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NI 6174
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NI 6174

Haydn - à l'anglaise

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2012

Originally recorded in 2011


Jenny Thomas

flute (c)

Ian Gammie

guitar (d)

Emma Kirkby

soprano (a)

Alastair Ross

square piano (e)

Rogers Covey-Crump

tenor (b)

Cafe Mozart


Rycote Chapel nr Thame, Oxfordshire

7-9 Jun 2011


Derek McCulloch


Anthony Philpot

Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 62:29
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à l'anglaise

1 Ballad (Duet): The fleeting Hours (a,b,e) 1:14
2 Ballad: Morning (a,b,c,d,e) 2:05
3 Song: Love in Return (a,d) 3:20
4 Canzonetta: Sailor's Song (b,e) 2:32
5 Rondo [Haigh] (e) 4:20
6 Song: Too late, Mother (a,d) 2:38
7 Song: An old Story (b,c,d) 2:39
8 Song: Contentment (a,c,d) 2:12
9 Song: The manly Heart (b,c,d,e) 4:03
10 Ballad: Youth and Beauty (a,b,c,d,e) 2:57
11 Song: The Comforts of Inconstancy (b,d) 2:43
12 Variations [Haigh] (e) 3:33
13 Ballad: Werter's Sonnet (b,c,e) 2:25
14 Song: The Knotting Song (a,b,c,d,e) 5:11
15 Ballad: Peace and Content (a,b,c,d,e) 1:49
16 Canzonetta: My Mother bids me bind my Hair (a,e) 3:05
17 Rondo [Haigh] (e) 5:22
18 Song: Molly Carr (b,d) 3:55
19 Ballad: Evening (a,b,c,d,e) 2:57
20 Song: Life is a Dream (b,e,a,d) 3:29

In 1781 Haydn published his first collection of songs: XII Lieder für das Clavier…1ster Theil. The respected composer William Shield “adapted” these to English words under the title: Twelve Ballads, Composed by the celebrated Haydn of Vienna, the original accompaniments “for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte” remaining virtually unchanged. This English edition appeared in 1786. Caf€ Mozart was founded by Derek McCulloch in 1985 to explore the repertoire of the late 18th century for performances with period instruments. The group performs up and down UK in venues of all shapes and sizes, and also in Austria and Germany.

The main focus of Café Mozart’s work is that of “Haydn in England” and his association with other English composers in the 1790s. CDs include Goethe & the Guitar, with an award from the British Academy, Hail Windsor, Crown’d with lofty Towers: music written in or for the royal town of Windsor in the 18th century, and Haydn & The Earl of Abingdon for Naxos. Engagements have included a concert tour of Haydn’s Burgenland in Austria and the International Early Music Festival in the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

"... Performances of simple, domestic music by professional musicians can fall prey to over-interpretation, but these musicians manage to avoid this problem, all the while sounding highly-polished:text delivery is sensitive and expressive but never overdone..."

Frauke Jürgensen - The Consort (The Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation) - Summer 2013

"...this is a pleasant, if undemanding, recital and well worth a quiet summer Sunday afternoon’s listening. Aspiring Leider singers should listen to it for Kikby’s and Covey-Crump’s demonstration of period style performance and ornamentation."

Christopher Price - International Record Review - April 2012

"...An interesting picture of domestic music in London in Haydn’s time, despite some modern ’corrections’.

Johan van Veen - - March 2012

"A disc I will return to often for sheer pleasure in its innocent music-making."

John Sheppard - March 2012

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