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NU 6338
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

DAVID, F.: Lalla Roukh [Opéra-comique] (Fiset, Gonzalez Toro, Paulin, Deletré, Newman, Adelsberger, Opera Lafayette, R. Brown)

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release date: April 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


Opera Lafayette Orchestra


Ryan Brown


Bernard Deletre


Marianne Fiset


Opera Lafayette Chorus



Dekelboum Hall, Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA


Record Label




Total Time - 107:00
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DAVID, F.: Lalla Roukh [Opéra-comique] (Fiset, Gonzalez Toro, Paulin, Deletré, Newman, Adelsberger, Opera Lafayette, R. Brown)




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Lalla Roukh

1 Ouverture 09:15
2 Act I Scenes 1-3: Scene et Choeur: C'est ici le pays des roses (Chorus, Bakbara, Kaboul, Noureddin, Baskir) 08:22
3 Act I Scene 5: Melodie: Sous le feuillage sombre (Lalla Roukh) 03:41
4 Act I Scene 6: Couplets: De pres ou de loin (Baskir) 01:43
5 Act I Scene 7: Choeur: Voici le repas du soir (Chorus) 02:33
6 Act I Scene 7: Ballet: La nuit tombe (Chorus) 04:59
7 Act I Scene 7: Choeur danse: Bayaderes plus legeres (Chorus) 03:06
8 Act I Scene 8: Scene, Dieu, c'est lui! Quatuor, Je n'ose lever les yeux (Lalla Roukh, Baskir, Mirza, Noureddin, Chorus) 04:12
9 Act I Scene 8: Romance: Ma maitresse a quitte la tente, Scene, et Reprise du Choeur (Noureddin, Baskir, Lalla Roukh, Mirza, Chorus) 06:53
10 Act I Scene 10: Couplets: Si vous ne savez plus charmer (Mirza) 03:02
11 Act I Scene 12: Duo, La nuit en deployant ses ailes (Lalla Roukh, Noureddin) 06:37
12 Act I Scene 12: Ballade, Lorsque l'etoile du ciel sans voile, Duo (Noureddin, Lalla Roukh) 03:24
13 Act I Scene 13: Ronde de Nuit et Final du 1er Acte, La nuit au manteau sombre (Chorus, Bakbara, Kaboul, Baskir, Lalla Roukh, Mirza) 06:16

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1 Act II Scene 1: Entr'acte 02:40
2 Act II Scene 1: Recitatif: Enfin…Air, O nuit d'amour (Lalla Roukh) 07:14
3 Act II Scene 2: Duettino, Loin du bruit, loin du monde (Lalla Roukh, Mirza) 05:10
4 Act II Scene 4: Choeur: Ces joyaux, ces parures (Chorus, Lalla Roukh, Baskir, Mirza) 04:04
5 Act II Scene 6: Couplets: Ah! funeste ambassade (Baskir) 02:38
6 Act II Scene 8: Barcarolle et Ensemble: O! ma maitresse (Noureddin, Baskir, Bakbara, Kaboul, Mirza) 03:57
7 Act II Scene 9: Duo bouffe: Tout ira bien demain (Noureddin, Baskir) 04:49
8 Act II Scene 10: Romance: Fuyez, fuyez (Noureddin) 03:08
9 Act II Scene 10: Duo: Non, non, le ciel lui-meme (Lalla Roukh, Noureddin) 02:48
10 Act II Scene 12: Marche et Final: Gloire, honneur (Chorus, Baskir, Lalla Roukh, Mirza, Noureddin) 06:29
 Bernard Deletre Soloist
 Marianne Fiset Soloist
 Ryan Brown Conductor

 French opera owes much of its obsession with exoticism to the pivotal figure of Félicien David, a pioneer of ‘musical Orientalism’. His opera Lalla Roukh, first performed to huge acclaim in 1862, was the catalyst for the explosion in operas set in the ‘Exotic East’. The fairy-tale plot revolves around an Indian princess who travels to Bukhara (part of modern Uzbekistan) to meet the man to whom she is to be given in marriage. Along the way she falls in love with the minstrel Noureddin who is, in fact, the King of Bukhara in disguise. David’s evocative and magical orchestration is harnessed to memorable melodies, including Lalla Roukh’s deftly harmonised arias ‘Sous le feuillage sombre’ and ‘O nuit d’amour’.


" ...There is ballet aplenty, romantic airs to delight. It’s all quite charming."

Charles H Parsons - American Record Guide - November/December 2014

 "...the best of the music has great charm and, despite David’s reputation, is less self-consciously exotic than the orientalis of, say, Bizet or Massenet. Noureddin’s serenades, above all, make it a fine vehicle for a high lyric tenor, and are ravishingly sung by Emiliano Gonzalez Toro; Marianne Fiset is suprememly elegant in the title role."    ****

 Tim Ashley - The Guardian - 11 April 2014

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