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NU 6028
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

GORDON, R.I.: Rappahannock County [Opera] (Walters, Sherman, Tuell, Moreno, Moore, Virginia Arts Festival Orchestra, Fisher)

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release date: June 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Virginia Arts Festival Orchestra


Rob Fisher


Mark Walters


Ricky Ian Gordon



Harrison Opera House, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


Scott Lehrer Sound Design, Ltd., New York, USA


Record Label




Total Time - 113:06
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GORDON, R.I.: Rappahannock County [Opera] (Walters, Sherman, Tuell, Moreno, Moore, Virginia Arts Festival Orchestra, Fisher)




Rappahannock County


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1 Part I: Trio: Sanctified by God (Rev. Zachariah Springer) - A Noble Institution (Mrs. Laticia Saunders) - States' Rights (Jefferson Adams) 8:32
2 Part I: Recitative: Farewell, Old Dominion (Clement Davis) 0:40
3 Part I: Mine (Two Nameless Slaves) 2:10
4 Part I: Farewell, Old Dominion (Clement Davis) 4:55
5 Part I: Victory at Manassas (Telegraph Operator, Newspaper Editor, Young Wife) 3:36
6 Interlude No. 1 0:29
7 Part II: Being Small (Reuben Lark) 3:03
8 Part II: Making Maps (Jed Hotchkiss) 4:18
9 Part II: I Seen Snow (Travis Bledsoe) 6:23
10 Part II: Rappahannock (Two Newly Freed Slaves) 3:08
11 Part III: I Listen (Violet Fitzsimmons) 5:10
12 Part III: Bound to Be (Joe Harris) 4:02
13 Part III: All I Ever Known (Lily Quinn) 3:31
14 Part III: The Good Death (John Smith) 4:13
15 Interlude No. 2 0:32
16 Part IV: In Their Eyes (Cornelia MacDonald) 5:07
17 Part IV: A Fine Solution (Silas MacDuffie) 4:03
18 Part IV: Hallie-Ann (Grace Beaufort) 4:48
19 Part IV: For Love of Country (Elias Leggett) 5:10
20 Part IV: I Walk Away (Joshua Barnes) 2:46

Select Complete Single Disc for
1 Interlude No. 3 0:36
2 Part V: This Was Our House (Susan Johnson and Family) 3:00
3 Part V: Jumping the Broom (Dorothea Henry, Jones Henry) 3:30
4 Part V: Finale: April Will Return Again/Rappahannock (All) 5:02
 Mark Walters Soloist
 Rob Fisher Conductor

Late Afternoon

5 I. Otherwise 2:52
6 II. Willi, Home 2:45
7 III. "X" 4:23
8 IV. Just Now 3:13
9 V. What the Living Do 6:03
10 VI. Let Evening Come 5:06
 Ricky Ian Gordon Soloist

Inspired by diaries, letters, and personal accounts from the 1860s, Rappahannock County is a music-theatre work which movingly and dramatically commemorates the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. The location of the Rappahannock River as a border between north and south is a metaphor for the region’s many conflicts. Performed by a cast of five singers who play over 30 rôles, the piece brings this dramatic historical period to life in songs which express the devastating impact of the Civil War on all of the people who endured it. Ricky Ian Gordon’s music has been described as ‘caviar for a world gorging on pizza’ (The New York Times), and Rappahannock County has been commended for its ‘effusiveness and accessibility’ by The Washington Post.

 "The acclaim accorded Rappahannock County by the 2,200 people who packed Norfolk’s Harrison Opera House for the premiere made clear that Gordon and Campbell had achieved their goal. The work, described by Gordon as “a series of snapshots of life and loss during the war,” makes no attempt at narrative unity, but focuses rather on intensely emotional moments in the lives of 30 individuals portrayed in Norfolk by five extremely talented young singers. Indeed, soprano Aundi Marie Moore, mezzo Faith Sherman, tenor Matthew Tuell and baritones Kevin Moreno and Mark Walters were an unusually well balanced group of singers who clearly had taken the message of this stellar new work to heart. For the texts Campbell created a language magnificently suited to their contents. It reflects the period and the events described with no attempt at dialect-like coloring. Wisely, the texts were projected as supertitles during the performance. The 17-pieces orchestra—Rob Fisher conducted Mr. Gordon’s and Bruce Couglin’s orchestration of the score—played behind a scrim, on which were projected telling visuals designed by Wendall Harrington. They included actual photographs along with landscapes and documents that contributed much to the easy flow of the score."

Wes Blomster - Opera Today

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