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NA 7149
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NA 7149

PENDERECKI: St. Luke Passion

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Antoni Wit

Adam Kruszewski


Krzysztof Kolberger


Izabela Klosinska


Record Label



Total Time - 76:22
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St. Luke Passion

1 Part I: O Crux ave (Hymn 'Vexilla Regis prodeunt') 5:06
2 Part I: Et egressus (St. Luke) 1:49
3 Part I: Deus meus (Psalm 21) 3:52
4 Part I: Domine, quis habitabit (Psalms 14, 4 & 15) 4:28
5 Part I: Adhuc eo loquente (St. Luke) 2:08
6 Part I: Ierusalem (Lamentation of Jeremiah) 1:25
7 Part I: Ut quid, Domine (Psalm 9) 1:17
8 Part I: Comprehendentes autem eum (St. Luke) 1:57
9 Part I: Iudica me, Deus (Psalm 42) 1:10
10 Part I: Et viri, qui tenebant illum (St. Luke) 2:11
11 Part I: Ierusalem (Lamentation of Jeremiah) 1:22
12 Part I: Miserere mei, Deus (Psalm 55) 4:04
13 Part I: Et surgens omnis (St. Luke) 4:19
14 Part II: Et in pulverem (Psalm 21) 0:45
15 Part II: Et baiulans sibi crucem (St. Luke) 0:13
16 Part II: Popule meus (Improperia) 7:46
17 Part II: Ibi crucifixerunt eum (St. Luke) 1:47
18 Part II: Crux fidelis (Antiphons from 'Pange lingua') 5:00
19 Part II: Dividentes vero (St. Luke) 1:12
20 Part II: pulverem mortis (Psalm 21) 5:39
21 Part II: Et stabat populus (St. Luke) 1:31
22 Part II: Unus autem (St. Luke) 2:03
23 Part II: Stabant autem iuxta crucem (St. John) 1:01
24 Part II: Stabat Mater (Sequence) 7:38
25 Part II: Erat autem fere hora sexta (St. Luke, St. John) 1:26
26 Part II: Alla breve 1:05
27 Part II: In pulverem mortis... / In te, Domine, speravi (Psalm 30) 4:08
 Izabela Klosinska soprano
 Krzysztof Kolberger reader
 Adam Kruszewski baritone
 Antoni Wit
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