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NA 9727
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NA 9727

CAGE, J.: Works for 2 Keyboards, Vol. 2 (Pestova, Meyer)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 88.2Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


Xenia Pestova


Pascal Meyer



Espace Decouverte, Philharmonie Luxembourg


Record Label




Total Time - 52:27
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CAGE, J.: Works for 2 Keyboards, Vol. 2 (Pestova, Meyer)

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Music for Two


3 Dances

2 No. 1. — 06:18
3 No. 2. — 06:34
4 No. 3. — 10:10
 Xenia Pestova Soloist
  Pascal Meyer Soloist

 John Cage’s practicality transformed the piano into a full percussion orchestra and a workbench for sonic experiment. Three Dances is one of his most ambitious works for prepared piano, often involving spectacular virtuosity and exciting wildness of texture and color reminiscent of Balinese gamelan. Striking the balance which shows Cage’s mastery of form and sensitivity in instrumentation, Music for Two includes bowed piano techniques to create shifting tapestries of subtle expression, making for some of the most exquisite and moving chamber music of the late 20th century. This is the second of a three volume series, Volume 1 of which can be found on NA 9726.


 "...While the Three Dances are dense and incessant, Music for Two is spare, filled with long silences and solitary notes. As such, it is a less immediately striking work than Three Dances, but it eventually rewards one’s attention, and these performers have mastered both its spirit and its flesh. Like the previous disc, this is a success on all levels, and it can be recommended to those who care about this music, or who think that they might."

Raymond Tuttle - Fanfare - September/October 2014

                        Critics Choice

"...Pestova and Meyer play the [Three Dances] with great verve and tonal beauty, emphasizing the wide tonal variety..."
Rob Haskins - American Record Guide - September/October 2014

"Nearly all of John Cage’s music…has always been a set of niche curiosities. In fact, virtually all of Cage’s music ... is... seen as the product of a highly creative and iconoclastic personality... The Music for Two is the more abstract and static of the two works present. It moves very slowly and in hard to anticipate fashion. There are plenty of moments of silence and the chords are at times punctuated utterances and at other times are drawn out through pedals and through bowed interior ...Three Dances... is a whole different matter. There is ample forward momentum here and ...the sound is like a Gamelan ensemble. I have always thought these works are among Cage’s most interesting and most thought provoking. Whether John Cage will be remembered in the history of Western art as a composer or as a theorist/philosopher or neither is quite a separate discussion. I think this particular disc will definitely appeal to those already aware of his music; these pieces in particular may appeal to a wider collective... Pestova and Meyer are strong players with a clear affinity for modern music."  ***

Daniel Coombs - - August 2014

                            Pizzicato Supersonic

"...There is a big difference between John Cage’s experimental Music for Two and the rhythmically demanding Three Dances. In both works, the Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo excels in transforming themselves in highly talented string players, percussionists and sometimes even pianists..."
Norbert Fischer - Pizzicato magazine - August 2014

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