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NX 2845
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NX 2845

BUSONI, F.: Piano Music, Vol. 8 (Harden) - 24 Preludes / Macchiette medioevali

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Wolf Harden



Wyastone Concert Hall, Monmouth, UK

Record Label




Total Time - 65:17
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BUSONI, F.: Piano Music, Vol. 8 (Harden) - 24 Preludes / Macchiette medioevali

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24 Preludes, Op. 37

1 No. 1 in C major: Moderato 2:15
2 No. 2 in A minor: Andantino sostenuto 2:59
3 No. 3 in G major: Andante con moto 2:54
4 No. 4 in E minor: Allegretto (in carattere di danza) 2:41
5 No. 5 in D major: Vivace assai quasi presto 1:48
6 No. 6 in B minor: Moderato (in carattere d'un Corale) 2:18
7 No. 7 in A major: Allegro vivace (in carattere di Giga) 2:00
8 No. 8 in F sharp minor: Allegro moderato 2:00
9 No. 9 in E major: Allegretto vivace e con brio (in carattere campestre) 1:29
10 No. 10 in C sharp minor: Vivace ed energico 2:17
11 No. 11 in B major: Allegretto piacevole, "alla danza" 2:08
12 No. 12 in G sharp minor: Andantino 2:42
13 No. 13 in F sharp major: Allegretto scherzando 2:16
14 No. 14 in E flat minor: Lento (funebre) 3:15
15 No. 15 in D flat major: Andantino sostenuto 2:21
16 No. 16 in B flat minor: Maestoso ed energico 0:53
17 No. 17 in A flat major: Allegretto vivace 2:04
18 No. 18 in F minor: Allegretto con moto 2:54
19 No. 19 in E flat major: Allegro vivo 1:14
20 No. 20 in C minor: Allegro moderato 1:59
21 No. 21 in B flat major: Andantino sostenuto 4:24
22 No. 22 in G minor: Vivace e scherzoso 1:02
23 No. 23 in F major: Allegro vivace 1:18
24 No. 24 in D minor: Presto 1:13

Macchiette medioevali, Op. 33

25 No. 1. Dama (Lady) 1:57
26 No. 2. Cavaliere (Knight) 1:35
27 No. 3. Paggio (Page) 1:27
28 No. 4. Guerriero (Warrior) 1:45
29 No. 5. Astrologo (Astrologist) 3:00
30 No. 6. Trovatore (Troubadour) 3:09
 Wolf Harden Soloist

Ferruccio Busoni’s Preludes, Op 37 and Macchiette medioevali, Op 33 were a product of his teenage years (1881–83), but they are far from being derivative juvenilia. In these charming and engaging works Busoni moves away from the Baroque and Classical models of his earlier works towards a more inventive and personal accommodation with the Romanticism of the mid-nineteenth century. Wolf Harden’s playing in this series has been described as “the clear current benchmark” (BBC Music Magazine on Volume 2 / 8.555699).

                   *** - (Good disc)

Riccardo Risaliti - Musica magazine - September 2013

                     Artistic Quality 9                Sound Quality 9
"...Evidently the teenaged Busoni already was rewriting other people’s music in his own image with variable success. Wolf Harden’s clean, refined, and fully committed pianism makes the best case for these early works on disc, along with Naxos’ fine engineering and Richard Whitehouse’s accurate, perceptive booklet annotations."
Jed Distler - - April 2013

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