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NX 3022

Clarinet Recital: Simon, Andrew - NICHIFOR, S. / HOROVITZ, J. / LUTOSLAWSKI, W. / COOKE, A. / ARNOLD, M. (Ebony and Ivory)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Andrew Simon


Warren Lee



Wyastone Concert Hall, Monmouth, UK


Record Label




Total Time - 69:35
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Clarinet Recital: Simon, Andrew - NICHIFOR, S. / HOROVITZ, J. / LUTOSLAWSKI, W. / COOKE, A. / ARNOLD, M. (Ebony and Ivory)

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2 Dances for Andrew Simon

1 No. 1. A Musical Joke 01:30
2 No. 2. Carnyx 03:25



2 Majorcan Pieces

3 No. 1. Paguera 02:34
4 No. 2. Valdemosa 01:35
  Warren Lee Soloist

Clarinet Sonatina in B-Flat Major

5 I. Allegro calmato 05:21
6 II. Lento, quasi andante 04:21
7 III. Con brio 03:49
  Warren Lee Soloist

Diversions on a Familiar Theme

  Warren Lee Soloist



Dance Preludes (version for clarinet and piano)

9 No. 1. Allegro molto 01:05
10 No. 2. Andantino 03:15
11 No. 3. Allegro giocoso 01:09
12 No. 4. Andante 03:57
13 No. 5. Allegro molto 01:37
  Warren Lee Soloist



Clarinet Sonata in B-Flat Major

14 I. Allegro moderato 06:22
15 II. Scherzando 03:16
16 III. Adagio ma non troppo 06:51
17 IV. Molto vivace 03:37
  Warren Lee Soloist



Clarinet Sonatina in G Minor, Op. 29

18 I. Allegro con brio 02:56
19 II. Andantino 02:44
20 III. Furioso 02:25
  Warren Lee Soloist
 Andrew Simon Soloist

 This fascinating and wide-ranging programme of 20th-century works for clarinet and piano begins with the jazz and folk-inspired Two Dances for Andrew Simon by the Romanian composer Serban Nichifor, followed by a selection of works by Joseph Horovitz with whom both artists worked closely prior to this recording. Based on folk-songs from Northern Poland, Lutoslawski’s Dance Preludes are the composer’s official ‘farewell to folklore for an indefinite period’, and the recital concludes with Arnold Cooke’s Hindemith-inspired Sonata and Malcolm Arnold’s accessible and light-hearted Sonatina.

 "...This is a feast for clarinet lovers. Andrew Simon…plays with a warm tone, lively rhythmic pulse, charm, and wit. He presents here a wide range of music from the 20th and 21st centuries, some of it jazz- and folk-influenced and much of it truly charming.Not only is Simon a persuasive, energetic advocate for this music, but so is pianist Lee. Theirs is a true partnership, and the excellently balanced recording and fine program notes complete Naxos’s superb production. This is a winner."      - Henry Fogel

"...This is a delightful disc, performed with real panache. The recording, by the one man Producer/Engineer/Editor team of John Taylor, is immaculate, the balance perfectly satisfying." - Colin Clarke
"...Simon and Lee give a lyrical rendition of these charming pieces. The sound is pristine ... and for that reason I recommend it to lovers of woodwind music."    - Maria Nockin
Fanfare - May/June 2014

 "The opening tracks of Romanian composer Serban Nichifor’s Two Dances for Andrew Simon are attention-getting and sheer fun…and Simon delivers with a no-holds-barred, carefree approach! Cooke’s 1959 Sonata ... is the most weighty, substantial work here. Andrew Simon and Warren Lee provide a well-balanced reading of this piece that asserts the themes and the counterpoint. Andrew Simon’s “Ebony and Ivory” is to be treasured. His playing is full of personality, while precise and flawless. His musical interpretations here are well-informed, yet full of individual flair. The balance, blend and sound quality throughout the recording are top-notch. Bravo!" 

Scott Locke - The Clarinet - December 2014

 "...The music on this disc is like ‘the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is..."

Lucy Jeffery - - April 2014

 "... a disc that can be enjoyed by all those whose tastes are centred on tonal, melodic, well-proportioned music. Cooke’s and Arnold’s are the standout works, arguably, but nothing in the recital is without interest or indeed a sense of humour and warmth. Andrew Simon is a fine virtuoso, but he is also master of a very impressive tone which he applies to handsome expressive effect, even if his selection does lean towards the lighter side. Pianist Warren Lee is a poised accompanist throughout, but often much more—these are, after all, not 19th-century clarinet showpieces." 

Byzantion - - February 2014

 "...Here’s a delightful clarinet recital approaching the dance-oriented side of 20th century music from a variety of perspectives ... Naxos’ recording work in Britain’s chamber-friendly Wyastone Concert Hall is top-notch. An enjoyable recital for anybody, and essential for clarinetists and their friends."      ****

James Manheim - - January 2014

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