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NU 6303
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DONIZETTI, G.: Marino Faliero [Opera] (Surian, Stanisci, Magri, Grassi, Bergamo Musica Festival Orchestra and Chorus, Cinquegrani)

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release date: November 2011


Bergamo Musica Festival Orchestra

Cinquegrani, Bruno

Giorgio Surian


Bergamo Musica Festival Chorus


Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo, Italy

Record Label




Total Time - 144:21
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DONIZETTI, G.: Marino Faliero [Opera] (Surian, Stanisci, Magri, Grassi, Bergamo Musica Festival Orchestra and Chorus, Cinquegrani)




Marino Faliero


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1 Sinfonia 8:02
2 Act I: Introduzione: Issa, issa, issa, la! (Chorus of shipyard workers) 2:41
3 Act I: Zara, Zara, Zara infida! (Chorus of shipyard workers) 2:21
4 Act I: Oh, miei figli! e dolce il canto (Israele, Chorus of shipyard workers) 2:54
5 Act I: Alcun giunge… (Chorus of shipyard workers, Steno, Israele) 1:46
6 Act I: O patrizi scellerati (Israele, Chorus of shipyard workers) 2:26
7 Act I: Recitativo e Cavatina: No, no, d'abbandonarla senza un addio (Fernando) 2:51
8 Act I: Di mia patria o bel soggiorno (Fernando) 4:58
9 Act I: Recitativo: Ma giunge alcun? … (Fernando, Elena) 0:49
10 Act I: Duetto: Tu non sai, la nave e presta (Elena, Fernando) 7:19
11 Act I: Vivi! la mia memoria (Fernando, Elena) 3:36
12 Act I: Recitativo: E il doge! (Fernando, Elena, Faliero, Vincenzo, Israele) 4:03
13 Act I: Duetto: Se pur giungi a trucidarlo (Faliero, Israele) 5:04
14 Act I: Odio, sdegno, vi sento, v’ascolto (Faliero) 2:45
15 Act I: Che risolvi? (Faliero, Israele) 4:25
16 Act I: Recitativo: Le rose di Bisanzio (Leoni, Steno) 1:41
17 Act I: Scena e Coro: Calmati, Steno. Qui gioia ed oblio… – Recitativo: Siam soli. Attento veglia… (Leoni, Chorus of Knights and Ladies, Steno, Faliero, Israele) 3:43
18 Act I: Finale primo: O superbo Faliero! a chi t’inchini per ricercar vendetta? (Faliero, Elena, Fernando, Israele) 2:59
19 Act I: Invitato all’empia festa (Israele, Fernando, Faliero, Elena, Steno, Chorus of Knights and Ladies) 8:16
1 Act II: Coro e Barcarola: Siamo figli della notte (Chorus of gloomy echo) 1:48
2 Act II: Or che in ciel alta e la notte (Chorus of Gondoliers, A Gondolier, Israele, Strozzi) 2:41
3 Act II: Recitativo, Aria e Cabaletta: Notte d’orrore! … (Fernando) 2:14

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4 Act II: Io ti veggio; or vegli e tremi (Fernando) 4:32
5 Act II: Mi tornano presenti (Fernando) 2:27
6 Act II: Recitativo: Fini la festa di Leoni? – Finale secondo: Chi veggio? (Pietro, Israele, Strozzi, Beltrame, Chorus of Conspirators, Faliero) 1:24
7 Act II: Bello ardir di congiurati (Faliero, Chorus of Conspirators, Israele, Strozzi, Pietro) 4:33
8 Act II: Gente! ola, correte: un fugge… (Israele, Faliero, Chorus of Conspirators, Pietro, Strozzi, Beltrame, Fernando) 3:43
9 Act II: Notte atroce, notte orrenda (Faliero, Israele, Pietro, Strozzi, Beltrame, Chorus of Conspirators) 3:41
10 Act III: Coro: La notte inoltrasi piu tenebrosa (Chorus of Maids, Irene) 4:15
11 Act III: Recitativo: Coro, Ma gia si desta… (Irene, Elena, Chorus of Maids, Faliero, Leoni) 4:27
12 Act III: Aria, Scena e Cabaletta: Tutto or morte, oh Dio, m'invola (Elena) 2:29
13 Act III: Dio clemente, ah, mi perdona (Elena) 4:44
14 Act III: Fra due tombe, fra due spettri (Elena, Irene, Chorus of Maids) 3:41
15 Act III: Coro, Aria di Israele, Scena e Cabaletta: Il traditor Faliero gia in poter vostro sta (Leoni, Chorus of the Council of Ten, Chorus of Conspirators, Chorus of Judges) 2:50
16 Act III: Odo il suon di chi sprezza i perigli (Israele, Leoni, Chorus of Judges, Faliero, Chorus of Conspirators) 2:23
17 Act III: Siamo vili, e fummo prodi (Israele, Leoni, Chorus of Judges, Faliero, Marco, Arrigo, Giovanni) 4:14
18 Act III: Il palco e a noi trionfo (Israele, Marco, Arrigo, Giovanni, Faliero, Chorus of Judges) 2:47
19 Act III: Recitativo: Faliero, gia Doge di Venezia e conte di Valmarino (Leoni, Faliero) 1:13
20 Act III: Scena e Duetto, finale terzo: Faliero… Oh, di mie pene (Elena, Faliero) 2:27
21 Act III: Di vergogna avvampo ed ardo… (Elena, Faliero) 2:50
22 Act III: Santa voce al cuor mi suona (Faliero, Elena, Chorus of the Council of Ten, A Distant Voice, Chorus of Guards) 6:19
 Giorgio Surian Soloist
 Cinquegrani, Bruno

Donizetti’s fiftieth opera, Marino Faliero, was first performed in Paris on 12 March 1835 with a cast comprising four of the finest singers of the period before premièring in London a few weeks later. Although these premières were both overshadowed by Bellini’s I Puritani, Marino Faliero subsequently enjoyed a long and successful run of international performances throughout the 19th century before disappearing from the stage until its modern revival in 1966. Set in Venice in 1355, it remains a major work of Italian Romanticism, sentimental, martial, full of conspiratorial adventure and culminating with the execution of the leading rôle.

"This performance from the Bergamo Festival was based in the town where the composer was born and died... the ageing Doge the Croat bass Giorgio Surian is an excellent actor and…creates a viable character whose dignity is impressive... The conducting of Bruno Cinquegrani is well paced and the chorus vibrant and involved."

Robert J Farr - - November 2011

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