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NA 9364
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NA 9364

CORIGLIANO: Red Violin Caprices (The) / Violin Sonata / THOMSON, V.: 5 Ladies / Portraits (Quint)

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2009


William Wolfram


Philippe Quint



Bonnie Silver

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Total Time - 64:45
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The Red Violin Caprices

1 Theme 1:35
2 Variation 1 0:45
3 Variation 2 2:10
4 Variation 3 1:21
5 Variation 4 2:34
6 Variation 5 1:08

Violin Sonata

7 I. Allegro 2:49
 William Wolfram piano
8 II. Andantino 7:11
 William Wolfram piano
9 III. Lento 4:59
 William Wolfram piano
10 IV. Allegro 8:09
 William Wolfram piano



3 Portraits (arr. S. Dushkin for violin and piano)

11 No. 1. Barcarolle, A Portrait of Georges Hugnet 1:53
 William Wolfram piano
12 No. 2. Tango Lullaby, A Portrait of Mlle. Alvarez de Toledo 2:17
 William Wolfram piano
13 No. 3. In a Bird Cage, A Portrait of Lise Deharme 2:02
 William Wolfram piano



5 Ladies

14 I. Cynthia Kemper, A Fanfare 1:08
 William Wolfram piano
15 II. Anne Miracle 1:12
 William Wolfram piano
16 III. Alice Toklas 3:03
 William Wolfram piano
17 IV. Yvonne de Casa Fuerte 1:43
 William Wolfram piano
18 V. Mary Reynolds 1:24
 William Wolfram piano

8 Portraits for Violin Alone

19 No. 3. Georges Hugnet, Poet and Man of Letters 1:33
20 No. 1. Senorita Juanita de Medina Accompanied by her Mother 2:12
21 No. 2. Madame Marthe-Marthine 2:09
22 No. 4. Miss Gertrude Stein as a Young Girl 1:47
23 No. 5. Cliquet-Pleyel in F 2:22
24 No. 6. Mrs. C[hester] W[hitin] L[asell] 1:46
25 No. 7. Sauguet, from Life 1:14
26 No. 8. Ruth Smallens 4:19
 Philippe Quint violin

John Corigliano has revisited his score for the 1997 film The Red Violin several times. In The Red Violin Caprices, content is allied to a technique making strenuous demands on the performer. The pensive Theme is identical in substance to that heard in the earlier Chaconne (Naxos 8.559306), and its five variations range in style from the Paganinian virtuosity of the first, to the restrained ‘folk’ tinge of the third. Corigliano’s Violin Sonata is among his earliest acknowledged works, its final Allegro enhanced by some scintillating instrumental interplay. Coming from a very different musical background, and representing a very different musical aesthetic, Virgil Thomson’s music displays a skilful assimilation of Gallic clarity and an American-derived nostalgia, with hymn tunes and traditional songs often being evident. “I just heard Philippe Quint’s new recording of my Red Violin Caprices and he was absolutely amazing.” – John Corigliano

"The Caprices (2002) consist of a slow, dreamy theme and five variations contrasting in tempo, mood, tonality, texture…In violinist Philippe Quint, Corigliano (b. 1938) has found another virtuoso who can toss off all these and more with ease and aplomb. Quint’s tone is gorgeous, even in the stratosphere ... Corigliano’s Violin and Piano Sonata (1963) shows the influence of Hindemith and Copland, but its pungent, syncopated rhythms and long, singing melodies have made it a repertory staple. Virgil Thomson’s Portraits ... are all tonal and pleasant... The performers bring admirable commitment ... On this record, the playing’s the thing."
Edith Eisler - Strings Magazine - November 2008

"...All the playing on this recording is stunning,"

Fine - American Record Guide - September 2008

                         Editor’s Choice

"...Philippe Quint’s panache is stunning and this CD offers some of the most attractive music for solo violin in the entire repertoire."
Peter Dickinson - Gramophone magazine - September 2008

 "...The performance of each work is solid and interesting. Each short work is given its full attention and due. So while the individual “portraits” vary in style and substance, sometimes being chamber works and other times being solo violin, sometimes being atonal and other times seeming very nearly Classical in style, each performance is exquisite. For any lover of Corigliano or the solo violin this disc is a real find. None of these pieces are often recorded, and all of them are outstanding, both from a compositional and performance standpoint."

Patrick Gary - - September 2008

 "...Such fine performances of rarely heard works are what make the American Classics series indispensable. Indeed, this is one of the most consistently satisfying projects in the entire Naxos catalogue. And while this disc doesn’t qualify as mould-breaking or profound, it’s well worth hearing."

Dan Morgan - - July 2008

"John Corigliano, The Red Violin Caprices and Violin Sonata and Virgil Thomson, Three Portraits, Five Ladies and Eight Portraits performed by violinist Philippe Quint and pianist William Wolfram (Naxos). A spectacular and brilliantly programmed disc by a spectacular 34-year-old violinist most recently renowned for being one of the platoon of string virtuosos to leave his Stradivarius in the back of a taxi. Corigliano’s music?the fiendishly difficult and extravagant neo-Paganini solo caprices from his Oscar-winning soundtrack music for “The Red Violin” and the 1963 violin-piano sonata?couldn’t be more different from Virgil Thomson’s. Corigliano is the sort of living neo-Romantic one would expect a violinist in his mid-30s to be passionate about. Altogether different is the aphoristic, witty, suave, nostalgic and charming violin music of Virgil Thomson, who always said that he had to go to Paris to write music about Kansas City. What here unites the two disparate?but enormously appealing composers?is the tremendous young violinist taking up the music’s cause. To put it mildly, modern and especially living composers (Corigliano is 70 and very much with us) can seldom count on performances as remarkable as this."    ***½
J S - The Buffalo News - May 2008

 "Violinist Philippe Quint and pianist William Wolfram deliver stunning performances track after track. Quint’s “take-no-prisoners” approach to the violin is refreshing and energizing. The Red Violin Caprices, which are filled with astoundingly difficult demands, are tossed off with incredible accuracy and ferocity. Quint is equally capable of warmth and suppleness, making him a delightfully well-rounded performer. Although Wolfram’s role on this particular album is somewhat minimal, his accompaniments are considerate and well balanced, yielding satisfying chamber music performances throughout."

Mike D Brownell - - June 2008

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