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NI 6213
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NI 6213

French Organ Music, Volume 1

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2013

Originally recorded in 2012


David Ponsford



Raymond Fenton

Record Label



Total Time - 63:23
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Mess propre pour les couvents de religieux, et religieuses (1690)

1 Plein jeu: Premier Couplet du Kyrie 1:27
2 Fugue sur la Trompette; 2e Couplet du Kyrie 1:47
3 Recit de Chromhorne 2:53
4 Trio a 2 dessus de Chromhorne et la basse de Tierce: 4e Couplet du Kyrie 1:38
5 Dialogue sur la trompette du grand Clavier, et sur la montre, le bourdon et le nazard du positif: 5e et dernier Couplet du Kyrie 2:08
6 Plein jeu: Premier Couplet du Gloria 2:09
7 Pettite fugue sur le Chromhorne: 2e Couplet 0:47
8 Duo sur les Tierces: 3e Couplet 1:44
9 Basse de Trompette: 4e Couplet 2:20
10 Chromhorne sur la Taille: 5e Couplet 3:16
11 Dialogue sur la Voix humaine: 6e Couplet 2:13
12 Trio: Les Dessus sur la tierce et la basse sur la trompette: 7e Couplet 1:34
13 Recit de tierce: 8e Couplet 2:23
14 Dialogue sur les grands jeux: Dernier Couplet 1:38
15 OFFERTOIRE sure les grands jeux 5:26
16 Premier Couplet du Sanctus 0:59
17 Recit de Cornet: 2e Couplet 0:46
18 ELEVATION: Tierce en Taille 3:08
19 Agnus Dei 1:03
20 Dialogue sur les grands jeux: Dernier Couplet d'Agnus Dei 1:29
21 DEO GRATIS 1:03



1er Livre d'orgue contenant une suite du premier ton (1708)

22 Plein jeu 2:21
23 Fugue 2:14
24 Trio 2:43
25 Tierce en taille 3:24
26 Basse de Trompette 2:24
27 Recit 3:05
28 Duo 2:06
29 Grand Jeu 3:15

French organ music from the period of Louis XIV to the Revolution has always held fascination for performers and listeners alike. The kaleidoscope of colours, the rich and varied styles, and the sheer exuberance of the music never fail to captivate. Yet, performance practice of this music has never been fully understood. David Ponsford has spent much of his career studying this repertoire, resulting in his book French Organ Music in the Reign of Louis XIV (Cambridge University Press, 2011). The present series of recordings, including the music of Louis Couperin, André Raison, Jacques Boyvin, François Couperin, Nicolas de Grigny, Louis Marchand, Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, up to composers of the Revolution such as Balbastre, Beauvarlet Charpentier and Lesceux, is therefore the fruit of many years of research by a seasoned performer whose aim is to combine technical brilliance with intellectual understanding, to bring the music alive with authority and meaning.

"... The combination of instrument and the artist quicken high expectations. David Ponsford, much-respected on early keyboard music, has just published a definitive study on French baroque organ music, and brings to the repertoire a winning combination of flair and rigour. the instrument is well choosen: its sonorities are well modereated and authoritative, and Ponsford coaxes persuasive and unfrces readings from it. Phrasing and ornamentation are supple, and he gives the usic ample space to breathe without slackening the rhythmic spring ..." ****

Magnus Williamson - Choir & Organ magazine - November/December 2013

 "... if this first disc is indicative of what is to follow, we are all in for a real treat as well as something of an aural eye-opener."

Marc Rochester - International Record Review - April 2013

 "...Strongly recommended."

Andrew Benson-Wilson - Early Music magazine - April 2013

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