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NU 6333
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NU 6333
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

URSPRUCH, A.: Unmoglichste von Allem (Das) (Munich Pianopianissimo Musiktheater Ensemble, Bautzen Sorbian Nation Ensemble Orchestra, Yinon)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Bautzen Sorbian Nation Ensemble Orchestra


Israel Yinon


Rebecca Broberg


Robert Fendl


Munich Pianopianissimo Musiktheater Ensemble



KulturStadtLev Forum, Leverkusen, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 163:12
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URSPRUCH, A.: Unmoglichste von Allem (Das) (Munich Pianopianissimo Musiktheater Ensemble, Bautzen Sorbian Nation Ensemble Orchestra, Yinon)




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Das Unmoglichste von Allem

1 Prelude: Wohlan, Ihr Herren (Konigin, Roberto, Lisardo, Feniso, Ensemble) 12:14
2 Act I Scene 1: Ihr habt Euch in den Kopf gesetzt (Fulgencio, Celia, Roberto) 07:39
3 Act I Scene 2: O lass' mich weinen (Diana, Celia) 05:41
4 Act I Scene 3: Nun! Die Jungfer ganz allein? (Fulgencio, Celia) 07:03
5 Act I Scene 4: Wer in alle Welt je hatte (Diana, Celia) 02:51
6 Act I Scene 5: Fraulein, ein franzos'cher Kaufmann wartet (Diana, Celia, Catarina, Ramon, Fulgencio) 07:08
7 Act I Scene 6: Ein schmucker Mensch (Diana, Celia) 01:12
8 Act I Scene 7: Rasch! Die Kon'gen (Fulgencio, Catarina, Pedrillo, Diana, Celia) 03:55
9 Act I Scene 8: Welche Schmach muss ich erleben! (Roberto, Fulgencio, Diana, Celia, Ramon) 15:01

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1 Act II Scene 1: So scheinen Euch des Gluckes heit're Sterne (Lisardo, Konigin, Ramon, Albano) 08:46
2 Act II Scene 2: Stets bewahr' Euch Gottes Huld! (Konigin, Roberto, Feniso) 02:54
3 Act II Scene 3: Ihr wisst, Lisard (Konigin, Lisardo, Ramon, Roberto, Feniso) 04:27
4 Act II Scene 4: Verflucht Soldatenvolk! (Fulgencio, Roberto, Celia) 01:33
5 Act II Scene 5: Lasset, Herr (Ramon, Roberto, Diana, Celia) 03:43
6 Act II Scene 6: Zeigt doch! (Diana, Celia, Ramon) 02:21
7 Act II Scene 7: Weche Last! (Fulgencio, Albano, Lisardo, Ramon, Catarina, Pedrillo) 02:19
8 Act II Scene 8: Frohe Zeitung bring' ich heute (Roberto, Diana, Catarina, Pedrillo, Fulgencio) 03:35
9 Act II Scene 9: Wurdig Euch zu grussen (Feniso, Diana, Roberto) 02:57
10 Act II Scene 10: Horch! Schon tonen ihre Saiten! (Diana, Roberto, Feniso, Tafelsanger) 07:52
11 Act II Scene 11: Hallen, Lauben, nachtumdustert (Diana, Lisardo) 10:33
12 Act II Scene 12: An der Tur wacht ohn' Bewegung! (Fulgencio, Pedrillo, Catarina, Celia) 01:43
13 Act II Scene 13: Offnet augenblicks die Tur! (Lisardo, Catarina, Pedrillo, Celia, Fulgencio) 01:15
14 Act II Scene 14: Was geht hier vor? (Roberto, Catarina, Pedrillo, Celia, Fulgencio, Diana, Ramon) 09:19

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1 Act III Scene 1: Wie drang in's Haus er nur so dreist? (Pedrillo, Catarina) 01:33
2 Act III Scene 2: Sinkt Ihr nieder (Diana, Fulgencio) 04:19
3 Act III Scene 3: Senke, Nacht, nun dichte Schleier (Lisardo, Fulgencio, Diana, Celia) 01:36
4 Act III Scene 4: Hulfe! (Ramon, Fulgencio, Pedrillo, Catarina, Diana, Celia) 08:40
5 Act III Scene 5: Sieh' nur dort, im Mondenscheine (Albano, Lisardo, Diana, Celia) 02:58
6 Act III Scene 6: Grosser Gott! (Roberto, Feniso, Albano, Lisardo, Diana, Celia) 04:27
7 Act III Scene 7: So seh' ich freudig All' um mich versammelt (Konigin, Roberto, Ensemble) 04:20
8 Act III Scene 8: Weg! Weg! Weg von der Tur (Fulgencio, Konigin, Roberto, Ramon, Lisardo, Ensemble) 04:13
9 Act III Scene 9: Der Friedenssonne gleich! (Konigin, Diana, Lisardo, Roberto, Ramon, Celia, Feniso, Ensemble) 05:05
 Rebecca Broberg Soloist
 Robert Fendl Soloist
 Israel Yinon Conductor

 One of very few currently available recordings of music by Liszt’s favourite pupil, Anton Urspruch, who saw himself as a ‘progressive modernist’. The comic opera Das Unmöglichste von Allem is constructed on a symphonic scale with a series of amusing plot lines powered by tuneful and inventive writing.

                                   **** Excellent disc      *** Good Sound

Dominique Joucken - Classica magazine (France) - March 2014

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