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NX 2423

WEIGL, K.: 6 Fantasies / Toteninsel / Bilder und Geschichten / Nachtphantasien (Banowetz)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2012

Originally recorded in 2012


Joseph Banowetz



Skywalker Sound, Marin County, California, USA

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Total Time - 87:31
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WEIGL, K.: 6 Fantasies / Toteninsel / Bilder und Geschichten / Nachtphantasien (Banowetz)

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6 Fantasies

1 No. 1. Spring Evening 2:23
2 No. 2. Burlesque 5:43
3 No. 3. Remembrance 3:25
4 No. 4. Capriccio 6:53
5 No. 5. Longing 3:34
6 No. 6. Halloween 3:28

Toteninsel (Isle of the Dead)


Bilder und Geschichten (Pictures and Tales), Op. 2

8 I. Es war einmal (Once upon a time) 2:34
9 II. Schneewittchen (Snow-white) 1:56
10 III. Storch, Storch, Steiner (Stork, lanky long-legs) 1:05
11 IV. Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf (Sleep, child, sleep) 3:23
12 V. Dorn roschens Grab (Sleeping beauty's grave) 1:33
13 VI. Im Mondschein (By moonlight) 2:31

Tanz der Erinnyen (Dance of the Furies)


Nachtphantasien (Night Fantasies), Op. 13

15 I. Langsam 5:19
16 II. Heftig 2:35
17 III. Langsam, innig 4:56
18 IV. Unruhig, drangend 2:37
19 V. Zart bewegt 6:08

28 Variationen uber ein achttaktiges Thema, Op. 15

 Joseph Banowetz Soloist

Karl Weigl was part of the rich cultural life of Vienna at the turn of the last century. One of his earliest works, Isle of the Dead was inspired by Böcklin’s famous symbolic painting and here receives its first known performance. Nachtphantasien (Night Fantasies) relates to the two Nachtmusik movements of Mahler’s Symphony No 7. Folk-like but deceptively demanding, the Pictures and Tales were popular in their day, while Dance of the Furies was overlooked by the composer and not publicly performed until 1970. Weigl’s career was cut short by Hitler’s rise to power. Written in exile in the United States, the reflective Six Fantasies was his last piano cycle.

"Pictures and Tales ... is a cycle of six pieces ... They are charming, melodic... The Six Fantasies…is a cycle of expressive mood pieces that remain true to the composer’s developed style. They are always entertaining ..." The sound is very good, and the notes are most informative."
Alan Becker - American Record Guide - November 2012

"Josef Banowetz’s efforts on behalf of neglected music have not gone unnoticed by the recording industry. Banowetz is an excellent pianist whose warm tone and expressive manner are stylistically well matched with Weigl’s Viennese aesthetic. Banowetz’s thoughtful interpretations emphasize the varied character of the music, and his touch delineates every nuance from delicate clarity to full-bodied resonance. Incidentally, his pedaling beautifully complements his incisive technique, adding luminous or ominous colors as required. This is a welcome release, showcasing the works of a formerly unsung composer who merits the attention of the listening public."
Robert Schulslaper - Fanfare - November 2012

 "...Pianist Joseph Banowetz plays this imperfect music very well. While some of Weigl’s scores are deceptively simple, others clearly require a virtuoso technique. Banowetz handles this idiom without any difficulty, and his enthusiasm for this music is evident. The quality of the recorded sound is very good. I assume that Banowetz is playing a concert-size instrument, but he manages to make it sound small and intimate, which I believe is appropriate for this music."

Radu A Lelutiu  - Fanfare - November 2012

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