune) 1:01
12 L'Oiseau Bleu et la Princesse Florine (Variation II) (The Blue Bird and Princess Florine) 0:55
13 Coda 1:37
14 (a) Chaperon Rouge et le Loup (Little Red Riding-Hood and The Wolf) 1:31
15 (b) Cendrillon et le Prince Fortune (Cinderella and Prince Fortune) 3:07
16 Pas Berrichon: (a) Le Petit Poucet, ses freres et I'Ogre 1:06
17 (b) Coda 0:20
18 Pas de Deux: Aurore et Desire 0:11
19 (a) Entree 1:32
20 (b) Adagio 4:41
21 (c) Desire (Variation I) 1:01
22 (d) Aurore (Variation II) 2:16
23 (e) Coda 1:28
24 Sarabande 3:03
25 Finale 6:07
26 Apotheose 2:35
 Andrew Mogrelia

Tchaikovsky wrote the music for three full length ballets. The first of these, commissioned by the Imperial Theatres in Moscow, was Swan Lake, first staged at the Bolshoy Theatre in March 1877. The last of the three, Nutcracker, a work about which the composer had his usual doubts, was mounted at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg in December 1892. About the second of the ballet-scores commissioned there could be no doubts at all. The Sleeping Beauty, based on the Perrault fairy-tale La belle au bois dormant, had a libretto in which Marius Petipa had a hand, together with Ivan Vsevolozhsky, Director of the Russian Imperial Theatres. The score was written in 1888 and 1889 and staged at the Mariinsky Theatre in January 1890 at an alleged cost of 80,000 roubles. Choreography was by Petipa, who was largely responsible for the achievements of Russian ballet in the second half of the nineteenth century, with costumes by Vsevolozhsky and sets designed by a number of i artists. The Italian dancer Carlotta Brianza danced Aurore, with Pavel Gerdt as her prince. Cecchetti, second ballet-master and later ballet-master for Dyagilev’s company, danced Carabosse and the Blue Bird, and Petipa’s daughter Maria the Lilac Fairy. The Tsar, who attended the dress rehearsal, found the work very charming, damning it with faint praise and treating the composer with distant hauteur. The Sleeping Beauty, with its splendidly choreographed variations and superb music, was subsequently to be regarded as the greatest achievement of Russian ballet in the nineteenth century.

"Andrew Mogrelia conducts Tchaikovsky’s score with a fine combination of warmth, grave and vitality. Moreover, the Slovak State Philharmonic proves to be an excellent orchestra for this repertoire, with good wind-players and equally impressive string principals for the important violin and cello solos. The Naxos digital recording is full and brilliant without being overlit, and the acoustics of the House of Arts in Košice bring a spacious ambience, with vivid orchestra colours. First class value." ***
The Penguin Guide - January 2009

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