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NX 0245
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NX 0245

ROUSSEL: Bacchus et Ariane (Bacchus and Ariadne) / Symphony No. 3

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release date: March 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Stephane Deneve

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Total Time - 63:06
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Symphony No. 3 in G minor, Op. 42

1 I. Allegro vivace 5:51
2 II. Adagio 10:25
3 III. Vivace 2:59
4 IV. Allegro con spirito 6:15

Bacchus et Ariane, Op. 43: Suite No. 1

5 Prelude 2:02
6 Jeux des ephebes et des vierges (Game of the young men and maidens) 2:38
7 Danse du labyrinthe (Dance of the Labyrinth) 3:14
8 Bacchus apparait deguise (Bacchus appears, disguised) 1:03
9 Il fait tournoyer au-dessus d'elle son manteau noir (He whirls his black mantle over her) 0:46
10 Thesee et ses compagnons se precipitent sur Bacchus (Theseus and his companions rush upon Bacchus) 0:46
11 Les nuages s'accumulent dans le ciel (The clouds gather) 1:16
12 Les nuages se dissipent, le soleil reparait (The clouds disperse, the sun re-appears) 0:49
13 Danse de Bacchus (Dance of Bacchus) 1:35
14 Ariane, toujours endormie, prend part a la danse avec Bacchus (Ariadne, still asleep, dances with Bacchus) 2:26
15 Bacchus depose Ariane sur le rocher (Bacchus sets Ariadne down on the rock) 1:25

Bacchus et Ariane, Op. 43: Suite No. 2

16 Prelude - Le sommeil d'Ariane (Ariadne's sleep) 2:43
17 Reveil d'Ariane (Ariadne's Awakening) 1:43
18 Elle tombe dans les bras de Bacchus qui a surgi derriere la crete du roc (She falls into the arms of Bacchus, who has appeared suddenly behind the summit) 1:06
19 Bacchus danse seul (Bacchus dances alone) 1:48
20 Le baiser (The kiss) 1:06
21 L'enchantement dionysiaque (The Dionysian spell) 1:05
22 Le thiase defile (The Bacchic procession of revellers forms) 0:38
23 Danse d'Ariane (Dance of Ariadne) 3:55
24 Danse d'Ariane et Bacchus (Dance of Ariadne and Bacchus) 1:02
25 Bacchanale 3:41
26 Le couronnement d'Ariane (The coronation of Ariadne) 0:49
 Stephane Deneve
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