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NA 5845

RODRIGO: Songs and Madrigals (Complete Orchestral Works, Vol. 10)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2011


Asturias Symphony Orchestra

Valdes, Maximiano

Raquel Lojendio



Auditorio Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 66:40
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RODRIGO: Songs and Madrigals (Complete Orchestral Works, Vol. 10)



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4 Madrigales amatorios

1 No. 1. Con que la lavare? (With what shall I bathe?) 2:10
2 No. 2. Vos me matasteis (You have slain me) 2:15
3 No. 3. De donde venis, amore? (Where have you been, my love?) 1:08
4 No. 4. De los alamos vengo, madre (I come from the poplars, Mother) 2:14

Cantos de amor y de guerra (Songs of Love and War)

5 No. 1. Paseabase el rey moro (The Moorish king passed by) 4:31
6 No. 2. A las armas moriscotes! (To arms, Moriscotes!) 1:48
7 No. 3. Ay, luna que reluces! (Oh, moon that shines!) 2:45
8 No. 4. Sobre Baza estaba el Rey (The king was nearing Baza) 3:20
9 No. 5. Pastorcico, tu que has vuelto (Shepherd boy, you have returned) 1:39

Triptic de Mossen Cinto (Triptych of Mossen Cinto)

10 I. L'harpa sagrada (The Sacred Harp) 4:08
11 II. Lo violi de Sant Francesc (The Violin of St Francis of Assisi) 3:16
12 III. Sant Francesc i la cigala (St Francis and the Cicada) 3:56

Romance del Comendador de Ocana (Ballad of the Knight Commander of Ocena)


4 Cancons en llengua catalana

14 No. 1. Canco del Teuladi (Song of the Sparrow) 3:56
15 No. 2. Canticel (Song) 2:14
16 No. 3. L'inquietut primaveral de la donzella (The Anxious Springtime of the Maiden) 2:27
17 No. 4. Brollador gentil (Gentle Fountain) 2:21


18 I. Cantart' ei, Galicia (I sing to you, Galicia) 3:47
19 II. Por que? (Why?) 2:52
20 III. Adios rios, adios fontes (Farewell rivers, farewell mountains) 4:20
21 IV. Vamos bebendo! (Let us go drinking!) 1:43

Cantico de la esposa (Song of the Bride)

 Raquel Lojendio Soloist
 Valdes, Maximiano

Joaquín Rodrigo wrote more than two hundred compositions, creating a prolific variety of orchestral pieces, songs and instrumental music. Less well known, however, are various works for soprano and orchestra. This recording presents some of the finest examples of Rodrigo’ s songs, illustrating the wide range of Spanish poetry he set to music. The composer considered Cántico de la esposa (Song of the Bride) as his best vocal work. Here the melodic line recalls the glories of the Golden Age of 16th century Spanish song, while the imaginative orchestration locates the work specifically in the 20th century. Tríptic de Mossèn Cinto (Triptych of Mossèn Cinto) displays many of Rodrigo’s musical characteristics, including exquisite matching of word to note, swift but subtle changes of mood, and his love of the emotive power of the voice.


"Rodrigo wrote over 200 compositions, and here are some of his evocative best..." ***

Limelight Magazine - December 2007

"Few people regard Rodrigo as a one-work composer any longer, but he continues to be disproportionally represented by just a handful of works. It is safe to say that most people don’t know his orchestral songs at all. I was unaware that he had composed any until I saw this CD, which (by the way) is the tenth (!) in Naxos’s series of Rodrigo’s orchestral works. Take that, “one-work composer”! Soprano Raquel Lojendio is not Victoria de los Ángeles, of course, but she has some of that soprano’s winsome charm. The upper part of her voice is bright and somewhat reedy; the lower part is warm and womanly (not matronly!). It’s an interesting sound, and she is responsive to the texts, and to the different moods created by Rodrigo’s music. Valdés and the Asturias Symphony Orchestra take a similarly low-key but colorful and sensitive approach..."

Raymond Tuttle - Classical-Net - May 2008

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