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NA 5270
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NA 5270
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Preludes and Fugue for Solo Strings / Postludes / Fanfares (Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit)

LUTOSLAWSKI: Preludes and Fugue for Solo Strings / Postludes / Fanfares

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

Antoni Wit

Record Label



Total Time - 59:08
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LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Preludes and Fugue for Solo Strings / Postludes / Fanfares (Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit)



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3 Postludes

1 Postlude No. 1 3:59
2 Postlude No. 2 5:22
3 Postlude No. 3 7:22

Preludes and Fugue

4 Prelude 1 2:22
5 Prelude 2 1:37
6 Prelude 3 3:32
7 Prelude 4 2:28
8 Prelude 5 2:05
9 Prelude 6 2:24
10 Prelude 7 3:58
11 Fugue 16:58

Mini Overture


Fanfare for Louisville


Fanfare for CUBE


Prelude for GSMD


Fanfare for Lancaster

 Antoni Wit
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                     Performance:  ***                 Sound: ****
"A group of occasional pieces, one fascinating transitional work, and one of the masterpieces of Lutoslawski’s maturity make up the seventh installment of Naxos’s survey of his orchestral works. Lutoslawski often showed his gratitude for the honours with which he was showered towards the end of his life by writing a short instrumental work, such as the Prelude for GSMD, composed in 1989 when he was awarded a fellowship by the Guildhall School in London; every one of them is expertly crafted, a microcosm of his fastidious technique.
The Three Postludes bridge the gap between Lutoslawski’s folk-inflected works of the early Fifties and the music he wrote from the end of that decade onwards, which established his international reputation. They are strange, oddly rhetorical pieces, which never quite settle into a coherent style; there are backward glances, especially to the Concerto for Orchestra, as well as glimpses of the serial-influenced direction his music was starting to take. The masterpiece here, though, is the 1972 Preludes and Fugue for 13 strings, a wonderful example of Lutoslawski’s ability to create a totally original structure and invest it with music of power and lyricism. The performances throughout are much more than adequate, if lacking in the last degree of panache to make Lutoslawski’s music glitter as it should; anyone collecting this valuable series shouldn’t hesitate to acquire this disc."
Andrew Clements - BBC Music Magazine - February 2002

"An estimable series of discs from Naxos (at bargain price) documents the work of one of Poland’s most significant composers of the 20th century. These pieces, even the ’light’ ones, are never simple or simple minded, but their high esthetic goals (and the expertise and refinement of Lutoslawski’s manner) make for compelling listening. Exceptionally well performed, too."
Minnesota Public Radio

"This adventurous series has been one of the real treasures of Naxos’ offerings, with plushy recorded performances featuring Polish forces that are often a match for the full-priced-label competition."
Mark Swed - Los Angeles Times - September 2001

"Antoni Wit conducted the previous highly successful volumes in this series (as well as a notable series on Penderecki for Naxos)...Wit draws the listener in on the composer’s wry and disjointed world, like an enthusiastic guide tugging on your sleeve proclaiming, ’You have got to see this!’"
Peter Bates - Audiophile

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