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NA 9007
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NA 9007

GROFE: Grand Canyon Suite / Mississippi Suite / Niagara Falls

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Stromberg, William

William Stromberg


Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 67:45
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GROFE: Grand Canyon Suite / Mississippi Suite / Niagara Falls



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Mississippi, "A Journey in Tones"

1 I Father of Waters 3:17
2 II Huckleberry Finn 2:22
3 III Old Creole Days 3:04
4 IV Mardi Gras 4:52

Grand Canyon Suite

5 I Sunrise 5:27
6 II The Painted Desert 5:21
7 III On the Trail 7:39
8 IV Sunset 5:10
9 V Cloudburst 8:22

Niagara Falls Suite

10 I Thunder of the Waters 3:35
11 II Devil's Hole Massacre 4:29
12 III Honeymooners 4:25
13 IV Power of Niagara 9:42
 William Stromberg Conductor
 Stromberg, William
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"...en découve avec ce CD une ’Mississippi Suite’ absolument craquante, éecrite en 1926, très espiègle ou délicieusement tendre parfois (Old Creole Days), et déroulant une écriture fraîche, inventive et merveilleusement jazzy par endroits."

"...we discover in this CD an absolutely delightful ’Mississippi Suite.’ Written in 1926, it is by turns mischievous or deliciously tender (Old Creole Days), and reveals a style that is fresh, inventive and, in places, marvellously jazzy."

Repertoire - April 2000

"William T. Stromberg, who has conducted many fine Marco Polo recordings of film music, leads the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in superb performances of these colorful scores. They may not eclipse earlier classic recordings but they are splendid in their own way. Recommended."

R.E.B. - Film Music Review - October 2002


"...a delightful slice of Americana."

David Hurwitz -

"Les intrépretations sont satisfaisantes, les divers chefs faisant preuve d’un enthousiasme admirable."
"The interpretations are satisfactory, the various conductors showing an admirable enthusiasm."

John Tyler Tuttle - Le Monde de la Musique - March 2000

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