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NA 4664

SCHUBERT, F.: Lied Edition 5 - Die Schone Mullerin

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release date: November 2011


Christian Elsner


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Vocal & Song


Total Time - 63:33
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SCHUBERT, F.: Lied Edition 5 - Die Schone Mullerin



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Die schone Mullerin, Op. 25, D. 795

1 No. 1. Das Wandern 3:02
2 No. 2. Wohin? 2:37
3 No. 3. Halt! 1:41
4 No. 4. Danksagung an den Bach 2:26
5 No. 5. Am Feierabend 2:44
6 No. 6. Der Neugierige 3:56
7 No. 7. Ungelduld 2:57
8 No. 8. Morgengruss 4:01
9 No. 9. Des Mullers Blumen 3:27
10 No. 10. Tranenregen 4:02
11 No. 11. Mein! 2:41
12 No. 12. Pause 4:12
13 No. 13. Mit dem grunen Lautenbande 2:06
14 No. 14. Der Jager 1:25
15 No. 15. Eifersucht und Stolz 1:40
16 No. 16. Die liebe Farbe 4:06
17 No. 17. Die bose Farbe 2:08
18 No. 18. Trockne Blumen 3:32
19 No. 19. Der Muller und der Bach 3:49
20 No. 20. Des Baches Wiegenlied 7:01
 Christian Elsner Soloist

Schubert set the poetry of over 115 writers to music. He selected poems from classical Greece, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, from eighteenth-century German authors, early Romantics, Biedermeier poets, and Heine. The Deutsche Schubert-Lied-Edition presents all Schubert’s Lieder, over 700 songs, grouped according to the poets who inspired him. Thanks to the Neue Schubert-Ausgabe (New Schubert Edition), which uses primary sources, the performers have been able to benefit from the most recent research. For the first time, the listener and interested reader can hear worthwhile alternative settings, performable fragments and follow Schubert’s textual alterations in the booklet. The artistic directors of this project are the pianists Stefan Laux and Ulrich Eisenlohr, who have chosen the élite of today’s young German Lieder singers.

"In all, this is a solid and easily recommendable entry into the distinguished company of Schubert lieder performances, which, at budget price, becomes very attractive indeed."

David Vernier - - July 2000

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