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NU 6340
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

ROSSINI, G.: Semiramide [Opera] (Penda, Pizzolato, Regazzo, Osborn, Mastroni, Fogliani)

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Virtuosi Brunensis


Antonino Fogliani


Alexandrina Pendatchanska


Marianna Pizzolato


Poznan Camerata Bach Choir



Trinkhalle, Bad Wildbad, Germany


Record Label




Total Time - 221:44
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ROSSINI, G.: Semiramide [Opera] (Penda, Pizzolato, Regazzo, Osborn, Mastroni, Fogliani)




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1 Sinfonia 11:37
2 Act I Scene 1: Si… Gran Nume… t'intesi (Oroe) 2:33
3 Act I Scene 2: Belo si celebri (Chorus) 3:19
4 Act I Scene 2: La dal Gange (Idreno, Assur, Oroe, Chorus) 6:19
5 Act I Scene 3: Di plausi qual clamor (Chorus) 2:01
6 Act I Scene 3: Di tanti regi e popoli (Oroe, Idreno, Assur, Semiramide) 3:27
7 Act I Scene 3: Regina, all'ara (Assur, Semiramide, Idreno, Oroe, Chorus) 4:42
8 Act I Scene 3: Oh tu de' magi (Semiramide, Oroe, Idreno, Assur) - Scene 4: Gli Dei son giusti (Oroe) 3:50
9 Act I Scene 5: Eccomi alfine in Babilonia (Arsace) 5:13
10 Act I Scene 5: Ah! quel giorno (Arsace) 5:52
11 Act I Scene 5: Ministri, al gran Pontefice annunziate (Arsace) - Scene 6: Io t'attendeva (Oroe, Arsace) 4:34
12 Act I Scene 7: Bella immago degli Dei (Arsace, Assur) 3:29
13 Act I Scene 7: D'un tenero amore (Arsace, Assur) 2:45
14 Act I Scene 7: Io tremar? (Arsace, Assur) 4:26
15 Act I Scene 8: Oh me felice (Azema, Idreno) 1:54
16 Act I Scene 8: Ah dov'e, dov'e il cimento? (Idreno) 7:38

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1 Act I Scene 8: Se non avesse e meritasse Arsace (Azema) 0:32
2 Act I Scene 9: Serena i vaghi rai - Bel raggio lusinghier (Chorus, Semiramide) 6:25
3 Act I Scene 9: Dolce pensiero (Semiramide, Chorus) 3:01
4 Act I Scene 9: Ne viene ancor (Semiramide) - Scene 10: Da Menfi il sacro messo (Mitrane, Semiramide) - Scene 11: Al tuo comando (Arsace, Semiramide) 4:13
5 Act I Scene 11: Serbami ognor si fido (Semiramide, Arsace) 4:17
6 Act I Scene 11: Alle piu care immagini (Semiramide, Arsace) 3:50
7 Act I Scene 12: Oroe dal tempio nella reggia? (Assur, Oroe) 3:06
8 Act I Scene 13: Ergi omai la fronte altera (Chorus, Oroe) 4:49
9 Act I Scene 13: I vostri voti omai (Semiramide, Arsace, Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Chorus) 6:03
10 Act I Scene 13: L'alto eroe (Semiramide, Idreno, Assur, Arsace, Oroe, Azema, Chorus) 4:02
11 Act I Scene 13: Qual mesto gemito (Semiramide, Idreno, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Chorus) 5:28
12 Act I Scene 13: D'un Semidio (Semiramide, Assur, Idreno, L'ombra di Nino, Arsace, Oroe) 7:17
13 Act II Scene 1: Alla reggia d'intorno (Mitrane) - Scene 2: Ebben, Mitrane (Semiramide, Mitrane) - Scene 3: Assur, i cenni miei (Semiramide, Assur) 4:22
14 Act II Scene 3: Se la vita ancor t'e cara (Semiramide, Assur) 4:05
15 Act II Scene 3: Quella ricordati (Semiramide, Assur) 4:12
16 Act II Scene 3: Senti! (Semiramide, Assur) 5:03

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1 Act II Scene 4: In questo augusto soggiorno arcano (Chorus, Oroe) 4:28
2 Act II Scene 4: Ebben, compiasi omai (Arsace, Oroe) 2:52
3 Act II Scene 4: In si barbara sciagura (Arsace, Oroe, Chorus) 5:21
4 Act II Scene 4: Al gran cimento (Oroe, Chorus, Arsace) 3:29
5 Act II Scene 5: Calmati, principessa (Mitrane, Azema) - Scene 6: Arsace! Giusto ciel (Idreno, Azema) 2:11
6 Act II Scene 6: La speranza piu soave (Idreno, Chorus) 7:22
7 Act II Scene 7: No, non ti lascio (Semiramide, Arsace) 3:22
8 Act II Scene 7: Ebbene… a te: ferisci (Semiramide, Arsace) 4:56
9 Act II Scene 7: Giorno d'orror (Semiramide, Arsace) 8:02
10 Act II Scene 8: Il di gia cade (Assur, Chorus) - Scene 9: Eccomi… Ebbene (Assur) 4:34
11 Act II Scene 9: Ah! La sorte ci tradi (Chorus, Assur) 6:32
12 Act II Scene 9: Ah! signore!… Assur!… (Chorus, Assur) 4:32
13 Act II Scene 10: Oh nero eccesso! (Mitrane) 1:01
14 Act II Scene 11: Un traditor, con empio ardir (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Semiramide) 6:56
15 Act II Scene 11: Al mio pregar t'arrendi - L'usato ardir (Semiramide, Arsace, Assur, Oroe) 5:30
16 Act II Scene 11: Ninia!… (Assur, Arsace, Semiramide, Oroe, Chorus) 6:12
 Alexandrina Pendatchanska Soloist
 Marianna Pizzolato Soloist
 Antonino Fogliani Conductor

Following his triumphant visit to Vienna in 1822, when several of his operas were extremely well-received, international success beckoned for Rossini. First performed at La Fenice, Venice in 1823, Semiramide was Rossini’s last Italian opera, written at the height of his creative powers. Its subject is Greek tragedy for which librettist Gaetano Rossi drew on an adaptation by Voltaire. Instrumentally sophisticated and classically structured, the opera remains one of the most remarkable examples of Rossini’s cultivation of bel canto.

 "... a genuinely useful and enjoyable addition to the Semiramide discography... a worthy and stimulating performance."

David Shengold - Opera News magazine - December 2013

"...After hearing this vivacious performance recorded by NAXOS, it seems impossible that any listener could regard Semiramide as anything other than a milestone in the ever-changing evolution of Italian opera."
Joseph Newsome - Voix des Arts - July 2013

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