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NX 2772

GUBAIDULINA, S.: Fachwerk / Silenzio (Draugsvoll, Loguin, Lotsberg, Trondheim Symphony, Gimse)

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release date: November 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Gimse, Oyvind

Geir Draugsvoll



Kolstad Church, Trondheim, Norway

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 55:55
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GUBAIDULINA, S.: Fachwerk / Silenzio (Draugsvoll, Loguin, Lotsberg, Trondheim Symphony, Gimse)



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 Gimse, Oyvind


2 I. quarter note = 96 4:34
3 II. double whole note = 42 2:57
4 III. quarter note = 56 2:50
5 IV. eighth note = 152 1:20
6 V. quarter note = 72 7:58
 Geir Draugsvoll Soloist

Sofia Gubaidulina’s distinguished career and her 80th anniversary are celebrated with this world première recording of Fachwerk. Recorded here by its acclaimed dedicatee Geir Draugsvoll and in the presence of the composer, this dramatic but also magical work is inspired by a fascination with architectural styles of timber framing. The bayan is a distinctively Russian variant of the accordion and is an essential feature of this piece, also giving a special character to the subtle poetry and textures of Silenzio.

"...Sofia Gubaidulina is a composer who delights in the exploration of instrumental sonorities. This new CD couples two pieces, written nearly 20 years apart, that feature the Russian button accordion, the bayan, an instrument which clearly has a special place in Gubaidulinas heart. Fachwerk (Timber Framing) for bayan, percussion and string orchestra, premiered in 2009 and here receives its first recording. It was inspired by a perceived linkage between the instrument and the patterns of timber frame construction. The orchestra functions as a kind of alter ego or doppelgänger, so that you can almost regard the 36-minute, single-movement piece as the output of a unique hyper-bayan. Silenzio, for bayan, violin (Geir Inge Lotsberg) and cello (Øyvind Gimse), is, as the title suggests, a meditation at the softest of the dynamic spectrum."    ****

Michael Dervan - The Irish Times - October 2011

"...The CD has a dry and concentrated acoustic. Oddly, this helps our appreciation of the intensity and drive of Gubaidulina’s music—even with the need for respectful resonance from the bayan. Furthermore, no one instrument is overbearing or too penetrating, for all the inciting and pointed roles they are asked to play. This is due as much to the skill of the performers as anything. Their first duty is to the unperfumed yet delicate world which Gubaidulina creates and then deftly occupies. They discharge such a duty very well."

Mark Sealey - - December 2011

"...Gubaidulina has a gift for creating memorable colors that serve as structural element and that gives her music much of it character. Fachwerk has a largely contemplative tone but toward the end it begins to build to a trmendous climax. Silenzio for bayan, violin, and cello is, as its title would suggest, largely a very quiet piece, and like much of the composer’s music its unfolding is more textural than motivic. Both works, in their mood, tonal language (which is not traditionally tonal but makes use of free-floating tonal elements), and direct expressiveness, situate Gubaidulina in the mystical tradition of Valentin Silvestrov and Edison Denisov. The performers, including bayan player Geir Draugsvoll, percussionist Anders Loguin, violinist Geir Inge Lotsberg, cellist and conductor Oyvind Gimse, and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, play with intense focus and attention to tonal purity. Naxos sound is clean, detailed and atmospheric, with excellent depth."

Stephen Eddins - - November 2011

               Performance ****       Sound ***
"...Good Sound"

Bertrand Dermoncourt - Classica - February 2012

                   Performance *****     Recording *****

"A marvellous disc."

Calum MacDonald - BBC Music magazine - March 2012

"...Fundamentally tonally inclined … marvellously nuanced."

Byzantion - - 9 February 2012

"... These are very atentively performed pieces, Geir Draugsvill’s bayan blending subtly with the violin and cello."

John Warrack - Gramophone magazine - December 2011

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