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NA 5351
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NA 5351
Yashiro: Piano Concerto / Symphony

YASHIRO: Piano Concerto / Symphony

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2008

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2002


Takuo Yuasa

Hiromi Okada



Eleanor Thomason

Record Label



Total Time - 59:15
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Yashiro: Piano Concerto / Symphony



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Piano Concerto

1 Allegro animato 12:24
 Hiromi Okada piano
2 Adagio misterioso 7:28
 Hiromi Okada piano
3 Allegro - Andante - Vivace molto capriccioso 6:38
 Hiromi Okada piano


4 Prelude: Adagio - Moderato 7:24
5 Scherzo: Vivace 3:50
6 Lento 12:38
7 Adagio - Allegro energico 8:53
 Takuo Yuasa
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 "I can’t express what a pleasure it is to see Yashiro get the best possible treatment, as he does here. Pianist Hiromi Okada marries cut-glass precision to pyrotechnic dazzle, and the Ulster Orchestra under Takuo Yuasa plays with inspired abandon. (An Irish band doing Japanese music!Xamazing, isn’t it? Truly we live in uno mondo.) To top everything off there’s Naxos’s ultra-vivid, high-impact sound, with Okada’s piano captured in holographic immediacy and brilliance, the woodwinds wafting across the soundstage on plush cushions of air, the sonorous brass choirs intoning with bronze solemnity or snarling with bite, and those furious, thundering timpani pounding out of the speakers like maddened Cyclops. Fantastic music, wonderful playing, stunning sonics."

Mark Lehman - American Record Guide - August 2003

"Hiromi Otaka plays with cut-glass precision and glittering fire, the Ulstermen as if possessed, and Naxos’s recording (made in Belfast’s Ulster Hall, with the same producer that manned the label’s outstanding Sinfonia Antartica) is stunning: holographic in immediacy, tectonic force. This is my choice for most revelatory orchestral recording of 2003."

Mark Lehman - The Absolute Sound


 "These are legitimate 20th Century works given world-class performances by the Ulstermen. Takuo Yuasa is the principal guest conductor of the orchestra and his presence must have clarified the interpretive axis a good deal. Nimble playing by Hiromi Okada in the Concerto."

Sound and Vision Magazine - February 2003

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