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NE 0256
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NE 0256
HOFFER, W.A.A.: Baroque Lute Music (La belle Indifferente) (Ducker)

HOFFER, W.A.A.: Baroque Lute Music (La belle Indifferente) (Ducker)

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release date: May 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Michael Ducker



Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal, Germany


Record Label
New Classical




Total Time - 58:14
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HOFFER, W.A.A.: Baroque Lute Music (La belle Indifferente) (Ducker)

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Lute Suite in D major

1 I. Prelude 0:51
2 II. Entree allegro, e spirituoso 3:35
3 III. Cappriccio 4:43
4 IV. Coquette 2:30
5 V. Cappriccio 4:20

La belle indifferente

6 I. Entree 3:05
7 II. Allemande 2:46
8 III. Courante 2:13
9 IV. Gavotte 1:57
10 V. Menuet - Trio - Menuet 2:55
11 VI. Gigue en rondeau 1:51

Lute Suite in D minor

12 I. Prelude 0:52
13 II. Affectuoso 2:56
14 III. Arlechinada allegro 3:12
15 IV. Menuet - Trio - Menuet 4:04

La querelle d'amour

16 I. Entree 2:20
17 II. Courante 2:20
18 III. Siciliana 3:31
19 IV. La coquette 2:03
20 V. Menuet - Trio - Menuet 3:57
21 VI. Gigue 2:13
 Michael Ducker Soloist

Wolfgang Adam Anton Hoffer is a figure shrouded in mystery and subject of much speculation, and though comparatively little is known of his activities, his lute compositions can certainly be regarded among the most outstanding of the 18th century. Viennese by birth, he left this remarkable musical centre to take up a position at the Court of the Electoral Prince lutenist in Mainz as valet. Just why Hoffer let himself be enticed away from Vienna to Mainz is not known. In Vienna he was tutor to a princess (perhaps even to Maria Theresa), and so it follows Kriegskonzipist at the Royal and Imperial Court that he had a respected postion with an assured income.

While the cultivation of music at Mainz during the first half of the 18th century had advanced somewhat and could be compared with other courts such as Mannheim, Mainz was still considered a long way behind Vienna. The reason for this move may have lain simply in an appointment worth 400 guilders, including residence at the chancellery and the title of valet. With Hoffer’s arrival at Mainz the long-standing predominance of trumpeters at the court was broken and he succeeded in establishing acceptance of a small orchestra. Hoffer’s compositions are distinguished by a personal style. Other famous composers, such as Ernst Gottlieb Baron prided themselves on his friendship, and so Silvius Leopold Weiss may well have known his compositions. For those who enjoy lending to ear to nachzulauschen "the indifferent beauty," this recording is to be recommended. 

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