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NA 3391
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NA 3391

GRIEG: Norwegian Melodies Nos. 1 - 63

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Einar Steen-Nokleberg



Jorn Ole Pedersen

Record Label



Total Time - 64:51
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Norwegian Melodies

1 National Anthem (How We Love Our Fatherland) 1:49
2 National Song (How Glorious is the Land of My Birth) 0:54
3 Norway's Grandeur (There I Live on that High Mountain) 0:52
4 Aagot's Mountain Song (Sunset O'r the Mountain Top) 0:56
5 I See You from the Cliffs of Gluggjin (Folk Song) 0:53
6 Folk Dance from Vinje 0:23
7 Ingrid's Song (And the Fox Laid Under the Red Birch Tree) 1:02
8 Margrete's Lullaby (Now I Feel Uplifted) 1:16
9 Olav Trygvason (Over the North Sea, Broad Sails Blowing) 2:45
10 The Wedding Procession in Hardanger (A Breath of Sparkling Summer Air) 1:41
11 The Student's Song (A Journey for the Bold and Brave) 0:37
12 Student's Song (The Happy Wanderers) 0:44
13 Young Billy Goat (My Little Kid, My Little Lamb) 0:35
14 Norwegian Sailor's Song (All That a Nordic Sailor Should Be) 0:40
15 A National Song (Songs of Norway) 1:13
16 Song to the Flag (While the North Sea Swells and Rushes) 0:57
17 Onward! (Onward! Onward!) 1:16
18 Coastal Song from Bergen (I Rowed into Troubled Waters) 0:48
19 Dairy Maid's Sunday (Basking in the Sun) 1:39
20 Resting in the Peaceful Forest (In the Fir Tree Grove at Noon-Time) 1:30
21 Our Aastrid (And Have You Seen Our Aastrid) 1:00
22 Halling from Osterdalen (Folk Dance) 0:29
23 The Mountains of Norway (Norway's Fortress and Protection) 1:49
24 Evening Voices (Be Still, Soft Whispers) 1:45
25 In Rosenlund During Saga Times (Under the Spell of the Sagas in Rosenlund) 1:22
26 Row, Row, Row Your Boat, to the Fish-Filled Reefs (Child's Song) 0:35
27 There Was an Old Woman Who Had an Old Broom (Child's Song) 0:33
28 Open Air Ballad (Behold Norway's Flowering Valley) 0:29
29 Song of Norway (To Norway, Land of Giants) 0:59
30 Young Lad from Yonder Tisedal'n 0:33
31 A. Land of My Birth (Wherever in the World I Go) 0:49
32 B. Land of My Birth (Wherever in the World I Go) 0:43
33 The Hunter's Song (In the Heather Behind Us, a Trail of Smoke) 0:43
34 Iceland (Folk Melody), (Farthest North) 0:41
35 One Can Never Please Them (From: 'The Heirs') 1:14
36 I Know a Wee Lass (Ballad) 0:36
37 Halling from Aamot (Folk Dance) 0:40
38 A Norwegian Love Song (Beside the Deep, Dark Sea) 0:43
39 The Young Birch Tree (The Young Birch Standing by the Fjord) 1:57
40 Synnove's Song (Thanks for Everything) 1:10
41 The North Sea (How Beautiful the Sea) 1:55
42 The Blind Man, Magnus (Oh! If I Could See Just Once) 1:15
43 Mountain Settler (Mountain Settlers Watch the Seasons) 3:10
44 Purity or the Wagtail Bird (Folk Melody), (Little Brook Winding through the Meadow) 1:01
45 Sailor's Song (Hurrah for Jonas Anton Hjelm) 0:10
46 Springdands from Nummedal (Folk Dance) 0:32
47 Patriotic Song (I'll Defend My Country) 0:58
48 Three Exalted Words (When the Harp is Silenced at the Great, Broad Table) 0:41
49 Old Norway (There Lies the Country) 0:40
50 While Shepherding My Goats Last Year 0:29
51 Dalebu Jonson (Folk Song from Hitterdal), (Oh! Can You Hear, Beautiful Maiden) 0:52
52 Halling from Telemark (Folk Dance) 0:27
53 Are You Fond of Me 0:50
54 In the Mountains (Hei Ho! Where one Feels Hale and Hearty) 1:14
55 Sinclair's Song (Mr. Sinclair Set Out Across the Salty Sea) 0:53
56 Ole Glomstulen's Bridal Procession (Folk Song) 1:17
57 Sunset (Spreading it's Colors across the Heavens) 0:24
58 The Bear Hunter (How Brief a Life the Fir Tree Spans) 1:05
59 To the Fatherland (I Lift the Gold Cup Highest) 0:39
60 Lullaby (Child's Song from Valdres), (Rock a Bye Baby) 1:25
61 The Bachelor Proposing to the Maiden (Folk Song), (How I Should Love to Marry) 1:04
62 The Last Saturday Evening (Folk Song) 0:36
63 A Ballad to Holy King Olaf (Holy Olaf Standing by the Fjord) 0:32
64 The Norwegian Parliament (Norway's Solemn Hour Has Come) 1:22
 Einar Steen-Nokleberg piano
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