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NI 6161
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NI 6161

Richard Blackford - Not In Our Time

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2012

Originally recorded in 2011


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Gavin Carr

Stephen Gadd


Paul Nilon


Bournemouth Symphony Youth Chorus

Bournemouth Symphony Chorus


Lighthouse, Poole

18 & 19 Sept 2011


Andrew Walton


Mike Clements

Record Label


Vocal & Song

Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 54:05
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  Not In Our Time  



Part I Inferno

1 Prelude 2:31
2 George W. Bush (New York, September 16th, 2001) 2:36
3 Adam Gadahn and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Al Jazeera 2001) 2:21
4 Poem: 'Not In Our Time' by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) 1:30

Part II The First Crusade

5 Pope Urban II (Clermont 1095 AD) 2:48
6 Hymn: Vexilla Regis 4:15
7 Abul-Muzzafar Al-Abyurdi (1099 AD) 4:05

Part III The Fall Of Jerusalem

8 Fulcher of Charters (12th century chornicler) 2:44
9 Hymn: Lucis Largitor Splendide 4:47

Part IV The Falling Man

10 Tom Junod (New York, 2003) 6:12

Part V Aftermath

11 Chorus: 'How Long, O Lord?' (Book of Habbakuk: the Bible) 3:20
12 Poem fragment, 'I do not know' 3:40
  (Anon, poet of Ma'arra 1098 AD)  

Part VI God's Will

13 Mohammed Ben Zeky 5:56
  following Saladdin's re-capture of Jerusalem in 1187 AD)  
14 Barack Hussain Obama (Cairo University 2009) 7:20

Not In Our Time’ - a centenary commission for the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus - was premiered at this year’s Cheltenham Festival on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and explores the concept of religion as a pretext for war with 21st century texts juxtaposed with those of the First Crusade, 1000 years before. In this exclusive audio podcast for the Independent Richard Blackford talks to Edward Seckerson about his journey, his resistance of the musical radicalism of the Darmstadt school, and his quest for an inclusive musical language that both entertains and raises awareness

"Gavin Carr draws sumptuously rich playing from his Bournemouth players, with the full tutti thrillingly underpinned by Christopher Dowie’s organ-playing."

Malcolm Riley - Gramophone magazine - May 2012

"...It’s a glorious choral work following in the great tradition of British choral writing with a wide, descriptive dynamc range; terrifying declamations are relieved by though-provoking passages... Blackord demands much of his performers but such is the writing that the response is exhilarating."

Shirey Ratcliffe - Choir & Organ magazine - March/April 2012

                         Performance ****      Recording *****

Terry Blain - BBC Music magazine - March 2012

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