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NX 0185
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NX 0185

STEINER: Treasure of the Sierra Madre (The)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2008


William Stromberg

Dino Soldo


Record Label



Total Time - 60:20
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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (restored J. Morgan)

1 Main Title 1:48
2 A. Sanchez: El Desayuno 1:59
3 Attack on the Train 1:39
4 The Journey Commences 3:29
5 Windstorm 1:28
6 Campfire - Up There - Water Trough - Gold-Digging - Cave-in - Rescue 5:25
 Dino Soldo harmonica
7 Texas Memories 1:06
8 Night - Distrust - Gila Monster 4:42
9 Bandits - Outnumbered - Federales 7:01
10 Cody's Letter - Texas Memories (Reprise) 3:07
11 Packing Up - Indian Visitors 2:26
 Dino Soldo harmonica
12 Funeral Chant 3:12
13 Unwilling Caretakers 2:21
14 Madness 3:37
15 Narange Dolce 1:26
16 After Dobbs - The Man in the Hole! - Arrested 5:43
17 The Ruins 2:04
18 Texas Memories - Finale 1:37
19 End Cast 0:22
20 Theatrical trailer 2:38
21 Alternate Main Title 1:48
22 Alternate Finale 1:22
 William Stromberg
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"Every day in every way, they’re getting better and better. The budget-priced Naxos label is reissuing many of Marco Polo’s full-priced recordings, including many of film scores. The Marco Polo discs were worth the money, and now the Naxos reissues make things even easier on the buyer. For those of you, like me, who love old movies, the reconstructed scores have been godsends; but with the restoration of Max Steiner’s music for the 1948 John Huston classic, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Naxos/Marco Polo have outdone themselves. This may be the best movie music recorded in the past few decades, it’s that good, and it’s an album I have fallen in love with... Anyone familiar with the story, and that’s probably everyone reading this review, knows the plot (although I have the feeling that people younger than twenty tend to think that any film predating themselves is an old-time movie not worthy of their consideration and that anything made in black-and-white is ancient history). Listening to Steiner’s score, restored by John Morgan, the man responsible for many other Naxos-Marco Polo efforts, one can picture every detail of the story line and hear it in some of the best sound ever heard in this music (from the seemingly unlikely source of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus). I delighted in every minute of it. But I will not go on at length describing the “Windstorm” or “Bandits, Outnumbered, Federales” or “The Ruins” or the marvelously evocative “Texas Memories.” I suggest you just listen for yourself. With over an hour of music, the album also includes three bonus tracks—music for the theatrical trailer, an alternate Main Title, and an alternate Finale..."
John J Puccio - Classical Candor - November 2009

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